This particular article will enlighten you about the top 10 best Artificial Intelligence copywriter software that can help you.

All of these tools have been thoroughly tested and reviewed by our team to provide you with the best content creation software available on the market. 

Now it’s up to you to decide which tool best suits your needs.

Or maybe you can try them all!

Our top 10 list will provide you with some valuable insight into this software and give you an idea of what to expect from its features and functionality.

What is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Copywriter

An artificial intelligence (AI) program can replicate the best task that normally requires human intelligence.

This means it can create content on its own, without any manual input from a human being.

That’s why AI is often referred to as artificial intelligence.

It’s similar to robotics, which means using technology to automate tasks that are usually performed by humans.

An artificial intelligence copywriter automatically creates high-quality content while learning from your specific preferences and standards over time so that it can improve output over time.

The result? You get higher-quality content at an affordable price!

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1. Jasper (Formerly Javis)- The Best Artificial Intelligence Copywriter Software

Best Artificial Intelligence Copywriter Software (formerly Javis) is a web-based application and the Best Artificial Intelligence Copywriter Software out there right now.

However, copywriting software can help you to create content for multiple purposes with inbuilt artificial intelligence.

The software is equipped with a virtual assistant called Jasper, which generates articles, banners, emails, and even social media updates based on your custom specifications.

The tool enables you to focus on what you do best while it takes care of all your other marketing tasks.

Jasper can interact with each user individually and offer them a more personalized experience than any other solution in its class.

For instance, Jasper can create different marketing messages to appeal to different demographics or psychographics of your customers.

With over 1000 templates and pre-built modules, it is one of the most comprehensive solutions available today.

2. Writesonic

Best Artificial Intelligence Copywriter Software

Software that automatically creates content using artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies.

By typing in a few keywords or a short sentence, Creativity Suite will generate thousands of articles and texts of different kinds: articles, press releases, product descriptions, short stories, product reviews…

At first glance, it might seem unbelievable but it’s true!

As long as you keep feeding your project with fresh data and resources, the creativity suite will always be up to date and relevant.

A revolutionary breakthrough in software development!

3. Copysmith

Best Artificial Intelligence Copywriter Software for 2022

When it comes to AI-powered content creation, I’m a big fanCopysmith.

This tool is a copywriting assistant that helps you generate fresh content based on SEO keywords and phrases.

You simply paste your existing text into Copysmith’s interface and click a button to get fresh, new content based on your keyword research.

In other words, it leverages artificial intelligence to help you create better content in less time.

It works well with blogs, eBooks, landing pages, and more. One of my favorite AI tools!

4. Anyword

Best Artificial Intelligence Copywriter Software for 2022

This cloud-based content creation tool uses an algorithm to come up with relevant seed keywords based on a pre-set topic or keyword.

For example, when I gave “home ownership” as a topic, Anyword’s AI algorithm came up with 11 niche keywords like; how to own a home,” homeownership benefits, and Is buying a home worth it.

From there, you can refine your search by selecting which keywords you want to include in your content.

Anyword lets you pick from either category or subcategory-level keywords, so you have ultimate control over what your content will cover.

Also, if none of their preset topics strikes your fancy, you can simply create your own!

5. CopyAI

Best Artificial Intelligence Copywriter Software

It is online software that uses artificial intelligence and other important technologies to automatically create different content types for you.

You simply have to feed a few seed keywords or a couple of sentences to give the software an idea about what you want to create.

In seconds, it will generate a new piece of text according to your instructions.

It is not limited only to articles.

CopyAI can be used with Twitter posts, Facebook shares, Pinterest pins, Instagram captions, and any type of content that suits your need in your business.

The technology behind CopyAI combines AI-driven language processing with advanced NLP capabilities and natural language generation (NLG) algorithms.

6. Whitecream AI

Best Artificial Intelligence Copywriter Software for 2022

Copywriting has a simple formula.

Figure out what you want to say, then boil it down to something readers can read and understand quickly.

But when speed is essential—like on your website or in your emails—you don’t have time to write things yourself.

That’s where artificial intelligence comes in.

Some AI applications are starting to learn how to tailor content specifically for different audiences or project types.

But most still have their limitations—including a tendency toward overly generic language that tends not to be ideal (or even acceptable) in many marketing scenarios.

7. Ryte

Best Artificial Intelligence Copywriter Software

In Rytr, You can simply click on Get Started to get an idea of what your content will look like and start customizing it.

You can also enter a few seed keywords to add more specificity to your request.

If you’re more of a visual person, you can choose to Generate a visual story to preview your final product with images.

When you’re ready, click on Start My Story and let Rytr take care of it from there!

No matter which option you choose.

Rytr uses artificial intelligence algorithms to help generate high-quality content in record time (and at all hours!)

8. Hypotenuse AI

Best Artificial Intelligence Copywriter Software for 2022

The hypotenuse is all about AI and machine learning.

One of its more interesting features is that it uses your existing customers to determine what to write in your next email campaign.

Artificial intelligence learns as you go and adjusts accordingly.

There are a lot of tools out there, but none offer quite what Hypotenuse does.

9. Bertha

Best Artificial Intelligence Copywriter Software for 2022

You don’t need a degree in computer science to create great content.

You just need a tool that knows how to read and write well.

From Forbes, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and even freelance writers, Bertha is your new favorite AI-driven content writing assistant.

At its core, Bertha excels at creating various types of content: landing pages, articles, blogs, and email marketing campaigns with precision efficiency.

What used to take hours (or days) is now done in minutes or seconds with incredible success rates.

Save time by letting Bertha do what it does best!

10. Smart Copy by Unbounce

Best Artificial Intelligence Copywriter Software

Smart Copy is a tool that combines machine learning and artificial intelligence to take over your repetitive, monotonous writing tasks.

It’s easy to use: just enter some keywords related to your product or service and Smart Copy will write a fresh sales page for you.

In addition, it comes with many powerful features, such as an intelligent editor that helps you choose exactly what to include on your sales page so that you don’t have to come up with new ideas on your own.

This saves you time and increases your odds of success because most people have difficulty coming up with fresh ideas all by themselves!

With Smart Copy at work, all you need to do is enjoy the results!

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Are AI copywriters good?

There’s no doubt that AI copywriters are going to hit the mainstream over the next five years.

And when they do, there’s going to be a big shift in how content creation is done, with many people opting for AI-driven content versus human-generated content.

A lot of business owners are wondering: are AI-driven writers good?

If you want to see what all of these new technologies have to offer, read on as we explore 10 of the best artificial intelligence copywriter software.

Which is the best AI writing tool? – Our Choice

Aubrey is a piece of software that uses artificial intelligence and other best technologies to automatically create different content types for you as a copywriter.

You simply have to feed a few seed keywords or a couple of sentences to give the software an idea about what you want to create.

It then creates hundreds of documents based on those input parameters.

Aubrey was created by Caleb Bailey, who also founded AppsFlyer, one of today’s leading mobile attribution companies.

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