20 Best Study Apps for College Students In 2022

Want to find out the top 20 best study apps for college students?

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Without a doubt, there is so much involved in college studies ranging from projects to several research works, students are exposed to a wide range of new study patterns in college.

However, there is an increasing need for college study apps to assist the overall learning process of students.

Want to find some of the most useful study apps for college students as of 2021?

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20 Best Study Apps For College Students In 2022

Without taking too much time, let us take a look at the top best study apps for college students.

20. Mendeley

  • Platform: Android & iOS

Are you working on a project or some other study research?

Then Mendeley is one of the best study apps for you. As far as working on a project is concerned, a student is bound to be exposed to loads of documents and files.

Without a doubt, we find it hard to keep track of all these files most of the time.

Moreover, some of these files might even be unknowingly deleted.

However, the Mendeley app plays a great role here. As a central library app, Mendeley allows a student to assemble all files about a particular project in a single library.

Thus, one can easily navigate all files related to a particular project on the app, and also other references.

Available to both Android and iOS users.

This app can be used by almost any college student with a smartphone ranging from online to offline use, a student can easily sync all notes, files, PDFs, and more.

19. Merriam Webster Dictionary

  • Platform: Android & iOS

Undoubtedly, a student’s study app collection can never be complete without a dictionary.

Featured on this list is the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Available on both the Google Playstore and Apple app store, this app is available for all.

Moreover, it is completely accessible offline and a student doesn’t need an internet connection to view words, synonyms, etc.

18. Scanner Pro

  • Platform: Android & iOS

Just as the name implies, Scanner Pro allows a student to arrange and convert hard copy documents to high-quality scans.

Want to scan a document, but do not have access to a scanner?

Scanner Pro is the best app to solve this issue.

So far, this app has been of help to so many students ranging from converting files to scanning and more, there is so much to expect from this app.

However, one should not expect the same scan quality as a real scanner.

Moreover, scanning depends totally on the camera quality of a phone.

17. Duolingo

  • Platform: Android & iOS

Ranked as one of the best language study apps out there, Duolingo makes it to this list.

Whether you are a history or language student, or a student from any other field, this app comes in handy.

Moreover, knowledge in different international languages boosts the overall CV of a student.

Ranging from job opportunities to several other offers, students who are good speakers of international languages are often in high demand.

With a well-optimized learning style, one gets to learn a new language in a new and fun way.

16. Evernote

  • Platform: Android & iOS

Gone are the days when one had to keep different paper notes and pens for jotting down important stuff.

Today, one can easily write, arrange and keep notes right on their phones.

Talking of writing notes, one of the best note-taking apps out there is Evernote ranging from links to notes, audio and more, one can easily organize files on Evernote.

Moreover, the simple nature of the app makes it suitable for all College Students.

15. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

  • Platform: Android & iOS

As long as College life is involved, some of the most important things are studies, food, and sleep.

While social life is also a crucial part of college life, food and sleep contribute to the overall health of a student.

Thus, this app is very important for college students.

14. Photomath

  • Platform: Android/iOS

Truth be told, maths can be tricky at times and a college student could be stuck in a weird position in certain modules.

However, the photomath app is the savior in these situations. By simply taking a photo of a particular math problem.

This app completely solves and answers it ranging from the hardest to the easiest math problems, this app provides the best answers.

Thus, College Students use this to check and confirm their solving skills.

13. Brainly

  • Platform: Android & iOS

Have a tricky assignment you can’t handle?

Then perhaps you should be a member of the Brainly community.

With a member base of over 200 million experts and students, finding answers to your questions is quite easy on Brainly.

Moreover, the overall goal of this community is sharing and caring. By simply asking a question on the platform, one is guaranteed fast answers and feedback.

Moreover, there is no question that is too difficult or tricky for the Brainly community.

Ranging from college to University level, getting answers to your questions is quite easy on this platform.

12. Rescue Time

  • Platform: Android & iOS

Today, the internet is one of the biggest distractions to college students.

You can experience this from watching viral videos to chatting with friends, one can easily be carried away while on the internet.

Moreover, this has reduced the overall productivity of most students and the Rescue Time app comes to the rescue in situations like this.

With this app, college student can cut down their access to websites and content that may stand as distractions to them.

Ranging from providing social media usage stats to making conscious alert notifications and more, this tool regulates a student’s use of social media.

Moreover, this tool is well known for increasing the general productivity of students and it is featured on this list as one of the best study apps for college students.

11. Exam Countdown Lite

  • Platform: Android

As long as study apps are concerned, Exam Countdown Lite is one of the best apps on this list.

Want to keep up with all upcoming events and deadlines?

Then this app is for you.

Designed for college students, this app allows a student to arrange and track deadlines and important events ranging from classes to exams, meetings, and more, a student can keep track of anything with this app.

Displaying all items in a list format, one can hardly miss an important task with the help of this app.

Moreover, notifications can be added to tasks and a user receives an alert whenever a task or deadline gets closer.

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10. Coggle

  • Platform: Android/iOS

One of the best brainstorming and mind-map apps, Coggle makes it to our list.

Moreover, this is one of the most useful study apps for college students out there with the help of Coggle, students can create idea maps.

What makes it interesting is the ability to pair up with groups in real-time, making it a perfect atmosphere for assignment groups.

9. BetterHelp

  • Platform: Android & iOS

Without a doubt, health and fitness are some of the most important things in the life of a student.

Moreover, this app features some of the best health and wellness tips and advice.

Upon answering a few questions, a student is matched with a licensed professional who guides them through whatever they are going through.

With over 3,000 online therapists and counselors, students get the best quick advice possible in times of trouble.

Ranging from adolescent psychology to other areas of life, there is something for every College student on this app.

8. Circle Of 6

  • Platform: Android & iOS

Ranked as one of the best safety apps for college students, the Circle of 6 app makes it here.

Known to be one of the best safety apps out there, this app is meant for everyone.

Moreover, it allows a user to add six people from their contact list with these people added, you can:

  •  Send a group text asking these people to fetch you from a certain location which is indicated by your GPS location.
  • Notify these selected persons that you need to talk to them.
  • Ask these selected people to call you to gain interruption while in certain situations.

7. Accelastudy Vocabulary Builder

  • Platform: Cloud-Based

Did you know that an average College student knows about 40,000 words?

Well…That might look like a whole lot of words.

But there are close to 200,000 words in the English language and we can say most people know barely a quarter of the total English words.

In a unique way, this cloud-based study app allows a student to learn new words every day.

Ranging from wonderful quizzes to several flashcards, learning new words is quite fun with this tool.

6. GetPocket

  • Platform: Android/iOS

In sixth place on this list is the app called “Pocket”. With this app, one can easily save articles to read at a later time.

Both with photos, videos, and more, articles can be completely saved with this tool.

Specially designed for saving digital files, one can save almost anything with the help of this app.

5. Todoist

  • Platform: Android

Just as the name of the app implies, Todoist allows one to create well-optimized to-do lists.

With several useful features attached, one can also track overall progress with accomplished achievements with the app.

From meetings to study time and more, this app can be a quick reminder for college students.

Moreover, we tend to forget certain tasks times as humans and these apps like this do come in handy.

4. Oxford Dictionary

  • Platform: Android & iOS

Known to be one of the best English dictionaries out there, the Oxford Dictionary is well known across the globe.

Moreover, this is one of the oldest and finest academic achievements in history.

What makes this even better is the availability of this dictionary online today with the Oxford Dictionary app, a student can gain access to this golden study tool at any time.

Thus, checking up some words has become way easier than it used to be.

3. Acorns

  • Android & iOS

Truth be told, saving is one of the habits every College student should learn while in college.

Moreover, this allows a student to understand the principles of personal accountability and finance control

With the Acorns app, a student can experience a unique way of saving and earning even with as little as $5.

Ranked as one of the best saving and investment apps out there, this app exposes students to a lot in the finance and investment industry.

Thus, it is ranked as one of the best study apps for college students.

2. OneNote

Android, iOS, and Windows

Ranked as one of the best note-taking apps out there, OneNote makes it to our list of best study apps for students.

Want to jot down valuable ideas on the go?

Then OneNote is the app for you.

You can use it for class notes to small ideas and more, one can easily jot down and arrange almost any idea on OneNote.

Moreover, these notes can be shared easily, and even synced with other tools within the Office 365 ecosystem.

1. Grammarly

Topping our list of study apps for college students is the Grammarly app.

While your friends may care less about errors in your write-ups, your lecturers may not.

  • Platform: Android, iOS and Web

Moreover, there are certain situations when one needs the least error in a write-up. In situations like this, the Grammarly app comes into play.

With the help of this app, a student can write error-free messages or articles.

Moreover, this tool checks both for spelling errors, grammar, and more.

You can easily integrate it with your smartphone keyboard or install their chrome extension for your PC.

This is quite a perfect grammar app for students with a vast range of helpful tools, this app makes it the number one spot on this list.

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Final Thoughts On The Best Study Apps For Students

From this well-researched list, you can see that there are indeed several wonderful study apps for college students out there.

While a smartphone can serve as a distraction to most students, it could also turn out to be one of the best study assists.

With these apps mentioned here, a student’s phone could turn out to be one of the best study bundles.

Moreover, these apps all have something wonderful to offer. As a college student, using these apps mentioned here would go a long way in creating positive study experiences.

So far, that is all we can take on this topic, and we hope you found this really helpful.

In all, we do wish you a nice and happy day!

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