Colleges with full-ride scholarships organized them to support students’ academic journey in college financially. 

It is also a symbol of outstanding performance and appreciation for academically deserving students. 

Meanwhile, with the whooping amount of college fees these days, getting a full-ride scholarship into college is a life-changing experience for parents and teachers.

However, because it is an example of an amazing accomplishment, few colleges give fully funded scholarships, and it may be hard at times to get a fully funded university award easily from these colleges.

To make the journey easy for you, we have compiled a list of 50 colleges with full rides scholarships to students based on grades, nationality, religion, or aspired courses.

This article highlighted the full meaning of a full-ride scholarship, the benefits of a fully funded scholarship, and the GPA that can make you qualify for full-ride financial support in college.

We also listed colleges with full-ride scholarships with answers on whether the fully funded scholarship is payable or not.

However, the list is based on each college’s criteria for awarding full-ride scholarships to students.

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What is the full-ride scholarship?

Unlike the tuition scholarship that covers only student fees, Full-ride scholarships are awards that generally cover all expenses related to college. 

Most fully funded scholarship packages include tuition, books, fees, accommodation, living costs, air tickets for international students, monthly stipends, and many more.

However, the main goal of full-ride academic support is to eliminate any need for college students’ financial aid.

You will have access to every needed item for free.

It is, without a doubt, every college student’s dream.

Yet, before you choose a college to apply for your full-ride scholarship, it is worth knowing that there are different types of fully funded student support awards.

Some colleges with full-ride scholarships award these based on student merit, while others are need-based or from private organizations.

Also, anyone can be eligible for a full-ride scholarship based on academic performance history, athletic performance, or leadership excellence. 

Meanwhile, there are different types of full-ride scholarships available. 

Types of Full-Ride Scholarships

Here are the 6 types of full-ride scholarships available for you to apply for;

1. Merit-Based, Fully Funded Scholarship.

These scholarships are given to outstanding students who have shown excellent academic excellence. 

Moreover, the scholarship is usually determined through your GPA, SAT, ACT, or a combination of the three. 

Meanwhile, the most common types of full-ride scholarships are merit-based. 

Also, many prestigious colleges with full-ride scholarships use them to lure the best of the best student into their institution through merits.

2. Athletic Fully Funded Scholarship 

Extra performing Students that show athletic competence can win full-ride scholarships to some colleges.

However, fully funded athletic scholarships are commonly awarded to great performers in football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and gymnastics.

3. Prestige Full-Ride Scholarship

These scholarships are awarded to students that have shown excellence in leadership, humanity service, or another area.

Sometimes, students that show great commitment are also offered full-ride scholarships.

4. State-Sponsored Full-Ride Scholarship

It varies from one state’s criteria to the other.

Some states awarded full-ride programs that will cover the cost of college for students. 

Meanwhile, some public universities only offer state-sponsored, fully funded scholarships.

5. Government Full-Ride Scholarship

The government sometimes awards full-ride scholarships to specific students.

 Some common fully-funded scholarships offered by the government are for ROTC students or students at a military academy.

6. Financial need-based fully funded scholarship 

Students from lower-income families or developing countries can be eligible for full-ride scholarships at some schools. 

Also, the scholarship is based on application and request. 

Benefits of a Full-Ride College Scholarship

Due to many conditions and the slim chance of getting a full-ride scholarship by students, you may feel like there’s no point in applying for this financial support.

Nevertheless, the advantages of full-ride scholarships are many and make applying well worth your time.

Meanwhile, It is obvious that applying to college is stressful, and applying for scholarships is like additional stress that you may find difficult. 

Yet if you can present yourself as the best pick for a college full-ride scholarship, you will get a total cost scholarship for life.

Here are the benefits of full-ride college scholarships you need to know.

No Need for a Part-Time Job

According to some research, most college students have part-time jobs to help them fund their studies and maintain their living expenses.

Getting a scholarship that will save you the hurdles of some work hours and devote all the time to your studies should be worth it.

The full-ride scholarship allows you to study and concentrate only on your studies. 

Also, It improves your grades and prepares you for a bigger job when you graduate.

Easy Access to Education

The most important benefit of a total cost scholarship is that it allows gifted students from poorer families to access higher education for free.

Fully funded scholarships produce professionals( doctors, lawyers, engineers, e.t.c) who might have found it hard to access proper education from top universities. 

More so, the opportunity is the core benefit of a total-cost scholarship.

Access to More Colleges

Whether you are from a low-income background or a rich family, some colleges are no going area if it is not through full-ride scholarship.

But if you choose colleges with full-ride scholarships as an option, your part is to have an incredible academic result and then apply to the many best colleges with zero fees.

Best Recognised Resume

Getting a full-ride scholarship may be tedious because thousands of applicants are also looking for it.

But if you are awarded the scholarship, you have set a pace for your future in the Labour market. 

Meanwhile, your achievements have been given additional recognition if you apply for a job after graduation. 

More so, the scholarship on your resume shows that you did not just study at the college but have been studying before college. What do you think the employer will think about you?

You may Become a Philanthropist.

Most full-ride scholarships are given to give back to society. If you win a full-cost scholarship, your experience may prompt you also to establish scholarship awards soon.

Before you start thinking about the stress and difficulty of applying for a full-ride college scholarship,

So, think about what you want for yourself and how pursuing a total-cost college scholarship can fulfil your dreams. 

It is all about wishing and working towards grades to achieve your goals.

GPA That is Required to get into Colleges with Full Ride scholarships

Every full-ride scholarship requirement is different, so GPA required depends. 

Some colleges with full-ride scholarship guidelines will provide a minimum GPA to apply, but most will not share the average GPA for scholarship applicants.

However, the first thing to note is that students who receive full-ride scholarships are not selected randomly. 

Alternatively, a selection committee picks them from a wide range of applicants. For each year, there may be a different strategy based on the number of people applying.

Also, your grade point average (GPA) will greatly influence your school’s GPA scale and academic background. 

For example, if you may have a 5.0 GPA from minor classes, another student with a 3.0 GPA with honours in advanced classes may be chosen over you. 

The same as those with 4.0 GPAs who take honours and advanced classes. 

Generally speaking, the level of the classes you’ve completed will play a big role in your success. 

As a result, many full-ride scholarship sponsors will consider the difficulty of the coursework you’ve taken when calculating your GPA. 

It would help if you understood that full-ride scholarships might come with specific requirements and stipulations regarding GPA and other conditions. 

Whenever you doubt, you should double-check the website of the scholarship organization awarding for more details.

50 Colleges with full-ride scholarships.

Check each college’s website for details on their requirements and full-ride scholarship procedures. Each school has its specific terms and conditions for a fully funded scholarship.

However, here are the 50 colleges with full-ride scholarships;

  1. Boston College – Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
  2. Boston University – Boston, Massachusetts
  3. California Institute of Technology – Pasadena, California
  4. College of William and Mary – Williamsburg, Virginia
  5. Duke University – Durham, North Carolina
  6. Emory University – Atlanta, Georgia
  7. Georgia Institute of Technology – Atlanta, Georgia
  8. Tulane University – New Orleans, Louisiana
  9. University of California – Los Angeles, California
  10. University of Chicago – Chicago, Illinois
  11. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Michigan
  12. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill – Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  13. University of Notre Dame – Notre Dame, Indiana
  14. University of Rochester – Rochester, New York
  15. University of Southern California – Los Angeles, California
  16. University of Virginia – Charlottesville, Virginia
  17. University of Wisconsin – Madison, Wisconsin
  18. Vanderbilt University – Nashville, Tennessee
  19. Wake Forest University – Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  20. Washington University in St. Louis – St. Louis, Missouri
  21. Turkey Government Scholarships
  22. Harvard University Scholarship
  23. MEXT Scholarships
  24. University of Toronto Scholarships
  25. Korean Government Scholarships
  26. Yale University Scholarship
  27. Princeton University Scholarships
  28. MIT Scholarships
  29. Duke University Scholarships
  30. Agnes Scott College Marvin B. Perry Presidential Scholarships
  31. Hendrix College Hays Memorial Scholarship
  32. Barry University Stamp Scholarships
  33. Stanford University Scholarships
  34. DAAD Scholarships
  35. Chevening Scholarships
  36. Union Plus Scholarships
  37. Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarships
  38. Rover Scholarship
  39. Big Sun School Student-athletes lit
  40. One Young Earth Filmmakers Contest
  41. Denny’s Hungry for Education Scholarships
  42. Innovation in Education Scholarship
  43. PixelPlex Bi-Annual STEM Scholarship
  44. Academy of Special Dreams Scholarship
  45. SOULE Scholarship

Colleges with Full-Ride Scholarships for Muslim Students

Many colleges award full-ride awards to students based on religion. 

  1. King Abdullah University Scholarship
  2. Islamic Development Bank Scholarship
  3. King Abdulaziz university full-ride scholarship

Colleges with Full-Ride Scholarships for Christian 

If you are a Christian looking for faith-based full-ride scholarships, check out these colleges with full-ride scholarships

49. Elim’s Full Scholarship Giveaway – Elim Bible Institute and College

50. Full Scholarship – Trinity International University (TIU) 

Is a Full-Ride Scholarship Payable?

Due to misconceptions, many people mistake full-ride scholarships for tuition-free ones.

However, there’s a difference between full tuition and full-ride scholarships?”

A full-tuition scholarship covers the full cost of your tuition. 

These fees could come with the number of dollars to cover: housing costs, book costs, lab fees, and other mandatory fees.

More so, a free college tuition scholarship doesn’t cover fees that aren’t considered mandatory. So, you will pay for other expenses.

Meanwhile, college full-ride scholarship aims to make students’ college experience cost-free. 

More so, it is a free college education, mostly with zero cost. 

Most times, there’s no stipulated amount for how much a full-ride scholarship will cover, but it covers a student’s tuition, housing, meals, and fees. 

However, some government full-ride college scholarship gives monthly stipends to a student.

Final Thought on Colleges with Full Ride Scholarships

In conclusion, a free-ride scholarship is another way to ease your college journey. 

It’s important to remember throughout your scholarship search that while many scholarships are merit-based, this doesn’t mean you have to be at the top of your class to qualify. 

Furthermore, many schools offer full-ride scholarships that aren’t merit-based and are entirely free.

To cut down the costs of your college education, you can consider attending colleges with full-ride scholarships. 

We have listed out fifty colleges with full-ride scholarships for you. 

Kindly visit the official scholarship page to learn more about the requirements and how to apply for them.