This is a well-researched article on the best AI script generator that will help you in your business.

Artificial intelligence is a rapidly growing software industry.  

According to recent statistics for 2022, 37% of businesses and organizations employ AI which is expected to increase even more in the coming years.

AI has found its application in very many industries and it’s ever-expanding in the coming years.

Recent innovations have made AI creep its way into content writing, leading to what is known as an ‘AI script generator’.

AI has proven to be a great writing assistant.

It helped to generate movie plots, copywriting, poems, blog posts, and articles, including stories and social media posts.

What is an AI script generator?

An AI script generator is software that uses Artificial intelligence in writing content.

It is more like a writing assistant that enhances story flow, as well as, helps to speed-up writing.

How does an AI script generator function?

An AI script generator makes use of a neural network.

“A neural network is a series of algorithms that endeavors to recognize underlying relationships in a set of data through a process that mimics the way the human brain operates”. (Investopedia)

Most AI script generators use a language model known as GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) that uses deep learning to produce human-like text.

It is trained using billions of internet data points, to generate any type of human-like text.

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Why Should I Use an AI Script Generator?

Stuck on what to write next?

Rather than scrapping the project, an AI can help guide you through it, delivering story flow and writing high-quality content.

AI script or text generator can change just a few paragraphs or a few sentences into a full-blown article or story in minutes.

It is massively used to overcome writer’s block and also to generate content for blogs, social media, and even more.

It is easy to use and its speed is top-notch.

No more brainstorming for ideas on what should happen next in your story.

Write your blog posts, articles, or even copywriting, including any other form of content writing in minutes.

Instead of hours or days, with the power of an AI script generator.

Top 10 Best AI Script Generator for 2022 (Free and Paid)

Not all AI script generators turn a few sentences into a script that is of context and not just a combination of some random words.

A good reason why you need this list of the best AI script generator for 2022.    

1. Jasper

Top 10 Best AI Script Generator for 2022 (Free and Paid)

Jasper is an AI script generator that is awesome for storytelling, creating content that ranks for SEO, and scaling up content marketing fast.

Information from the site has it that

It is highly unlikely for Jasper to write texts that are written elsewhere, as it boasts of 99.98% plagiarism-free texts.

However, this is likely possible, because Jasper uses Copyscape, an advanced plagiarism detection system.

Plagiarism checks are an optional add-on to any plan, costing $.03 for the first 200 words and $.01 for each additional 100 words.


  • Starter plan:

The starter plan begins at $29/month.

Features include: 20,000 words per month, Short Copywriting, Good Context, All templates, Up to 5 users login and all languages access.

  • Boss plan ($59/ month) 

The features are: 50,000 words per month, Long content, Great Context, All templates, Up to 5 users login, All languages, SEO mode, Documents, Jasper Commands, plagiarism checker access and Grammarly.

Jasper allows a free trial of 5 days in any of the plans.

However, a Credit card is required. It’s an amazing tool.

2. Rytr

Rytr was launched in April 2021, Rytr is one of the best script generator that delivers of the best content.

It has a GPT-3 + proprietary AI tech with an inbuilt plagiarism checker and SEO-friendly content.

Use cases include Blog writing, Emails, social media ads, Video, Copywriting, Creative writing, SEO, magic command, Text editing, etc.


  • Free plan:

Unlike its competitors, Rytr offers a free plan that does not require a credit card.

Features of the free plan are 5,000 characters per month, Access to 30+ languages, Access to 20+ tones, Access to 30+ use cases, an inbuild plagiarism checker, and Access to a premium community.

  • Saver plan ($9/month)

All tools available on a free plan + 50,000 characters monthly, create your own custom use-case, and also access to the premium community.

  • Unlimited plan ($29/month)

Features include all available tools on the free plan + Unlimited characters per month and also a dedicated account manager.

3. Longshot

Longshot is an amazing AI writing tool to create long-form SEO content, that is unique and SEO-friendly. Unlike others, Longshot allows up to 10 team members to collaborate.

Most of its features are: Copyscape integration to check plagiarism, Fact check feature, 30+ templates, Claim detection features, Research feature, and a Long Rephraser, with about 14 unique categories.

Longshot AI generator supports only 8 languages which are: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Dutch, and Portuguese.

Longshot PRICING

It has 3 plans that are billed monthly, quarterly, or Annually. The plans are:

  • (i) Basic ( Free plan and no credit card required)

Its features are: Long-form content, 10 free credits per day, and access to topic research.

  • (ii) Pro ( $39.9/month, Quarterly–$34.90/month, and Annually–$29.90/month)

Features include: Long-form content generation, 14 days full access free trial, 1,000 credits (50–55k words), Authenticity and fact check plugins.

Additional members are at $11/month, $9/month, and $7/month each for the monthly, quarterly, and Annual billing respectively.

  • (III) Enterprise ($99.90/month, Quarterly–$94.90/month, and Annually–$89.90/month)

Its features are: Every tool in the pro plan + Niche selection for fresh content, unlimited credits (FUP applicable), collaboration features and dedicated customer support.

Additional members are at $49/month, $44/month, and $39/month each, for the monthly, quarterly, and Annual billing respectively.

4. Shortly

One of the best AI script generator.

Shortly is integrated with a surferSEO and is powered by GPT-3 neural network tech.

It supports only one language (English).


  • (i) Annual plan ($65/month)

It is billed annually, though can be canceled at any time.

Its Features include: Powerful commands to speed up writing and also access to continuous updates.

  • (ii) Monthly plan ($79/month)

It is billed monthly and has the same features as the annual plan.

With Shortly, you can write as much as you want in any of the available plans. It has only a daily limit that cannot be exited.

5. Copy.AI

Launched in 2020.

Copy specializes in writing blog content, sales copy, digital ad copy, social media content, e-commerce copy, and website copy, delivering premium results in seconds.

It has 90+ templates and about 25+ languages supported and team mode is also available. PRICING

Copy.AI has two billing systems: Monthly and yearly.

  • (I) Free plan ($0–no credit card required)

Its features include: 10 credits per month, 20 bonus credits for the first month, 25+ languages, 90+ Copywriting tools, and a blog wizard tools.

  • (ii) Pro ($49/month and $35/month for the yearly billing)

Features include: Unlimited credits, unlimited projects, 25+ languages, 90+ copywriting tools, Blog wizard tool, priority support, and access to the newest features.

6. AI-writer

AI-writer uses state-of-the-art writing models to generate articles.

Giving you a full-length article draft and even a list of citations for the information verification.

Generated text is SEO efficient.

Some of its many features include text rewording, verifiable citations, and an SEO-focused text editor.


  • (i) Basic plan ($29/month)

It is only available for a single user, up to 40 articles, AI text generator, SEO editor, Text rewording, and API access.

  • (ii) Standard plan ($59/month)

It has the same features as the basic plan but up to 150 articles are available.

  • (III) Power plan ($375 per month)

Same features as basic and standard plan but up to 1,000 articles are allowed and even 10 users.

7. Writesonic

Writesonic is one of the best AI script generator.

It write articles and blog posts, summarize articles, draft professional emails, generate marketing copy, rephrase and rewrite the content and also fix grammatical errors.

Writesonic PRICING

Writesonic has 2 billing systems: Monthly and yearly. The plans are;

  • (i) Free trial ($0)

It offers 10 credits, access to all basic features, and about 25 languages but only 1 user seat.

  • (ii) Basic ($15/month)

100 credits (up to 50,000 words), all basic features, 25 languages, 1 user seat, Long-form writing assistant, and SEMrush integration.

  • (III) Economy ($25/month)

750 credits (up to 375,000 words) and other features are the same as the basic plan.

  • (iv) Professional ($45/month)

Unlimited credits (FUP applicable), other features are the same as other plans

  • (V) Startup ($95/month)

Unlimited credits (FUP applicable), priority support, other features same as other plans.

8. Peppertype

Peppertype generates quality content of very many types for everyone.

Some include Blog ideas and topics, SEO-optimized meta titles or descriptions, social media post captions, YouTube video topic ideas or descriptions, brand and product descriptions, copywriting, etc.

Peppertype PRICING

  • (i) Growth plan ($19.9/month)

Minimum of 5 users, 50,000 words per seat, all 20+ consent types and access to new ones, active customer support, etc.

  • (ii) Starter plan ($35/month)

III) Enterprise plan: Unlimited content generation, human quality check, Bulk content generation, Custom widget and integration, Exclusive check for plagiarism, and also a customized AI model.

9. Sassbook

Sassbook is one of the best AI script generator with an AI writer, AI summarizer, AI headline generator, and AI story writer.

Its creates unique text content in suitable styles way faster.


The number of generations is Unlimited in all paid plans.

  • Free plan ($0/month): No sign-up required to access it!
  • Standard: $32.5/month billed yearly and $39/month billed monthly.
  • Premium: $49.16/month billed yearly and $59/month billed monthly.

It is an amazing AI script generator, you may want to check it out.

10. Copysmith

Copysmith is a great AI tool used by marketers, creative agencies, and e-commerce teams to generate high-quality marketing content.


  • Starter ($19/month and $192/year): 50 credits—up to 33k words and 20 plagiarism checks per month.
  • Professional ($59/month and $600/year): 400 credits—up to 260k words and about 100 plagiarism checks per month.

Final Thought

AI-powered script generators are awesome tools to use; very fast and most are SEO-friendly.

They’re great tools to eliminate writer’s block.

Moreover, they should be considered as writing assistants and never a replacement.

The best AI script generator will use the little information you provide them with, to actually write a full script for you.

They help generate other ideas, giving very many dimensions to consider for your content.

It is also important to note that AI script generator also have their associated problems.

Oftentimes, the generated texts still require editing.

Sometimes, more than half the text may be irrelevant, but that is largely dependent on the type of AI and the quality of input.

To get great results, you may need to study how it works and how best you can get what you want from it.

On the whole, there are massive innovations.

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