If you wish to select your undergraduate major to apply to law school in the future, here are some of the best bachelors degree for law school. 

You probably have spent your undergraduate years preparing for acceptance into an excellent graduate law program.

Some of these law schools have an acceptance rate well below 20 percent with an average GPA of 3.8 or higher. 

However, your undergraduate-level education can also impact your ability to get into law school. 

Some law schools offer a pre-law major, while others see it as being a rigorous area of study. 

Meanwhile, the American Bar Association does not endorse a specific major to get into law school.

But some majors may prepare you for success with the law school admissions process more than others.

Therefore, in this blog post, we will be looking at the top-best bachelor’s degrees for law school.

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The 10 Best Bachelors Degree for Law School

As you are preparing to go for an undergraduate degree to proceed to law school in the future.

Here are some of the best bachelors degree you should consider that can help you gain easy access to law school. 

1. English

Majoring in English at your undergraduate level may enable you to earn a higher GPA in college than you may earn in other areas of study. 

Moreover, it may provide other considerable benefits as you prepare for the future. 

English coursework concentrates heavily on reading and writing, including reading comprehension and persuasive writing. 

As such, students acquire solid skills that enable them to process written information quickly.

They also use that information to create organized and analytical opinions, arguments, and positions. 

More so, Critical thinking skills, grammar, word roots, and other concepts are also developed. 

Such vital skills impact LSAT performance and law school and other professional success.

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2. History

With an educational foundation in history, you will be exposed to a deeper understanding of how the American legal system developed. 

In addition, you will learn about landmark court rulings, treaties, and the development of other political systems.

You will learn about the development of the legal system in other countries and other essential factors. 

The knowledge of history may prepare you for success in law school. 

This is because it is one that many students can succeed in. 

So, a history major may be the best bachelors degree for law school as it is well-suited for you if you succeeded in high school history courses.

Also, if you are fascinated by the succession of historical events and the transformation of societies over time.

3. Arts and Humanities

Arts and humanities apparently have little to do with an interest in the legal system and a desire to pursue a career in law. 

However, this degree helps applicants who are well-rounded and who have taken a wide range of coursework. 

Studying arts and humanities helps you gain knowledge about cultures and societies around the world. 

4. Political Science

Political science is linked to the legal system.

This is because many students who are interested in law understandably have an interest in politics and government systems.

Moreover, political science is overwhelmingly the most popular major for pre-law students. This is due to the fact that it falls under the realm of social sciences.

It also focuses on government systems as well as a strong analysis of political behavior. 

You can gain a substantial understanding of how the judicial system works and how laws are created and executed through political science courses.

Meanwhile, some political science coursework delves into foreign political and legal systems and also the impact of treaties and domestic historical cases.

With this degree, you will be prepared for success in law school and in a professional capacity by improving your reading, writing, and public speaking skills. 

5. Psychology

Psychology is one of the best bachelors degree for law schools as it deals with the study of the human mind, and comprises behaviors and general experiences. 

There is a scientific aspect of psychology that deals with the principles of human behavior. 

Law impacts and moderates human behavior.

As such, law and psychology are intertwined. 

An undergraduate-level education in psychology gives you several benefits in law school and for legal professionals. 

Through this degree, you’ll develop a solid foundation in these professions and how they are relevant to their clients. 

It will also enable you to communicate more effectively with many different people who you will come in contact with professionally. 

6. Business

The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) data reveals that students majoring in business administration had an average LSAT score of 150 and an average GPA of 3.22. 

As such, approximately 67 percent of applicants with this major were admitted to law school.

A degree in Business coursework prepares you for success with the LSAT, in law school, and throughout your career. 

You will also learn Public speaking, contract structure, corporate structure, business processes, negotiations, and more.

A business degree may be well-suited for you as a potential law school applicant, because the coursework may be most relevant for those who intend to pursue a career in corporate law or other similar areas. 

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7. Philosophy

Philosophy is one of the best bachelors degree for law school. 

As the law is based on philosophical aspects, like human nature, ethics, and other topics that are thoroughly covered in college-level philosophy courses, a degree in this coursework is best for you. 

In addition, the LSAC statistics reveal that 2,294 law school applicants majored in philosophy.

Moreover, the average acceptance rate was 86 percent, and the average LSAT score was just below 158. 

Furthermore, Pre-law students who major in philosophy benefit by perfecting their ability to focus on critical details, analyze facts, and form an interpretation or opinion. 

They also learn how to back up their opinion or argument in a logical manner by citing evidence which is a useful skill in a legal career. 

You will also learn to develop an ability to frame an argument based on context and to present that argument with authority and helps explore mentality and thinking from various viewpoints, including from different cultural and historical views. 

8. Economics

Economics is one of the best bachelors degree for law school if you are interested in delving into the corporate law niche. 

This degree may also be relevant to intellectual property law and other specializations. 

However, more than 2,700 students applying to law school between 2016 and 2017 majored in economics, and 85 percent of them gained admission to at least one law school program. 

This degree helps you gain refined critical skills that are essential for success in law school and beyond. 

In addition, Economics students think logically while analyzing large amounts of data.

They are also presented with problems and are required to create and implement a solution.

In this coursework, you learn about the evolution of the modern economic system as well as the impact of recessions and booms and refine your understanding of defining factors.

9. Mathematics

Even though the American Bar Association does not recommend that pre-law students select a specific major.

The law organization recommends a strong foundation in math courses. 

This is because it stresses that applicants should have mastery of math at the pre-calculus level at a minimum and an understanding of financial math concepts.

In addition, mathematics students refine their logical reasoning and analytical skills. 

They are also proficient in statistical calculations and can easily analyze finances. 

More so, Logic and reasoning skills help in humanities studies and enable math students to generally thrive in related coursework.

10. Science

A bachelor’s degree in science is one of the best bachelors degree for law school as it provides students with a strong background that can be essential for success in various legal niches. 

However, areas of science studies help to refine your skills with the review of voluminous amounts of complex data. 

You will also learn how to analyze this data to reach a provable conclusion. 

You also acquire research skills, logical reasoning, and other skills that are applicable. 

Approximately 5,159 law school applicants have science-related degrees and 64 percent gained admission to law school, and their average LSAT score was 147.4.

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Final Thoughts on Best Bachelors Degree for Law School

In summary, choosing the best bachelor’s degree for law school for you may not be the right major for someone else. 

However, choose your degree depending on your interests and strengths. 

Also, ensure you choose something that improves your writing and critical reasoning.

In addition to that, pick a field that interests you and work hard in it. Your field-specific knowledge may become valuable as you further specialize your legal practice.

We hope that this blog post will help you decide on the best bachelors degree for law school you should obtain as you prepare to attend one.

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