Do you know the top 20 best schools for interior design in California?

Well. If you do not know these schools, then today is your lucky day.

Modern design methods and architecture styles influence the world today,

Notwithstanding, all the mind-blowing town plans, building designs, and interior designs were made by some people out there.

Thus, so many students are attracted to this course.

California remains one of the most crucial cities as far as America is concerned.

Moreover, this city exposes students to diverse opportunities who want to become an interior design professional

There are hundreds of jobs always available to high-performing students. Moreover, California is home to some of the finest design Colleges in America.

Thus, it is arguable to say California is the headquarters of design schools in America. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best schools for interior design in this wonderful place.

While you may be itching to see the list already, let us take you through our ranking methodology.

Moreover, this will enable you to understand how these schools are ranked in this list.

Ranking Methodology For Best Interior Design Schools In California

Lists like this are often ranked based on certain metrics and it is only natural for a reader to be curious at times as to how a list is ranked.

As for this article, we have assembled this list based on the following metrics.

  • Employer Reputation
  • International Student Ratio
  • Academic Reputation
  • Faculty/Student Ratio
  • Global Recognition

While other lists out there may have slightly different metrics, we decided to use this for this article


Thus, it is only natural to observe slight changes from certain lists online.

Moreover, slightly different lists may have different metrics for ranking.

Best Schools For Interior Design In California

Without taking any more of your time, let us go through a list of the 20 best schools for interior design in California.

20. California College of the Arts, San Francisco

19. Saddleback College, Mission Viejo

18. Canada College, Redwood City

17. West Valley College, Saratoga

16. Moorpark College, Moorpark

15. San Francisco State University

14. San Jose State University

13. College of Marin, Kenfield

12. Ohlone College

11. Cuesta College

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10 Best Schools For Interior Design In California

Here are the top 10 best schools for interior design in California

10. West Valley College

Well known as a public university based in the city of Saratoga, West Valley College ranks in tenth place.

Judging from research, this school has one of the best histories in the field of interior design. Thus, so many interior designers have been produced from this wonderful Institution.

9. California State University

With a total enrollment of close to 4,000 Bachelor’s degree students, the California State University is indeed a large one.

Moreover, they offer lots of high-quality design-related courses and you need to know that studying in this school is quite competitive.

Thus, a student needs to be headed down to successfully gain a place.

8. Mt San Antonio College

Located in Walnut, Mt San Antonio College is not a new name in the design field.

Moreover, students from this school tend to excel in the workforce and this school ranks high on interior design in California.

7. California State University

Ranked in seventh place is California State University.

Now. This school is not just one of the best in California, but the United States as a whole.

Moreover, students troop in from across the globe to study here. Based in Fresno, this school currently houses over 3,500 bachelor’s degree students.

Just as said already, this school is a global student attraction and they feature a quite competitive acceptance rate.

6. Design Institute of San Diego

Despite being a small Institution, the Design Institute of San Diego makes it to the sixth spot on this list.

With an enrollment of less than 100 Undergraduate students, this school utilizes a direct practical teaching method.

Moreover, with an acceptance rate of 87%, gaining admission into this school is quite easy.

5. Palomar College

In sixth place on this list is Palomar College.

Located in San Marcos, this college is well known for providing associate degree courses in Interior Design.

As a community college, Palomar College does not offer Bachelor’s Degree Programs.

However, they provide some of the best Associate Degree and Diploma courses. Thus, they are well recognized as one of the best schools for interior design in California.

4. Allan Hancock College

Featured in fourth place is Allan Hancock College.

Located in Santa Maria, this school is often ranked amongst the best schools in America.

Within 4 years of studying at Allan Hancock College, a student can bag a world-recognized Bachelor’s certificate.

Well known for several design-related courses, this school has produced a couple of Interior Design graduates over the years.

Thus, this school makes it to the fourth spot on this list.

3. Orange Coast College

Known for being one of the best two-year colleges in California, Orange Coast College makes it to the third spot.

Ranging from interior design to other courses in the design field, this school ranks high in the whole of America.

Thus, it makes it here as the third best school for interior design.

2. American River College

In second place on this list is the American River College.

Despite being a community college, this school has a reputation for producing some of the best interior design experts in the US.

Thus, this school is arguably the best interior design school in California.

Moreover, they offer numerous design-related courses for students to choose from.

Focused on a practical method of teaching, students tend to grasp the whole concept of their courses within a short time.

1. Las Positas College

Topping our list is no other school than Las Positas College.

Offering some of the best quality interior design Programs, this school is recognized across America.

Offering both certificate and associate degree programs, this school is one of the most flexible on this list.

Moreover, both working professionals can study interior design courses via their evening classes.

Having produced a lot of expert interior designers, this school makes it the first spot on our list today.

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FAQs on Interior Design In California

In this section of this article, we will take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about interior design in California.

As a home of several design schools, California has become a student attraction for interior design.

Thus, so many queries hit the search engines about interior design schools In California.

Without taking too much time, let us take a few of these questions.

How much do interior designers make in California?

Without a doubt, California has one of the highest salary rates in all of the United States.

Thus, interior designers earn a lot.

As of 2021, the average salary for interior designers in California is about $60,360 per annum.

Are there interior design companies in California?

As a land of opportunities, there are hundreds of Interior Design companies in California.

Thus, interior design students are often exposed to diverse opportunities while studying here.

Ranging from startups to world-class companies, one can find almost any kind of company in California. Thus, it is ranked as one of the best places for studying interior design in the world.

How can I become an interior designer in California?

Becoming an interior designer in California is quite easy.

Moreover, there are hundreds of Interior Design Schools there. Thus, anyone can become an interior designer by enrolling in any of the interior design schools.

Upon graduating from any of these schools, a student is fully ready to become an interior designer.

Moreover, there are numerous interior design schools in California.

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Final Thoughts On The Best Schools For Interior Design In California

Having seen this wonderful article, you can confirm that there are indeed a lot of top-class interior design Colleges in California.

Without a doubt, the United States is home to some of the best schools in the world.

Thus, it is only natural for students to make inquiries about schools in certain locations of the country.

Well known to everyone, California is one of the best study destinations in the United States.

Both within and outside the field of interior design, California houses some of the best schools in America. As an aspiring student in the field of interior design, you can make your selection from this list.

From our research, these are currently the best schools for interior design in California.

Ranging from teaching excellence to certificate recognition and student employment, these schools rank high.

Moreover, so many expert interior designers have been produced from these schools. So far, that would be as far as we can go on this article.

If you found this one useful or interesting, do remember to drop your comment below.