Want to discover the most affordable cities to study in America?

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Without a doubt, the United States is gaining more and more popularity in the educational sector.

Moreover, most of the best schools in the world can be found in this country.

As we all know, international students troop into the United States for quality education.

However, they still face some difficulties and when it comes to studying in America, a lot of things come into play.

Ranging from study fees to cost of living, a student could be caught up in huge expenses without proper planning.

Now, while this might scare you about studying in America, there are many ways to reduce these expenses.

One of such ways is to cut down the cost of living.

Moreover, living in an expensive city would significantly increase your overall expenses.

In this article today, we will take you through the most affordable cities to study in America.

These cities have a record for the low cost of living.

Thus, students find it easier to cope with the expenses.

Both as an international or local student, studying in these cities would be an added advantage.

Can’t wait to see these cities. Right?

Well. I do not intend to waste your time either.

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10 Most Affordable Cities To Study In USA 2022

Here are the most Affordable cities to study in America has international students

10. Buffalo, New York

Buffalo is a city that is located in upstate New York.

As of 2021, this is one of the most affordable cities in a study in America.

Despite being in New York, Buffalo gives you access to world-class universities while enjoying a low cost of living.

Undoubtedly, the average cost of rent in New York is around $2,750.

However, rent ranges from $670-$850 in Buffalo with residents spending only 25.5% of their household income on utilities and housing.

There is little to worry about here.

Moreover, this city is quite conducive for International Students ranging from diverse cultural events to a diverse student population.

Buffalo is indeed a place for students.

Just as said earlier, some of the best universities are located in New York.

However, if you are in search of affordable schools, you can still find them here.

Moreover, schools like the Genesee Community College and the University of New York all offer affordable tuition fees.

9. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

As far as the low cost of living is concerned in the USA, Oklahoma is one of the best destinations.

Moreover, this city offers standard living at a low cost with an overall cost of living that is over 15% below the national average.

Oklahoma is indeed a place for students.

Ranging from bills to rent and more, everything is priced perfectly in this city.

When it comes to studies, Oklahoma has a couple of affordable tertiary institutions.

Moreover, Oklahoma State University is also an affordable school.

From study expenses to living costs, Oklahoma provides the best-valued experience.

8. Des Moines, Lowa

Another notable city that makes it to this list is Des Moines.

Located in Iowa, this is one of the most affordable cities a student can live in.

Moreover, they have one of the lowest costs of living in the USA with residents spending less than 24% of income on living expenses.

Des Moines is indeed the dreamland of students.

As of 2021, the average rent in Des Moines ranges between $700-$850 per month.

Moreover, the economy of this city is very promising. Thus, it is a perfect environment for students far and wide.

7. Salt Lake City, Utah

To date, Salt Lake City remains one of the most affordable places in the United States.

Ranging from general expenses to housing and more, living and studying in Salt Lake City is of great advantage.

Moreover, this city offers a lot in terms of outdoor activities.

Ranging from diverse winter sports to hiking and more, Salt Lake City is the best place to be.

Moreover, there are several affordable universities located around this city.

Universities like Utah State University, Snow College, and the University of Utah are all located around Salt Lake City.

As a student residing in this city, there is often little to worry about in terms of study and living costs.

Moreover, they offer some of the lowest prices in the USA.

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6. Indianapolis, Indiana

Located in Indiana, Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana.

This city is well known all over the United States for its affordability.

Moreover, most residents spend below 26% of their income on living expenses with an average rent of $770-$900.

There is little to worry about in Indianapolis.

As we all know, studying in an affordable city is a very good step.

Ranked as one of the most affordable places to study in America, Indianapolis is already a hub of students.

Rich in culture and diversity, there is so much to learn and experience in this city.

Moreover, the general cost of living here is over 16% below the national average.

Thus, students can catch a whole lot of fun at a budget level here.

5. Cookeville, Tennessee

Another city that makes it here in Cookeville.

Located in Tennessee, this is also one of the most affordable places to study in America.

Moreover, the average cost of a bedroom apartment in this town is about $600-$750.

Thus, students find it easier to cope in this town.

Despite being a small town of about 30,000 people, the economy of Cookeville is fast rising.

Thus, more and more opportunities are created for residing students.

When it comes to studies, students get to make a couple of choices here.

Moreover, some really affordable universities are situated here.

Looking for the best cheap education?

Then you could try the Tennessee Technological University.

Ranked as one of the best schools in the South, studying at TTU is indeed a good idea.

4. Louisville, Kentucky

Located in Kentucky, Louisville also makes it here.

This can be said to be one of the most perfect places for students.

Moreover, one could travel to any major city in America from Louisville within just a day.

With a low cost of living, students tend to do well in this city.

While nearby cities spot higher rents, the rent in Louisville ranges from $500-$950.

Moreover, students get a chance to study at the University of Louisville.

Now, this University might not be as popular as some American Universities, but it is a historic University.

Some historic innovations which have taken place in this University are:

  • First Emergency Room in 1911
  • First Hand Transplant in 1999
  • First self-contained artificial heart transplant operation in 2001.
  • And more.

You can confirm that this University is indeed a historic one as far as the United States is concerned.

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3. Ashland, Ohio

With an average rent cost of about $515-$850, Ashland is another affordable city to study in the USA.

Located in Ohio, this city is home to Ashland University.

Popularly known as the headquarters of nice people, Ashland is a perfect spot for students.

Despite being a small town, this is a very fun place to be in ranging from studies to living and more.

There is nothing to worry about in Ashland.

Moreover, everything is affordable in this city.

2. Jonesboro, Arkansas

Looking for a perfect mixture of quality and affordability, then you should be in Jonesboro.

Despite being an affordable city, Jonesboro is one of the most sought places for students across the USA.

Home to Arkansas State University, there is much to gain from studying in Jonesboro.

Moreover, the average rent of a one-bedroom apartment in this city ranges between $650-$750.

This can even go way lower or slightly higher depending on some circumstances. Overall, Arkansas State University is one of the most competitive universities in the USA.

Thus, students need to get their heads down to excel in this school.

Moreover, this school is well known for its teaching excellence. As a student looking for a cheap city to study in, you can consider Jonesboro.

The student base is quite high in this city, and one can hardly run out of fun here.

1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Located in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh also makes it to our list.

Known for some of the best universities in the USA, the study cost in Pittsburgh is quite high.

However, it still remains one of the most affordable cities to study in with a significantly low cost of living.

Pittsburgh surely compensates students for the high tuition fees.

Moreover, with famous brands like Google, Disney, Apple, and more in this city, students get exposed to diverse opportunities.

While studying in Pittsburgh, students can also access major cities like New York, Washington DC, Chicago, etc, more easily.

Home to the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, and Calow University, students get a whole lot to choose from here.

Moreover, despite being a top-notch city in the USA, the total living cost in Pittsburgh ranges between $1200-$2000 per month.

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Final Thoughts on The Most Affordable Cities to Study in America

So far, that is all we can take on this list.

By taking a critical look, you can confirm that there are indeed several cheap cities to study in the United States.

While some of these cities contain top-class universities, the low cost of living compensates for the tuition fees.

In some of the cities mentioned here, both the cost of living and studies are significantly low.

All these cities are suitable for both local and international students in the United States.

Moreover, they offer a good standard of living and study at valued rates.

If you are an aspiring student looking for good and affordable cities to study in America, then we hope this article helped.

You can thoroughly go through this article again to make your choice.

We do wish you success as you make your final decision.

In all, remember to subscribe to this blog for more articles like this.

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