With AI software for stock trading, stock market analysis will become less intimidating. 

This software is developed to make stock trading more accessible and appealing for those already in the business or those planning to.

AI software helps gather unbiased information, data classification and stock analysis with ease. 

If you are into the stock exchange and need information about the best AI software for stock trading, this article is for you. 

In this article, we will easily review the 10 best software you can use for your stock trading business. 

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Top 10 Best AI Softwares For Stock Trading

Here are the top 10 AI software for stock trading (both free and paid) that are good and easy to use. 

1. Tech Trader

Tech trader is one of the most recently invented AI software for stock trading. It is an independent trading system that doesn’t require human updates or intervention. 

In addition, it is more developed and outstanding than conventional algorithmic systems. 

However, it is fully automated and takes a human approach to financial markets. Also, it leverages technology to do what traders would do at scale.

This software will also teach you the actual trading process and how you can benefit from the strategies it provides.

Meanwhile, Tech Trader is assumed to be abrasive regarding the operation of the chat room and webinars. 

2. Kavout

Kavout offers equity factors and signals that are timely and cost-effective through its inventing data program. 

The program feature is a derived equity rating score called the K-score that varies between 0 to 9.

However, this score is obtained by analysing over 200 factors and signals, including fundamental, price/volume and alternative data.

A high K-score can give you a higher chance of outperformance of the stock. 

The software uses AI-based pattern recognition technology to recommend stocks daily to you. 

Meanwhile, the software applies deep thinking and deep data.

In addition, it uses deep discovery technologies to detect anomalies and predict a trend. 

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3. Trading Technologies 

Trading Technologies offers you all styles of trading tools like click trading.

It also uses algo trading, options trading, and speed trading to make your trading easier. 

However, you can make use of the program’s connectivity to world markets and even private liquidity markets. 

Also, the AI software for stock trading helps you analyse historical and real-time data.

This is done using surveillance for future and present risks. 

Furthermore, the program runs a pre-trade check and portfolio analysis to perform a trade to make profits for the user efficiently. 

4. Auquan

Auquan is a data science software for asset managers and hedge funds. 

The AI software for stock trading uses non-obvious connections, news, and look-ahead bias to prevent catastrophic losses. 

It also uses other online data that might affect investment decisions. 

However, you can use the machine for learning tech to identify chances ahead of the market and save time.

5. Tickeron

Tickeron is one of the AI software for stock trading that encompasses the power of artificial intelligence. 

However, some features are similar to software, such as Trade-Ideas.

But it has its distinctive approach that will give you a downright incredible user experience.

In addition, tickeron’s pricing is a bit high, unlike all other software. 

However, it is easy to use and accurate.

For example, it utilises advanced deep learning. Also, the platform is pretty transparent.

However, its pricing structure is complicated, and the actual returns can be lower than displayed. 

Also, you need a credit card even for the free trial.

6. EquBot

EquBot uses machine learning algorithms, knowledge graphs, and IBM’s Watson natural language processor. 

Notably, it is integrated with IBM Watson and helps global investment professionals to provide better outcomes through portfolios-as-a-service (PaaS).

Its features make data crunching easier and faster. 

However, it delivers AI portfolios, indexes, and signals on-demand and processes millions of news stories.

Also, it makes use of social media posts and financial statements over the internet to make predictions accurate.

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7. Trade Ideas

Trade-Ideas is one of the AI software for stock trading. It can perform tasks such as stock trading, opportunity detection, and back-testing. 

More so, its algorithms use short time strategies to help users identify possible beneficial trades. 

Their AI watches every stock and ETF to identify opportunities in real-time. 

However, constant data analysis and testing help you fine-tune your stock trading algorithms.

8. Blackbox Stocks

‘The Box’ AI software for stock trading identifies and alerts the trader of opportunities in real-time. 

The blackbox stock software can deep scan the stock market.

In addition, the algorithm also scans for deep-pool activities. 

However, with this program, you can access a private chat group where alerts and opinions are updated.

In addition, the trading system comes with a pre-market scanner that scans the market for the most active stocks.

Also, this scanner indicates the volatility of every stock.

9. Sigmoidal

Sigmoidal uses artificial intelligence to discover patterns between securities and capital market expectations. 

It also employs machine learning to automate buying and selling securities. 

More so, the company offers end-to-end artificial intelligence & robotic process automation services.

You will have access to this at the beginning of its development into a comprehensive product. 

Summarily, the technology helps investment analysis for decision-making.

10. Trend Spider 

Trend Spider is one of the top AI software for stock trading. 

It uses integrated tools to help you with the technical analysis of markets and reduce the grunt work of traders. 

However, you can back-test your trading opportunities with 27 years of data. 

Also, it helps find and plan trades with greater efficiency.

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The stock trading business is changing fast, and bots are at the heart of this revolution. 

AI software for stock trading can make decisions faster. Aside from that, artificial intelligence machines are emotionless. 

So, if you’re contemplating integrating AI software into your stock trading, you are at the right place. 

Therefore, getting the best AI software for stock trading is an excellent idea to make the most of this growing revolution.

We have recommended top software for you and have been listed here. 

You can use some with affordable prices while others come with highly expensive prices. 

However, they have relatively valuable features and user-friendly layouts. 

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