Best Learn Spanish Program for 2023

When it comes to best learn Spanish program options, there are a ton of them. 

However, the sheer number of choices can be a mixed blessing. This is because there are different tools and resources to choose from. 

In this post, we have outlined the top 15 best learn Spanish programs you could pick from. 

The 15 Best Learn Spanish Program

Here is a list of top Spanish programs and courses you would pick from. 

1. Rocket Spanish

Rocket Spanish deals with a comprehensive Spanish course to take you from a beginner to the mid-intermediate level in the language. 

However, the course is designed around interactive audio lessons. 

Meanwhile, each lesson is breakdown a Spanish conversation with native speakers into smaller parts.

This is to help you pick the grammar and vocabulary and then use them yourself when you speak Spanish. 

2. Spanishpod101 

Spanishpod101 is the best learn Spanish program course in the form of audio podcasts. Moreover, each lesson is an episode and features a conversation between two native speakers. 

In addition, every episode is moderated by two hosts who explain complicated concepts.

They also share fascinating insights into the language or culture. 

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3. Duolingo

Duolingo is a popular language learning app on the market. It uses a game-like format to teach mainly grammar and some vocabulary. 

Meanwhile, it is still an effective way to practice and learn the basics of the Spanish language!

4. Pimsleur Spanish

Pimsleur Spanish is an audio-based course with unusual question and response techniques.

It gets you thinking in Spanish and using it as you would in a real conversation.

However, it’s the only Spanish audio course that effectively helps you prepare for real-life Spanish conversations.

5. Glossika

Glossika is a language program that teaches users to use foreign languages by repeating grammar and vocabulary.

However, Glossika functions a lot like a language learning gym. 

This is because it is built around successive training sessions requiring you to speak, listen, read and write. 

6. Baselang

Baselang is an online Spanish program based in Medellin, Colombia. It offers unlimited one-on-one Spanish lessons for roughly $149 per month.

However, it has two different methods: Grammarless and Real World.

7. Coursera

Coursera is one of the best learn Spanish program websites where you can access free online courses on various topics offered by universities and companies worldwide. 

Meanwhile, the courses are self-paced and include several modules that contain video lessons, readings, and quizzes. 

However, you can take other online classes through Coursera for professional development.

8. Lingoda

Lingoda is a European online language school that offers lessons in English, German, French, and Spanish via the online platform Zoom.

Moreover, all the instructors are native speakers and live all over the world, so they offer classes around your schedule. 

However, their language instruction is communication-based, with plenty of speaking practice. 

Meanwhile, Lingoda uses the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) to describe proficiency levels.

Also, you can take a free placement test to determine your skill set and where you should begin.

9. Live Lingua

Live Lingua is an online language immersion school that gives lessons in 7 distinct languages via Skype.

It offers specialized courses in Spanish, including Spanish for Tourists, Spanish for Medical Professionals, Spanish for Business, Spanish for Teachers, and Spanish for Priests.

In addition, the starting cost for lessons is roughly $20, and they offer a free 30-minute trial lesson.

10. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is one of the best learning Spanish programs. 

Moreover, its methodology involves an immersive curriculum that aims to duplicate a naturalistic approach to learning languages based on actual conversations. 

Meanwhile, you can access lessons on your desktop or mobile device and work at your own pace.

You can use this program if you are interested in learning more than one language and willing to make a significant one-time investment.

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11. Lengalia

Lengalia offers online best learn Spanish programs for self-study. This program is unique because it also has tutors to help when needed.

However, the program comprises 24 Spanish courses, including grammar and vocabulary, and some specialized courses.

More so, there are two different options for organizing the program: a guided course, which takes you through the learning process.

Also, there is a personalized course in which you decide what lessons and topics to study at any time.

In addition, Lengalia’s courses are recognized by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

As such, you can get a certificate to recognize your language skills for professional or academic purposes.

12. CoffeeBreak Spanish

CoffeeBreak is a language-learning program by Radio Lingua Network that consists of podcasts and online courses in seven different languages.

Moreover, CoffeeBreak Spanish includes four seasons of 15- to 20-minute podcasts that you can listen to for free, narrated by a teacher named Mark and a Spanish learner named Kara. 

However, there are paid online courses that accompany each season.

Also, each season contains 40 classes, including audio and video lessons and corresponding notes. 

More so, each of the four online courses costs about $124, but if you buy more than one course as a bundle, you can get some bucks. 

13. Babbel

Babbel is also one of the best learn Spanish program options for busy people.

It allows learners to set their study targets, brush up on their vocab, or commit to hour-long sessions every day to perfect their Spanish accent.

More so, It has a good set of tracking tools so that you can map your progress. 

In addition, there’s also a live tutoring option available for an extra fee.

This live tutoring allows you to chat with a qualified teacher or native speaker to test out your learning so far.

14. Mondly

Mondly is a best learn Spanish program for an online course for travel phrases.

It is available on both smart devices and web browsers.

Also, it has a gentle learning curve, and a good structure that breaks down learning into subject areas.

It also helps you keep coming back to learn, and you can share your profile via phone and web.

15. News In Slow Spanish

This program is Best for intermediate learners.

It reads you various news reports in Spanish, only slowed down, so you have a better chance of picking out words. 

Also, it invites you to pick out phrases or vocab from the news report and tests you on them. 

However, each report has an audio transcript, and you can choose to translate certain aspects of this if you need help understanding it.

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Final Thought on The Best Learn Spanish Program

One of the many great things about some of the best learning Spanish programs is that you can take your pick on tools and resources. 

Several certified programs can help you learn Spanish fluently. While there are free programs, there are also paid programs you can try out. 

We hope this article helped you find the best learn Spanish program right for you. 

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