10 Best Countries for International Students in 2022

Students who wish to study far away from their country of residence are always looking for the best countries for international students.

This is because most international students work as they study.

So, they want information about top countries that offer job flexibility as they pursue their educational goals. 

According to research, over 5.3 million students sought to benefit from studying abroad in 2019. As a result, the figure keeps increasing as the year keeps growing and might hit 8million by 2025. 

There are unending options of schools that offer international student enrolment.

Some are classified as the best countries for international students. 

If you are an international student and you are looking for recommendations, here you have 10 of the best countries.

This article will solve the riddle in your mind and give you why these countries are the best countries for international students

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Top 10 Best Countries For International Students

There are countless options available in the top schools for international students in the world. 

These countries outrank other countries, according to Project Altas 2019

10. Spain

There are outstanding universities and colleges in Spain, making it one of the top countries for international students. 

These schools also offer impressive English and Spanish taught programs at affordable fees. 

You will enjoy Spain’s unique culture, tasty cuisine, and intriguing heritage outside of the classroom. 

Furthermore, there are over 120,991 in Spain, according to Project Atlas research. 

9. Germany

If you seek to get the best education at an affordable rate, Germany is one of the top places you should consider.

Germany offers the best and Cheapest Education for all students. 

For this reason, it has secured its place among other countries globally through the abortion of tuition fees from public universities. 

Aside from the administrative and enrollment fee, you can receive a top-notch education in Germany. 

According to research, there are over 282,002 in Germany. 

8. Japan

Japan holds one of the highest educational standards globally through renowned programs in Mathematics and Science. 

You will also enjoy a low tuition fee and cost of living. 

However, there are over 208,901 international students in Japan, as reported by research. 

7. Russia

Russia is one of the best countries as it has an affordable cost of living. 

Russian universities are undoubtedly scaling the heights of worldwide rankings. For their leading programs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Students in Russia are immersed in thorough academic learning despite its world’s most highly educated population. 

Each year, the Russian government awards scholarships to thousands of international students. 

Additionally, research says that it has over 334,497 international students. 

6. France

If you are looking for a language learning school at an affordable price, France is one of those best countries for international students. 

It is amongst Europe’s cheapest, yet it offers world-class education at a reasonable price. 

In addition, France has a standing reputation for producing some of the world’s most influential scientists, artists, philosophers, and designers.

There are over 343,400 international students in France, as revealed by research. 

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5. Australia

Australia is best for active lifestyles, yet one of the top countries for international students

In Australia, tuition is lower than in any other English speaking country. You can study any course of your choice in Australia. 

More so, it has the highest percentage of international students over the total student body. 

Research also says 420,501 International students are currently in Australia. 

4. China

Chinese universities are ascending the global ranking of the superb educational experience at a relatively cheaper cost.

As a result, China is seen as one of the best countries for international students. 

As China is experiencing super economic power, students are also open to outstanding education attainment. 

Meanwhile, there are over 492,185 international students in China, as reported by research. 

3. Canada

Students travel as far as Canada to gain Internationally recognised educational certificates. 

Canada is best for immigration opportunities. For this reason, it is one of the top countries for international students. 

Many Canadian Universities feature in global ranking as the school boost a remarkable higher education system. 

Conclusively, Over 435,415 international students are studying in Canada, as reported by research. 

2. United Kingdom (UK)

The second on the list of top places for international students in the United Kingdom. 

The UK is best known for its world-class education.

Also, It has a prosperous history of higher education world’s oldest and most cherished university. 

The UK universities are renowned for their second to none research projects and facilities.

Thereby putting their students at the forefront of innovation and discovery.

The UK is at the runner up of best place for international students with over 496,570 presently. 

1. United States of America (USA)

The United States of America ranks high on the list of top countries for International Students

This is because it has reigned as the world’s most popular country to study abroad

The USA dominates global university ranking, thereby standing at rhe forefront of the top best countries for international students. 

As a result, the USA is seen as the home to various educational programs with over 5500 schools. 

The United States of America is crowning the list of the top countries for international students with 1,095,299, according to research. 

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In conclusion, there are other countries where you can seek your education attainment that is not included in this article. 

However, this article only contains the top countries for international students in the world. 

We hope you find this article on the best countries in the world for international students helpful. 

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