Wondering how you can summarise your text or someone else text in a short paragraph using the best text summarizing tools.

Then this article is for you.

But before we move forward, let see know the meaning of text summarizing and what are summarizing tools.

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What are summarizing tools

Well, basically they are AI-based tools (apps and programs) that compress long texts into short and straightforward ones for better and faster understanding.

The summarized text contains keywords and sentences that effectively pass across the message the original text was meant to convey.

A good summarizing tool should be able to do both effectively; shorten the text while still maintaining the vital information from the text.

The 10 Best Text Summarizing Tools in 2022

Here are the top 10 best text summarizing tools in 2022

  1. QuillBot
  2. Simplifly
  3. Split brain summary tool
  4. Text compressor
  5. Sizer
  6. SizeBot
  7. Smmry
  8. Tools4Noobs
  9. Sizing tool
  10. Scholarcy

I’m just adding the last one as a bonus for you 🙂

Each of the above-mentioned tools has its own unique feature that makes users prefer them.

Without further ado, let’s look into them.

10. Scholarcy

This is an online summary tool that breaks your text into smaller parts in seconds allowing the user to easily access and read their document.

It is most commonly used by students, researchers, and other professionals to quickly and easily understand the main information being passed in a document.

It also highlights important points in a text thereby reducing the workload on the user.

With this tool, you can extract tables and figures.

It has both free and paid plans; the paid plans offer first a free trial to the user to ensure the use of the tool is to the user’s tastes.

Sadly, the free plan can only be used for a limited period of time after which the user is required to pay for it.

The paid plan also has all the best features and abilities. Useful too is its chrome extension and good support system.

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9. Sizing Tool

This tool will transform three to four paragraphs into a great summary.

It is good for official work as the text is extremely precise.

It comes with a very useful feature; plagiarism checks, domain authorization checker, and paraphrasing tools.

It allows the import and export of files.

It also allows the user to select a summarization percentage.

Since this tool, unfortunately, has ads, it requires the use of adblockers to enable smooth usage.

8. Tools4Noobs

With this tool, you can copy and paste text, paragraphs, and documents directly as well as insert the blog URL.

You can customize the summary form, trim the summary based on the required keywords using the threshold function which ranges from 1% to 100% of the original text.

This tool has free widgets and scripts for your blog and/or website.

It has a wide range of settings, and the ability to change the number of clauses, characters, and words in the summary.

It is also ad-free and has a user-friendly interface.

7. Smmary

This tries to adapt the most important parts of the user’s paragraph to the meaning of the user’s subject using its core algorithm.

It is ad-free and has an easy user interface.

It also allows the import and export of files and URLs and can be used for online work.

However, It has multiple settings.

A maximum word summary of 3375 words which though larger than some of the other known text summarizing tools is still a hindrance in its use.

6. Size Bot

Many languages are supported by these best text summarizing tools which make them one of the best.

It supports a broad range of formats from audio to image files and text files.

This tool used technologies like machine learning, AI, and blockchain in its operations.

It has an amazing keyword extraction feature.

The size bot is ad-free and therefore simplistic and clutter-free.

It has a variety of features the user can choose from. The user can also save and download summary results.

If there’s a downside to this tool, I’m yet to find it.

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5. Sizer

Sizer tool is an online tool with a chrome extension that checks online content on your browser.

The user can check any lengthy text online with the help of this tool.

It helps the user save time while reading long articles online by highlighting the key points of the article.

It has a chrome extension for online articles which is also a disadvantage as it can only be used with the browser.

This tool is simple to use and is the best for getting online summaries which include blogs, news articles, PDFs.

Like many of the other mentioned tools, the sizer cannot import and export files.

4. Text Compactor

This tool helps struggling readers process a large amount of information.

The text compactor summarizing tool calculates the frequency of each word in the passage to be summarized and afterward, a score is provided to each sentence.

However, the sentence which has the most frequency count is considered the most informative or useful.

We also see the percentage slider featured in another best text summarizing tool which allows the user to summarize the percentage of content that is copied.

This tool is ad-free.

It has a summary percentage meter which is a very helpful feature.

Moreover, 500 word limit of text to be summarized is a major disadvantage, and also it’s the inability to import and export files.

3. Split Brain Summary Tool

It offers summaries in 39 different languages to cater to a larger audience and save time used in translations.

This tool also provides a keyword list of the lengthy article if you’re searching for the main keywords in it.

It has a summarization ratio feature that can be adjusted from 5% to 80%.

It offers an ad-free experience and boasts a user-friendly interface.

In addition to that, It is also free to use. On the downside, it doesn’t permit in-app import and export of files.

2. Simplifly

This tool simplifies lengthy articles and presents them to you by distributing them in short paragraphs even if it’s a news article.

This tool is ad-free and has no word limits on the text to be summarized.

It is free to use and available in Google chrome.

Unfortunately, it can only be used in Google Chrome and doesn’t support the import and export of files.

1. QuillBot

Quillbot is a web-based sizing tool.

With this tool, you can scan texts and convert the most important parts into informational forms.

It uses an AI-based algorithm and is efficient in making sure the summary resembles the original text.

The AI-based algorithms used Natural Language Processing(NLP) to catch necessary data and preserve the original context of the document.

With this tool, you are offered the option of the key sentence mode which scans your paragraphs and selects important sentences.

You can choose the number of sentences you want to shorten using its summary length slider feature.

The paragraph mode picks shortened texts and changes them into small paragraphs to make your work even more alluring.

Quillbot comes with the best AI technology.

It has both paid and free versions. The paid plans unfortunately offer a broader range of features and higher efficiency.

It has Google Chrome, Google docs, and Microsoft word extensions.

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Final Thought on The Best Text Summarizing Tools in 2022

There are lots and lots less popular best text summarizing tools.

But I’ve taken the privilege to recommend the ones I think are best suited to a general need and easier to use.

I hope this article has helped you in choosing your next best text summarizing tools.

Wish you productivity and efficiency in your future summaries and lengthy document reading.

I only hope you didn’t need a summarizing tool for this article 🙂

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