20 Best High-School GPA Calculators In 2022

Want to find out the top 20 best High-School GPA Calculators In 2022?

Then you are reading the right article today.

Without a doubt, all students are always curious about their GPAs.

Often shortened for Grade Point Average, GPAs show the overall performance level of a student.

As a result, most students look for ways to calculate their scores even before it is officially released by a school.

We all know that the GPA of a student reflects how well they performed academically.

Thus, most students are often concerned about their scores.

Getting through the sum of your course grades divided by your total credits, getting the GPA range of a student is quite simple.

However, one can check out these GPAs in a simpler way by using GPA Calculators. Now. Without wasting time, let us take a look at some of the best High-School GPA Calculators out there.

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The 20 Best High-School GPA Calculators In 2022

Here are the 20 best high-school GPA Calculators for 2022

20. WES iGPA Calculator

Featured on the 20th spot on this list is the WES iGPA Calculator tool. By simply filling in your grades and credits, this tool automatically calculates a student’s GPA.

Moreover, it also shows your GPA equivalency in the United States and Canada.

19. College GPA Calculator

In nineteenth place is the GPA tool called College GPA Calculator.

With this quick GPA Calculator tool, a student can calculate his/her GPA score with just a few clicks.

Moreover, this tool features a very easy-to-understand interface. Thus, anyone can use this calculator.

18. Scholaro GPA Calculator

Ranked as one of the best online GPA Calculators, the Scholaro GPA Calculator makes it to the 18th spot on this list.

Just like the other tools on this list, the Scholaro GPA Calculator allows a student to calculate his/her GPA with just a few clicks.

However, this tool is fully focused on calculating the United States Grade Point Average.

17. Back2College GPA Calculator

Back2College GPA Calculator is another tool that makes it to our list.

Ranked as one of the best High-School GPA Calculator tools, this tool is well known for producing accurate GPAs.

Moreover, a student only needs to fill in a few details to get these accurate results.

Thus, this tool also makes it to our list of best GPA Calculator tools.

16. TreC GPA Calculator

Featured in sixteenth place on this list is the TreC GPA Calculator app.

By merely filling in your term scores and grades, this app automatically calculates your GPA and produces the best results.

This is currently one of the best GPA apps out there today.

However, it is only available on the Android platform. Thus, students who use other platforms can not gain access to this app.

15. College Simply High-School GPA Calculator

If you are looking for a perfect High-School GPA Calculator tool online, then you just found one.

By simply visiting the website given above, one can easily get his/her GPA with one or two clicks.

Moreover, this site has a very smooth and responsive system. Thus, calculating GPAs is often smooth and hassle-free.

14. GPACalculator.io

Looking for a quick tool to check your cumulative GPA?

Then GPACalculator.io is the right tool for you.

Moreover, this tool allows a student to understand how GPAs work, and how they are calculated.

With a good record for accuracy, students use this tool for calculating GPAs.

13. Edvocate GPA Calculator

In thirteenth place is the Edvocate GPA Calculator tool.

With this tool, students can save their high school GPAs, and also record term performance.

As a perfect academic tracker app, the Edvocate app comes with a lot of features. Thus, it makes it to our list of best GPA Calculator apps.

12. Ondo Voice GPA Calculator

Also featured on this list is the Ondovoice GPA Calculator.

Similar to most GPA tools featured on this list, this app calculates the GPAs of students with just one or two button clicks.

However, this app is more focused on the Nigerian grading scale system.

Thus, this GPA calculator is not for students looking to calculate their GPAs at the international level.

11. Self Service Carolina GPA Calculator Tool

Provided by the University of South Carolina, the Self Service Carolina GPA Tool also makes it to our list.

With the use of this tool, students can check and calculate their institutional GPAs and overall performance.

Truth be told, this tool is not really designed for High-School students. However, this is not an indication that high-school students can not make use of it.

10. GPA Calculator

Want to generate a full GPA report with a free online calculator?

Then you should try the GPA Calculator.

Well known for producing reliable reports, this tool is one of the best GPA calculators out there today.

Moreover, all it takes is to visit their official website given above to begin the calculation process.

9. UW-Milwaukee Grading System

Specially designed by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, this special GPA grading tool makes it to the ninth spot.

Although this tool focuses fully on the grading system of UWM, it is a good tool for all students.

Moreover, results provided with this tool can be used as benchmarks for general GPA calculations.

8. USKT GPA Calculator

Available on the Android platform, the USKT GPA Calculator is another well-known GPA calculator app that is featured on our list today.

By simply filling in semester scores and credit hours, the GPA of a student appears instantly.

With the help of this tool, students can easily check their semester GPAs and CGPAs.

Moreover, this tool has become one of the most useful tools for students out there.

7. Snow College GPA Calculator

All it takes is to fill in your letter grades and credit hours to get your GPA with this tool.

Moreover, the Snow College GPA Calculator is ranked as one of the best today. Thus, one can only imagine the number of students that use this tool.

By simply visiting the official website of Snow College, one can find and use the GPA calculator tool.

6. SFU GPA Calculator

In sixth place on this list is SFU GPA Calculator.

Created by Simon Fraser University, this tool is well known amongst most College and University students.

Moreover, it is one of the best GPA tools out there.

5. CAS GPA Tool

Often shortened as CAS, the Centre for Academic Success has one of the best GPA Calculators out there.

Moreover, this tool allows a student to gain easy access to GPA points.

Ranging from how GPAs are calculated to many more things, this tool offers a lot to students.

4. Towson University GPA Calculator

Making it to fourth place is the official GPA Calculator of Towson University.

With this tool, a student can find out how their term performance can affect their overall GPA.

Thus, a student can know when he/she is already heading down the wrong lane academically.

Moreover, this tool has been of help to so many students across the world. Thus, it makes it to fourth place on this list.

3. Campus Reel High-School GPA Calculator

Another GPA Calculator that makes it to this list is the Campus Reel High-school GPA Tool.

By merely adding grade points you have achieved, and the total credit hours earned, a student can get his/her GPA using this tool.

Moreover, this tool also detects if a student is heading towards a good overall GPA or not.

2. RapidTables High-School GPA Calculator

In second place on our list is the RapidTables High-School GPA Calculator.

Similar to most tools featured on this list, RapidTables allows students to check their GPA reports by merely visiting their website.

1. Excel High School GPA Calculator

In first place on our list is no other GPA Calculator than the Excel High School GPA Calculator.

Based on grading, high school students can check their current or future GPAs with the help of this GPA Calculator.

Moreover, this is completely free and the process can be carried out by anyone.

With this tool, a student can quickly discover when things are not going right for their future GPAs.

Thus, this tool is said to be one of the best High-School GPA tools out there.

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Final Thoughts On The Best High-School GPA Calculators

With the help of this article, I believe you have discovered a whole lot of GPA tools available out there.

As a High-School or college student, you can make use of any of these tools to check your GPAs today.

In all, that will be as far as we can go on this topic.

If you found this article useful or interesting, make sure you drop a comment below.

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