13 Cheapest Masters Degree In USA (2022)

Are you looking for universities with the cheapest masters degree tuition in the USA?

The cheapest masters degree is a degree awarded to students by a college or university usually after one or two years of study with low tuition.

An individual can earn a master’s degree after he or she has completed their Bachelor’s degree.

Nowadays, young adults in the USA are eager to earn a master’s degree with their savings.

Before these students are accepted to pursue a master’s degree program, they have to show they are financially buoyant.

How is the Masters’ Tuition Fee Calculated In The USA? 

Since most graduate programs are research-intensive.

The master’s tuition fee is associated with the number of credit hours taken for that semester.

Furthermore, a course is equivalent to 3 credit hours.

So let’s say you want to undergo four courses in a semester, you have to pay a tuition fee equivalent to twelve credit hours in the first semester.

Usually, most regional public universities charge a relatively low tuition fee for students.

Why You Should Pursue Your Master’s Program In The USA?

Since the US is globally recognized for its quality education with distinct technologies, it serves as the best destination for international students.

You are assured of intensive research while pursuing your graduate programs in the USA.

This helps students assume the role of a research assistant or intern with a senior professor.

Furthermore, this helps students enjoy the professional experience in their various fields.

Also, pursuing your master’s degree program in the USA enables students to find a suitable job after study.

In the USA, employers tend to pay their employees a decent salary and they work in a stress-free environment.

However, students are exposed to diverse funding opportunities to enable them to complete their program with ease.

You are advised to apply to some of the master’s program scholarships earlier to boost your chances of getting them.

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Top 13 Universities with the Cheapest Masters Degree In The USA

To ease your search, we have carefully researched the top 13 cheapest masters degree in the USA.

Here are the top 13 universities with the cheapest masters degree tuition fee in the United State of America:

1. Fitchburg State University

Fitchburg state university is one of the public universities situated in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

It was founded in 1894 and has proven records in science studies/liberal arts.

Also, its master’s courses are built on a career-oriented study.

It is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

This university has special characteristics like its small class size, quality of professional education, and talented professors.

The master’s courses can be taken both online and offline.

It’s one of the cheapest master’s degrees with a tuition of $334.00 per credit hour.

You can pay tuition of $417.00 for an MBA online course and $372.00 for M.Ed. Its course duration lasts for 1.5 years.

Apply for admission here

2. Lehigh University

This university provides intensive research in fields involving internet search, web-based systems, database and information systems, graphics, multimedia with image processing, user interfaces, computer architecture, bioinformatics, robotics, intelligent systems, embedded systems, secure systems, networks, and mobile computing.

This private university was founded in 1865.

MSc. Computer Science is the best master’s course at Lehigh University.

Lehigh University is affiliated with NAICU and its tuition per credit is $1,280 for MS Accounting and Information Analysis.

Also, Health-related courses, Engineering, Science, and MS in Analytical Finance costs $1,500. MBA programs go for $870.

MSc. Management for 9 months program costs $49,530 (30 credits unit).

This is one of the cheapest masters degrees in the USA that takes two years to obtain its certificate.

MBA program takes one year for completion of the study.

Apply for admission here

3. New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas

NMHU was founded in 1898 and it’s one of the largest universities in New Mexico.

Masters degree students at NMHU are provided with recent and best art techniques to excel well in the labor market.

It has a small class size of 15:1, making it one of the best places to undergo a master’s program.

New Mexico Highlands University was accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

The tuition fee for locals goes for $870 while the international student goes for $1,004.

This is one of those cheapest masters degree programs that can be completed between 1.5 to 2 years.

Apply for admission here

4. University of Central Arkansas

The University of Central Arkansas is a public university that was founded in 1907.

It was first called Arkansas State Normal School. This university has about 33 master’s degree courses that could be taught online or full-time.

Masters students are taught extensively and are happy to assume leadership positions with advanced information in computer science.

And with knowledge of applications in inter & cross-disciplinary fields.

At UCA, master’s courses are accredited by Higher Learning Commission. Students are charged $354 per credit and $4,248 for 12 hours class.

It takes 1.5 years to graduate with a master’s degree from the University of Central Arkansas.

Apply for admission here

5. Mississippi Valley State University

Masters students at MVSU are trained to acquire knowledge by the combination of core and advanced programs.

Her master’s degree graduates tend to be successful in the labor market because they’ve undergone quality research.

Mississippi Valley State University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

At MVSU, students are requested to pay tuition of $9,114, and its master’s programs are completed within 2 years.

Apply for admission here

6. California State University, San Bernardino Campus

CSU, San Bernardino which is a public university offers one of the cheapest masters degrees in the USA.

It was established in the year 1965 and is among one of the 23 general campuses with the California State University System.

The most prestigious course at CSU is MSc. Computer Science.

Masters student in this department enjoys practical, problem-solving, and analytical skills through intense research and recent software development.

Its tuition fee from 0-6 credit units is $2,709.83 while above 6 credit units cost $4,215.83.

The duration of this program is 2 years.

Apply for admission here

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7. Loyola University, Chicago

This is a private university in Chicago, Illinois, and was established in 1870 by an organization, the Society of Jesus.

Its master’s degree program was created for recent and aspiring professionals who can develop, operate, implement and manage information systems.

Masters students tend to enjoy a great technical understanding of recent and emerging technologies in the establishment.

Loyola University, Chicago has about 15,902 students enrolled with 4,000 faculty & teaching staff.

Its tuition fee per credit hour is around $1,920 for Medical Sciences, $360 for English, and others courses cost $1,055.

Masters’ degree in this university is for 2 years.

Apply for admission here

8. Sonoma State University

The Master’s degree program at Sonoma State University is a multidisciplinary course that lies with a strong knowledge of Mathematics, Physics, Electrical, or Computer Science.

Its master’s program is accredited by the (WASC) Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the (CSBE) California State Board of Education.

The program partners fields like analysis, design, and synthesis of engineering problem solutions.

Non-residents pay tuition of $6,336 while campus residents pay $9,386. The duration of study is for 1 year.

Apply for admission here

9. San Diego State University

San Diego State University has a master in Business Administration (Information System) as one of the cheapest masters degrees in the USA.

It’s a public university that began as San Diego Normal School in the year 1897.

This makes it the third-oldest university in California.

The duration of its cheapest masters degree is for 1.5 years with a tuition of $9,570.

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10. University of Arkansas

The master’s degree program at the University of Arkansas is research-oriented. This public university was created in the year 1871.

Its rich master’s courses include areas like agriculture, architecture, creative writing, communication, law, and history.

The university received the award for the best MBA program on supply chain management in North America (award by Gartner in July 2020).

Consequently, the University of Arkansas is being accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Residents and non-residents students pay tuition of $10,336 and $28,042 respectively. The duration of its program is 2 years.

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11. Dakota State University

Dakota State University which is a public university in South Dakota was created in 1881.

However, the Dakota MSc in Health Informatics and Information Management boosts professional aid in healthcare with improving knowledge of IT.

DSU is accredited by the HLC (Higher Learning Commission).

They charge $370.00 per credit hour. It takes 2-2.5 years to graduate from their master’s programs.

Apply for admission here

12. California State University, Chico Campus

California State University, Chico Campus differs from its San Bernardino Campus as they boast of excellent MSc. In computer science.

Masters students in this program are equipped with improving knowledge in computing. And they enjoy several areas of application in its elective courses.

Since it’s among the cheapest masters degrees in the USA, it is ranked as a top public university in the West region.

This institution is approved by the Western Association of Schools/Colleges.

They charge tuition of $3,116.00 and $4,622.00 for 0-6 credit units and 6+ credits respectively.

You can complete a masters degree program from 1.5-2 years in this university.

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13. North Seattle Community College

They boast rich master’s courses in Programmable Logic Controls, Electrical, Mechanical, Project Management, and Structural Materials.

Its graduates can work as engineers, in building, testing, designing, operating, and maintaining systems in aerospace, construction, manufacturing, and consulting.

North Seattle Community College is accredited by Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

They charge $6,524 as tuition and the duration of its course is 2 years.

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Final Thought

These carefully selected universities with the cheapest masters degrees in USA can help you achieve your dreams of being a master’s degree holder.

Have in mind that these unpopular schools might be highly ranked like the popular colleges.

Also, if you know of additional universities that have the cheapest masters degree in the USA that is not listed above.

You can comment below.

You can find more college guides on the best colleges selections on this page and we hope you find what you want.

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