If you know about the best trade programs, finding the right career after you leave school will become easier. 

This is because completing trade programs can lead to jobs in great-paying in-demand fields.

This field can be the culinary arts, cosmetology, jewelry design, many medical-related jobs, and much more. 

However, your career choice will determine what kind of schooling is required. 

Some jobs will take you down the college degree path. 

But you will rewarding career can be within your reach by attending trade schools.

If you are willing to know the best trade programs you should enroll in, we have some recommendations for you.

In this guide, we have listed the top best trade program that is relevant and you might need for 2023. 

What are the Benefits of the Best Trade Programs? 

Trade programs provide you with job skills and training for in-demand.

Also, they are cutting-edge tech jobs that get you into the workforce, gaining experience and earning great pay. 

With this program, you bring many skills, experience, and knowledge that can translate into many of these high-demand careers.

With these programs, you will: 

  • Learn hands-on, and you get to do what you learn.
  • Get access to instructors who are experts in the areas they teach.
  • Get valuable training and a great job.

What to Consider when choosing Best Trade Programs

Attending a trade school is arguably the best route to get those skills and land high-paying jobs.

The employment landscape has changed from a four-year, university degree to just turn-key skills. 

When attending a trade program, you may want to consider other factors such as:

  • The popularity of the trade program careers
  • The currently available jobs and employment expectations for your chosen profession. 

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10 Best High Paying Trade Programs that Pay Well

Here are the best trade programs available at vocational schools that help graduates land top-paying jobs.

1. Paralegal Studies Program 

Legal codes are meant to protect the innocent and punish guilty people.

They also bring remedies for injustices. 

Having a program at law offices that handle large caseloads will help you under how paralegals help lawyers with legal research, court document preparation, and other administrative duties.

Meanwhile, you can learn the legal concepts for paralegal work in a job setting.

Most law offices only hire a paralegal who has completed at least a two-year, associate degree in paralegal studies. 

2. Air Traffic Control Programs

As air travel rises, the need for safe management of air traffic also grows. 

Moreover, Air traffic controllers are the aviation professionals who monitor planes. They also communicate with pilots about when to take off and land safely in a given region. 

With a trade program in this, you will how to analyze flight paths, and issue flight path changes.

Also, use radar equipment to direct aircraft movement. 

You will also coordinate all ground traffic for flight crew, maintenance, and baggage transport vehicles. 

However, you need active listening, concise speaking, and on-demand operational analysis skills are needed for this job and you can learn them from the program. 

3. Petroleum Technology Program

This is also one of the best trade programs as the demand for alternative energy is growing.

With this, fossil fuel-based systems still dominate the world’s industrial landscape and need more hands. 

The oil sector needs skilled people to help find and extract oil, gas, and mineral deposits to fuel the world’s cars, ships, and aircraft. 

A trading program in petroleum technology will get you started on this career path.

Meanwhile, you will be exposed to petroleum geology, geophysics, and petroleum and natural gas chemistry during the programs.

4. National Elevator Industry Educational Program 

You need an extensive set of technical and physical fitness skills to work as an elevator mechanic. 

However,  you won’t need a four-year degree. 

You can go into this career path through apprenticeship programs like the one that’s offered by the National Elevator Industry Educational Program (NEIP).

This program works with trade associations, labor unions, and employers to recruit and train mechanical tradespersons.

More so, it is one of the best trade program apprenticeships that last for five years and covers all that you need to know about installing, maintaining, and repairing elevators.

5. Plumbing Technology Programs

Plumbers are the tradespeople who make modern necessities possible for homes and businesses across the globe.

They install and repair the pipes that bring water and gas to buildings. 

If you want to work as a plumber, getting a two-year, associate program in plumbing is the first step to landing a job in this field.

Meanwhile, these Plumbing programs cover the installation and maintenance of plumbing lines and fixtures, water pumps, and sewer lines.

Also, you will take classes about heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. 

6. Dental Hygiene Programs

Dental hygienists do dental preventive maintenance. 

More so, they professionally remove plaque and tartar from teeth. They also educate patients about proper brushing and flossing methods. 

To take up a career in dental hygiene, you’ll need at least an associate degree in the field. 

You will be exposed to Human anatomy, microbiology, dental radiography, and oral pathology needed for your career. 

More so, it is one of the best trade programs that typically last for two-year teaching all the dental hygiene programs.

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7. Drafting and Design A.A.S Program

Another of the best trade programs is Drafting and designing. 

Drafting and design programs prepare you to make technical drawings of building structures, electrical systems, and plumbing.

Also, you will be exposed to mechanical components for residential and commercial properties.

Meanwhile, you will learn how to illustrate photovoltaic systems within your building diagrams. 

Some specific courses that you can expect to take during a drafting and design program are:

  • Engineering concepts and methods
  • Introduction to geographic information system
  • Engineering graphics
  • Computer-aided design.

8. Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program

You’ll need a two-year Associate of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography program to operate the imaging equipment for diagnostic medical tests. 

More so, this trade program includes basic coursework in math, human anatomy, physics, and medical terminology.

In this program, you will also take classes in communication and medical ethics to prepare you for interaction with patients in clinical settings. 

You will then graduate after learning how to get, view, and assess medical images. 

9. Home Inspection Certificate Program 

Another of the best trade program is the certificate in home inspection.

During this home inspection training program, you’ll take classes about residential construction interiors, exteriors, and structures. 

Also, you’ll learn how to assess the condition of residential electrical, plumbing, and heating and cooling systems according to industry regulations.

Meanwhile, this program gets you ready to do challenging home inspections via instruction about using drones to get aerial pictures of roofs for safer, more valid assessments. 

10. Aviation Maintenance Technology Program

This is a two-year program that prepares you to troubleshoot, repair, and do preventive maintenance on airplanes.

With this program, you can get employment as an aviation maintenance technician at airlines, and aircraft manufacturers.

Also, government agencies require formal education, credentials, and experience.

This program allows you to gain all that you’ll need to enter the aircraft maintenance career field. 

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Some employment these days do not require a four-year program, all they need is an associate program. 

To land your dream job, you may have to opt for any of the best trade programs in your field. 

This will expose you to all you need to learn to become professional in your fields. 

More so, you can get high-paying job opportunities from doing so. We wish you luck as you apply for the best trade programs to shoot up your career. 

Thanks for reading! 

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