10 Best Artificial Intelligence Chatbot for Business in 2022

As a business owner who owns a website, it is important to have a business chatbot on your website that is powered by the best artificial intelligence (AI).

A chatbot or artificial intelligent agent as it is sometimes called is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that can simulate a user conversation with a natural language through messaging applications. 

Chatbots are designed to simulate human conversations and interactions to the best of their ability, so users can interact with them in the same way they would with another person or customer service agent.

This makes AI chatbots just as useful and efficient as other conventional online marketing channels such as email, social media etc.

Having one of these amazing technology assist you to run your day-to-day business can never go wrong.

What Are Chatbots?

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence that can engage a user with a natural language through messaging applications.

Unlike traditional software, it does not require any input or output device and it’s available 24/7. 

This technology will allow businesses to do their jobs remotely by engaging with consumers via messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger on their smartphones. 

This way, users won’t have to wait on hold or call a call centre if they have questions about your business. 

The best part?

Chatbots are more effective than other forms of customer service because they can serve hundreds of people simultaneously and at the same time without getting tired!

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How to Choose The Right Chatbot For Your Business

As you can guess, choosing a chatbot is an important decision that will affect your business.

Whether it’s improving customer service, boosting sales or encouraging user engagement—chatbots can be used to help your business in several ways.

But with so many options available, how do you know which one to choose? 

Here are a few pointers to help make your choice easier when choosing the best Artificial Intelligence Chatbot for Business: 

1. Know what your goals are 

The first step when choosing a chatbot is knowing what you want it to achieve.

Are you trying to sell products?

Get people engaged on social media?

Then choose a business chatbot that specifically caters to those needs, like Teo and Bloom—two popular AI-powered business chatbots that work on Facebook Messenger. 

2. How complex do you want it to be?

If your goal is a simple one, like selling products or offering customer support, then a basic chatbot might be all you need.

However, if your goal is more complex—like getting people to engage with your social media page—then a more advanced bot might work better. 

3. Do you have a budget? 

ChatBots are not cheap.

A basic business chatbot starts at around $200 and can go up from there depending on how advanced and customized it is.

If cost is an issue, then there are plenty of free options available that will help with simpler tasks like selling products or getting feedback from customers.

10 Best Artificial Intelligence Chatbot for Business in 2022

Here are 10 of the best Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot platforms for small businesses with their key features.

1) Zoho SalesIQ

Best Artificial Intelligence chatbot for Business

Zoho SalesIQ’s AI artificial intelligence chatbot is designed to capture leads and increase sales with personalized engagement. 

It offers 24/7 support through real-time messaging on the website, mobile, desktop and mobile applications. 

Zoho SalesIQ makes sense of the information collected from different sources to provide insights that benefit your business needs. 

Zoho CRM can easily connect with Zoho SalesIQ AI Chatbot Software without any coding or development efforts. 

Use existing data and machine learning algorithms to build intelligent conversations with your customers. 

This natural language understanding (NLU) helps you deliver personalized, timely responses to every customer at just a click of a button. 

Add other specific domain knowledge and combine it with AI Bot’s NLU capabilities for an all-around service solution for businesses like yours!

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2) Landbot

Landbot, one of the recent trends in business applications, is a robot that uses artificial intelligence to manage commercial property. 

Landbots use data science to connect building owners with real estate investors and operators, managing sales and lease deals through an online platform. 

This can be incredibly useful when it comes to closing deals because it eliminates both parties’ need to work through third-party brokers.

It’s easy, too: all you need is a computer and a smartphone, allowing you to close important deals no matter where you are in your day. 

More than 500 property management companies and building owners have already used Landbots successfully over more than 3 million square meters of real estate space. 

We know Landbot will be widely used by commercial businesses worldwide as its technologies improve and are improved upon.

3) FreshChat

Best Artificial Intelligence chatbot for Business - Freshchat

FreshChat is a global leader in providing conversational artificial intelligence software.

They offer a complete, self-service solution to build, host and operate a chatbot that can interact with customers 24/7 on your website. 

FreshChat helps you increase user response rates by being available 24/7 on your website and providing timely answers to customers’ questions.

This help in reducing the bounce rates and increasing customer satisfaction. 

Use FreshChat to automatically respond to inquiries about products, product availability, pricing, shipping options, delivery times and more. 

Integrated with Magento, Shopify & other eCommerce platforms as well as Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools.

Freshchat allows you to monitor visitor engagement and analytics of user behaviour while they interact with your website through chatting.

4) ChatBot

There is an ever-increasing need for companies to have a strong online presence.

Chatbots can help serve that purpose quite efficiently by providing customer service and sales assistance at any time of day, regardless of whether you’re actively monitoring your website or not. 

Research has shown that consumers prefer to communicate with companies through messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Skype, WeChat and Slack.

However, this is compared to making phone calls and sending emails. 

Live Person found that live chat usage grew 15% year over year while email dropped 14%.

Nearly 60% of visitors expect a response within one hour.

5) Manychat

ManyChat is a Facebook ChatBot marketing platform that you can use to engage with customers 24/7 through automated messaging. 

It increases your brand’s reputation and helps increase conversions with personalized customer service. 

ManyChat also allows users to subscribe to custom alerts, which are sent when there are new products or deals available. 

You can also set up an FAQ page where customers will be directed if they have questions about your product or services. 

The chatbot also allows you to add polls and surveys.

You will use the ManyChat polls and surveys to collect valuable information from potential customers.

6) REVE Chat

REVE is one of our favourite AI Chatbots.

However, this is because it offers such a comprehensive, cross-platform solution that helps with everything from lead generation to sales conversion. 

REVE’s unique approach to artificial intelligence makes it much more useful than its competitors, such as AMPY and Genetic, which rely on machine learning technologies. 

Because these other platforms utilize machine learning (and are therefore still ironing out any kinks), they can’t yet provide as many business applications. 

REVE’s offerings are ideal for entrepreneurs who want their website or store online as quickly as possible and don’t have time to learn complicated tech jargon. 

The only downside?

You’ll need to pay $99 per month if you’re using REVE independently—which isn’t cheap!

But if you do sign up for an account, you’ll be able to use all of its features. 

It also has integrations with Salesforce, Shopify, and Google Analytics.

7) SurveySparrow

When it comes to AI-powered chatbots, SurveySparrow is a clear standout.

Its easy-to-use interface allows business users with little tech-savvy to create an intuitive chatbot ready to receive customer service inquiries from day one. 

It also offers an impressive level of control.

There are options for how frequently you want your business chatbot to respond and what language it should use when speaking with customers. 

Plus, it boasts an industry-leading speed.

On average, its chatbot responds within two seconds of a user’s question. 

Why wouldn’t your business invest in features like these?

And if you’re worried about integrating AI into your company, don’t be; over 80% of companies using SurveySparrow say they plan to expand their usage.

8) Tars – Artificial Intelligence Chatbot for Business

Best Artificial Intelligence chatbot for Business

The Tars, or Trace Analysis and Respond System, is an artificial intelligence developed by an American company called PuritySolutions. 

For those unfamiliar with AI technologies.

Think of it as a software program capable of simulating human interaction. 

The purpose of Tars is to be deployed as a messaging application that can assist you with your everyday business tasks. 

Not only can it track things like your stock/supply levels and shipping schedules.

As most AI chatbots do – but it also has a bunch of other features that prove very useful for modern businesses. 

One such feature is its ability to automatically respond to customer inquiries via text message (as opposed to email). 

This enables 24-hour service support and increases the user response rate by being available on your website at all times. 

The benefit here is twofold.

Not only does it save you time from having to respond manually.

But it also allows customers quicker access than if they had to wait for you (or someone else) to reply via email. 

These are just some of the many reasons why companies are already making use of Tars’ many features.

9) HubSpot Chatbot Builder

This popular chatbot (HubSpot’s AI) is designed to offer support to your customers via a web form.

Customers can message a Chatbot directly from a website, sales page, email, or any other place where it has been implemented. 

It will handle frequently asked questions and schedule appointments directly from a conversation window. 

This ChatBot can be trained to recognize specific customer issues that arise repeatedly.

Your customers will also get a predetermined answers if you want it to automate as much of your support process as possible. 

This is an especially useful feature when your customer base expands significantly and you are just not able to provide customer service support manually anymore. 

You can set up rules so that when certain words appear in messages.

HubSpot’s AI automatically sends out pre-written responses tailored to individual needs. 

You can also train your AI to identify different users based on their names and then send out customized messages depending on who they are. 

The training for these functions is relatively simple.

But if you don’t have time or expertise on staff, hiring a developer to do it may be necessary. 

You can also add additional functionality such as integration with Salesforce or Zapier automation tools so that HubSpot’s Chatbot interacts with other applications you use regularly.

10) Flow XO

Best Artificial Intelligence chatbot for Business | Flox XO

The Flow XO is one of the best artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots for business you can use on your website.

It allows 24/7 customer service, helps you connect with customers and gives personalized suggestions based on their preferences.

The bot has support in 15 languages, with plans to add more by end of 2022. 

You can also customize its appearance through colours, fonts and logos according to your site’s design. 

Flow XO provides good data analytics that helps you understand your customers better.

This will help you improve your business strategy.

Flow XO is an affordable solution for small businesses that want a personal touch without paying extra costs. 

Their pricing starts at $20 per month which includes unlimited bots, 5 websites and unlimited users.

They offer a 14-day free trial so that you can try it out before buying it.

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5 Major Advantages of Using an Artificial Intelligence Chatbot for Business

Chatbots have tremendous capabilities, but some of their best features are:

  1. Advanced analytical skills and sharp memory. They can retain customer information, including addresses, contact details, customer orders and preferences, making customers feel valued and appreciated. 
  1. Chatbots never forget and they don’t get confused by different scenarios. Therefore they save both time and money.  
  1. Chatbots make your customers feel more comfortable as they are available 24/7 on your website, no matter what time of day or night it is. 
  1. They can answer questions about products, services, etc. so that customers do not have to wait on hold with customer service representatives or send an email to receive a response. 
  1. Chatbots can be used in multiple languages and work across multiple platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype etc., making them ideal for global businesses.

Final Thoughts on The Best Artificial Intelligence Chatbot for Business

Before you choose an artificial intelligence chatbot for your business,

Its important to understand how it works.

Choosing the wrong one can cost you your hard-earned money. 

Fortunately, there are countless possibilities for businesses using artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots that offer great opportunities for getting returns on investment.

They help businesses to engage with users and increase sales. 

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