Best College For Architecture In America – 2022

When it comes to the best College For Architecture In America, a lot of schools come to mind.

Moreover, America is home to numerous top-notch Architecture schools.

However, we will talk about the best of them all in this article.

By best of them all, we do not mean all other Architecture schools are below this school.

Rather, they are not ranked as high.

As we all know, there are official University rankings for almost every course out there.

Thus, every University has an advantage over the others in certain fields of study.

Without taking too much time, we will take a look at the best college for Architecture in America.

Undoubtedly, Architects are the major reason behind the beauty of the world’s cities as we see them today.

How to Becoming An Architect

To become an Architect, the minimum qualification required is a Bachelor of Architecture degree (B.Arch).

Now, unlike most courses out there, Architecture takes a whopping five years to complete.

As a practical course, students gain hands-on experience and training before passing out as Architects.

Through the study duration, these guys learn more about construction, structural design, drafting, and more.

To be a full-blown Architect, one must study for a Bachelor of Architecture degree.

However, some Universities offer a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Architecture.

Now, these courses are normal four-year courses that also teach Architecture as a course.

However, they do not provide enough insights on the coursework and sufficient work experience to begin a career as a full-blown Architect.

As a course, this is best for students who intend to work in the field of Architecture, but not as direct Architects.

To work as a full Architect, graduates of these BA and BSC Programs must first enroll in a Master of Architecture Program.

The Master of Architecture Program takes between 2-3 years.

However, this depends solely on your Architectural background.

Without wasting time, let us take a look at the best college for Architecture in America.

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The Best College For Architecture In America (2022)

Best College For Architecture In America

From different rankings and research, the best college for Architecture in America is currently Cornell University.

Now, as long as quality education is concerned in America, Cornell is one of the best Universities.

Moreover, this University has produced several world-class personalities through the years.

Located in Ithaca, New York, Cornell is one of the oldest universities in America.

As one of the oldest universities, one can expect the Alumni network of this school to be vast.

Moreover, this association has been active for generations now.

Talking of Architects, Cornell has produced some of the best Architects in the world.

Famously known for founding the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies in NYC, Peter Eisenman is also an alumnus of Cornell.

World-renowned architects like Richard Meier who designed the Getty Centre in Los Angeles also graduated from Cornell University.

Offering one of the best Architecture programs in the country, one can expect a high success rate from Cornell graduates.

Moreover, quality education speaks for itself.

Structure Of Architecture Program In Cornell University

As one of the best Architecture Programs in all of America, students gain intense training at Cornell University.

During the final two years of study, students focus on five major areas of study.

They are: 

  • Culture and Society
  • Architecture
  • History of Architecture
  • Architectural Science and Tech
  • Visual Representation in Architecture and Architectural Analysis

Giving students access to work during their study program, Cornell records a high rate of success for students.

Moreover, graduates of Architecture at Cornell University tend to perform excellently in the industry.

Due to the quality of education at Cornell, these promising graduates are often in high demand.

Moreover, New York is a city with several jobs in the field of Architecture.

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College Of Architecture, Art and Planning (Cornell University)

The College of Architecture in Cornell is one of the oldest and most respected colleges in America.

Moreover, so many legends have been produced here.

Included in the research domain of this college is:

Urbanism, Architectural History, Building Technology, Ecology, and Advanced Computation.

When it comes to Architecture, AAP Cornell ranks first in all of the United States.

Due to the records held by this University, it has become a student attraction over the years.

The 5 Best Colleges For Architecture In America 2022

Having seen the best college for Architecture in America, we will take a look at other colleges here.

Moreover, America is home to several world-class schools.

Thus, it is only natural that there are several top-class Architecture schools there.

In this section of this article, we will take a look at other good universities in America to study Architecture.

Now, although Cornell University is ranked above these universities, they are all good universities.

Moreover, they have all produced very good Architects through the years.

Without blabbing for too long, let us take a look at these universities.

Here is a list of five other top-class colleges for Architecture in America.

1. School Of Architecture (Rice University), Houston, Texas

Best College For Architecture In America

Located in Houston, Rice is another University that offers top-notch Architecture courses in America.

With a student-to-faculty ratio of 5:1, one can expect personal attention during studies at Rice University.

Moreover, this increases the success rates of students.

At Rice University, Architecture students study for a duration of 6 years.

Students spend four years in a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture.

Upon completion, they are then required to study core Architecture for two more years.

Upon completion of the six-year program, a student is then awarded a Bachelor of Architecture degree (B.Arch).

So far, this program has produced some of the best Architects in America.

Thus, Rice is ranked as one of the best colleges for architecture in America.

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2. School Of Architecture (Yale University), New Haven, US

Talking of a University that actually needs no introduction, one can boldly mention Yale University.

Having been active since 1701, this University is indeed an embodiment of generational success.

With a strong connection of both local and international students, Yale promotes a conducive environment for studies.

Talking about Architecture, Yale University has one of the best and oldest colleges so far.

Legendary Architects of both past and present have been produced in this school.

For holders of Baccalaureate degrees, the Yale School of Architecture offers many programs that lead to a Master’s of Architecture degree (M.Arch).

Looking for both professional and non-professional Undergraduate Architecture majors, then Yale has got you covered.

As of 2022, the Yale School of Architecture ranks amongst the top 5 colleges for Architecture in the US.

Thus, this school is featured here on our list.

3. School Of Architecture (Pratt Institute), New York

Best College For Architecture In America

Located in New York, Pratt Institute also makes it to this list.

Regarded as one of the most diverse centers of learning, Pratt is indeed a perfect place for aspiring Architects.

Well focused on innovation, entrepreneurship, and learning, there is so much to gain from this Institution.

Moreover, all their programs are highly ranked in the United States.

Having been active since the late 1800s, Pratt Institute is not new in the field.

All through the centuries, Pratt has continued to experience steady development.

Today, they are already ranked as one of the best in America.

Looking for a perfect school for exposure to the global world, then Pratt is a perfect spot for you.

Through the years, the school of Architecture in this school has produced several top-class personalities.

Moreover, most of these guys lead the industry today.

Ranging from city designers to regional planners, managers, and more, graduates of this Institution are often in high demand.

Moreover, the quality of education is high in this Institution.

Thus, these companies tend to seek their promising graduates.

Ranked as one of the best Architecture schools in all of America, Pratt Institute makes it here on our list.

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4. School of Architecture (University of Virginia), Virginia

Also featured in this list is the University of Virginia.

Now, the College of Architecture in this school is also ranked as one of the best in America.

Through the years, this college has produced several successful Architects in the industry.

Thus, it has become a student attraction across the globe.

Well known for teaching excellence, the failure rate in this school is significantly low.

Moreover, this school is highly selective in admission.

So far in 2022, the school of Architecture at the University of Virginia ranks high in 2022.

Thus its appearance on this list.

5. Syracuse University, New York

Talking of the best colleges for Architecture Programs In America, one cannot miss Syracuse University.

Moreover, this was the first University to offer a Bachelor of Architecture degree in America.

Due to its rich history in the course, Syracuse University continuously produces world-class Architects.

Ever since they began the B.Arch degree, Syracuse has been one of the best schools for Architecture Programs.

Located in New York, this University exposes its students to so many opportunities in the field of Architecture.

With a stable study abroad program, students are allowed to spend a whole semester of their studies in other countries.

Boosting the overall experience of students, this University surely knows how to produce Architects.

Ranked as one of the top schools for Architects in 2022, Syracuse University makes it here on this list.

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Final Thoughts On The Best College For Architecture In America for 2022

From the write-up above, you can confirm that Cornell University is indeed the best University for Architecture in America.

With a reputable and trusted College of Architecture, Cornell has produced several architects in the industry.

However, this is not an indication that there are no other top-class schools of Architecture.

From the later part of this article, one can confirm that there are many other schools of Architecture in America.

Now, there are only five mentioned in this article.

However, there are many more.

To gain a place to study for a degree in Architecture, you can apply to all schools mentioned here.

Whichever gives you an offer is completely worth it.

As for those who might receive offers from all schools, you might definitely consider the best mentioned on this list.

So far, we can see that America is indeed home to several top-class schools of Architecture.

However, so many students are yet to discover these schools.

With the help of this article, you can choose the perfect school to push your career as an aspiring Architect.

In all, we do wish you success as you strive to become the next big Architect…

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