20 Best Free Final Grade Calculators in 2022

This article will help you on how to calculate your final grade using free final grade calculators.

Calculating your final grade manually can be demanding. Especially when you are preparing for your final exam.

Following the step-by-step formula is not what you will have the time for.

Nevertheless, knowing what you should aim for in your final exam is top-notch wisdom.

By the time you are done with your classes, quizzes, assignments, essays, and projects, you already have your desired final grade in mind.

And your final exam is your last opportunity to get this grade.

Final grade calculators help you calculate your current grade, your desired score, and your final exam worth.

With which the tools ascertain what you need to earn in your final exam.

You only input numbers and percentages and the calculators do the work for you.

In this article, we have made a list of the 20 best free final grade calculators in 2022 just for you.

It is a variety of fortunes you get to choose from. Get right in and know their properties.

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1. Rapid Tables

This is one of the most popular final grade calculators online.

The site has Grade Calculator and free Final Grade Calculators. It simplifies your calculations.

You can insert your scores in letters or percentages on the final grade calculator.

You will also find an example of how to calculate your final grade on the website. The example uses a formula and is easy to understand.

2. Roger Hub

12.5 million students have used this final grade calculator since 2009.

The website’s interface is modern and easy to navigate.

If you need to get fast service, use this tool. Input your current grade, what grade you want, and your final exam worth.

The calculator will instantly determine for you what you need to score in the final exam to reach your goal.

Just make sure you insert your data in percentages.

3. University of Ontario

This university website provides needful materials, insights, and formulas on exam preparation for students.

The final grade calculator is one of the tools on the site.

It has amazing features.

However, it allows you to add your adjusted grade in addition to your current grade.

You can also add more assignments, tests, or exam details.

As soon as you input your information, your results will be updated.

4. GPA Calculator

This final grade calculator site has essential tools for High School and college students.

Here, you will find High School calculators and College, GPA calculators.

You can also discover recommendations on how to semester grade and how to increase your GPA.

The final grade calculator computes all your assessments’ grades and weight.

It then determines your final grade.

You can also get examples of how to calculate your final grade manually on the site.

5. Good Calculators

Good Calculators contain an assortment of calculators for various uses.

There are calculators on taxes, salary, disability pensions, savings, metals weights, payments, and debt snowball. There are GPA and Final Grade calculators as well.

One of the great attributes of the final grade calculator on this site is that it can calculate your current grade.

If you don’t know your current grade, you just indicate. A table for calculating it will appear on the right side.

You are to enter the grades of your assignments, tests, projects, and whatever assessment that add up to your final grade.

You are to also type in their weight.

The calculator will immediately calculate your current grade and what you need to get in your final exam to reach your desired final grade.

Not only that, but it will also display the minimum and maximum overall grades of your course.

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6. Grade Calculator

This site provides Grade Calculator, GPA Calculator, and Final Grade Calculator.

To calculate your final grade, you are asked, “Do you know your Current Grade?”.

If you don’t, you press “no”. The calculator, like Good Calculators, also computes your current grade.

All you need to do is to enter the grades you received for your assignments, tests, homework, labs, etc. as well as the weight and percentage of each.

Your minimum and maximum course overall grades are also shown.

In addition, your results are displayed on both Grade Graph and Data Table.

7. Calculators.net

Calculators.net is a platform for quality free online calculators. The calculators are of four categories: health, math, financial, and fitness.

A final grade calculator is also on the platform.

You get to discover the total you need on your final exam to obtain your desired final grade.

You can add your assignments and tests grades in percentages, letters, or numbers.

8. Shmoop

Shmoop contains fascinating digital classroom tools and learning guides. It has more than 6 million monthly users.

To calculate your final grades on this site, just input your data.

These are your current grade, the grade you want, and the worth of your final exam. The final grade calculator is easy to navigate and gives your results automatically.

9. Omni Calculators

Omni Calculators gives you dozens of calculators for everyday real-life math problems.

There are two modes of finding your final grade on the platform.

It is either with your current grade or the aggregate of your previous exams. With the first mode, you just enter your current grade.

In the second mode (previous exams) you can add up to 9 different exams which will appear as you need them.

Each exam has its weight towards the final grade.

The calculator allows you to choose your desired grading system. You get to select percentages, letters, or a numerical grading system.

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10. Certiology

This is an online-based company that offers free utilities for IT certification exams.

The company provides an easy-to-use, time-saving final grade calculator.

Just know your current grade, desired grade, and final exam weight. Make sure you know them in percentages.

11. Calculator Soup

Calculator Soup is a platform for various free online calculators.

Here you can calculate loan, mortgage, time value of money, math, algebra, trigonometry, fractions, physics, statistics, time & date, and so on.

Your final grade is inclusive, all for free.

To calculate your final grade, just know your current grade, final exam worth, and target course grade.

The site also shows you sample equations to help you understand the calculations.

12. Giga Calculator

Giga Calculator contains 220 calculators, 121 converters, and 12 randomizers.

The goal of the creators is to provide you with the largest collection of online math tools.

With Giga Calculator, you are sure to get your final grade computed automatically with ease.

And if you don’t know your current grade to input, then you can use the grade calculator on the website.

13. Uloop

Uloop is a trade center for college students.

You can find job opportunities around your campus, off-campus accommodations, tutors around your area, overseas program opportunities, and lots more.

In the final calculator on the site, you need only enter your current grade, target grade, final exam value.

You get your result instantly. It is straightforward.

14. 10 Converters

10Converters.com provides online tools for students and teachers.

The final grade calculator on this web page is easy to use. You insert your desired grade, current grade, and the upcoming exam weight.

If you don’t know your current grade, there is a link to a grade calculator on the page you can follow.

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15. Online Calculators.Guru

This site brings you, reliable online calculators, to help you solve various concepts of math.

You determine your final grade in the final grade calculator on this site.

The calculator gives you step-by-step instructions on what data to input and where to put them.

You will also find a guide to manually calculate your final grade on the page.

16. The Edvocate

This platform was created to advocate the reorganization of America’s P-20 system.

It calls for the reform, equity, and innovation of the educational system.

There is a simple to navigate final grade calculator on the platform.

Here you can type in your grades in either letters or percentages. There is also a guiding tutorial on how to use the calculator on the page.

17. Grade Hub

GradeHubprovides essential tools for university and college students.

This site helps you track your grades, calculate your average, compare your grades with other students, and figure out your final grade.

You can also converse with other students through the messenger on the website.

GradeHub can help predict your degree classification as well. You can calculate your final grade on the platform with the final grade calculator.

Just input the necessary details required on the calculator. Such details as your current grade, desired grade, and final exam value. You obtain your result with no delay.

18. Calculatorology

This is a Conversion and Calculation Firm that offers conversion and calculation services online.

There are different kinds of calculators and tools for various daily conversions on the web platform.

These include electric, time, financial, math, and grade calculators among others.

However, the services provided by the grade calculator include GPA to letter conversion, College grade calculation, and final grade calculation.

Calculating your final grade on the site is just as easy as with the other websites.

Enter your current grade, required class grade, and your final exam worth.

Click on ‘Calculate’ and have your result in seconds.

In addition, the site allows you to erase all the data in your calculations when you are done.

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19. Grade Calc

This website gives you free grade calculation tools designed for different grading systems and scales.

These calculation tools include Weighted Grade / GPA Calculator, Cumulative GPA Calculator, Target / Desired GPA Calculator, Grade Converter, and Final Grade Calculator.

In the final grade calculator, you will find boxes where you are to insert your completed assignments marks and their weights.

Next, you are to enter the weight of your remaining assignments or exam.

After that, you input your desired final grade. You can provide a description for each assignment.

The site also allows you to add more courses, you can do that by pressing ‘Add Row’.

After you are done, you click the ‘Calculate’ button to get your required mark and the best possible grade.

20. Canada Wiz

On this site, you don’t fill boxes, but drag sliders.

First, you drag the first slider to your current weighted percentage.

Second, you drag the second slider to the weighted percentage of your final exam.

Lastly, you drag the last slider to your desired overall score for the course. Then click ‘Calculate’.

The website also provides you with a clear example of how to calculate your final grade manually.

Final Thought on the Best Free Grade Calculators 2021

free Final Grade Calculators

There you have it!

The best free final grade calculators in 2022.

Explore and use them and have all the time you need to focus on the right thing.

Read your handouts, revisit your notes, check textbooks, and study to the best of your ability.

Don’t forget to maintain your mental health throughout the exam period.

Always take a deep breath and release slowly, drink more water too.

You can do this!

We encourage you to share this blog post with your friends on social media and tell us about the grade calculator that is good for you.

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