15 Free Web Development Courses With Certification in 2022

Looking for the best free web development courses with certification then you are in the right place.

However, this list of comprehensive courses was compiled from top expert researchers in order to help you out while making your decision.

You will also discover the list of the best free web development and programming tutorials, courses, training, classes, and certifications.

These are free resources that can help you learn and improve at programming and web development. There are, however, some that are good for both beginners and experts.

Free Online Courses with Certificates may also be something you want to look into and we will be glad to inform you that you’re in the right place.

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15 Best Free Web Development Course and Certifications in 2022

Here are the 15 Best free web development courses and certifications in 2022

15. Web Development Courses (edX)

edX offers you learning material with curriculums created by the top universities and companies of the world.

Take a look at the difficulty level of the lectures and choose the ones that suit your experience level.

Some of the crowd favorites are HTML from W3C, computer science and mobile apps, essentials for software development, and front-end web development.

14. Free Mobile Web Specialist Certification (Google)

It comes with a detailed study guide.

In this case, if you want to learn more about mobile web development, this might be a good choice for you.

This Mobile Web Specialist Study Guide talks about a lot of different things, like website layout and styling, front-end networking, progressive web apps, performance optimization, and caching.

As soon as you finish studying the subject in-depth, you can move on to taking the certification exam for a Mobile Web Specialist!

13. Complete Free Web Development Course on YouTube

This free video course has been watched by more than 700,000 people from all over the world!

This school will teach you everything you need to know to become a good web developer.

Is this course for you whether you are a beginner or want to learn more advanced things?

Notepad, HTML and CSS, Bootstrap, Bootstrap3, and Bootstrap4 are all covered in the course. The show also talks about Node.js, PHP from Beginner to Advanced, and AngularJS.

12. MIT’s Free Course on Computer Science and Programming (OCW)

One does not need to think about it very much when the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is giving away a MOOC for free.

MIT’s Free Computer Science Programming class is for people who have never written a line of code before.

In school, you will learn how computation helps you solve problems.

To help students learn how to write small programs that are useful, they will use the Python language.

Prof. John Guttag is going to teach this class. 

There will be video lectures with subtitles or transcripts, assignments like problem sets with solutions, programming with examples, and you may have to buy some online textbooks.

You can look at the details of the course that was talked about above if you want.

Do not forget to look at some of the best free MIT courses that you can find online.

11. Web Development – A Practical Guide (YouTube)

In 2019, Traversy Media has come up with a great guide to help you learn how to make web pages.

He wants to teach you how to be a full-stack developer.

As a bonus, there is a video tutorial on YouTube that shows you how to use all of these tools and more.

As part of this course, you will also learn about frameworks such as Laravel, Django, and Ruby on Rails.

If you want to learn how to program for free, this is a very good series to look at first.

10. “Khan Academy” Free Web Development Courses

There are a lot of free courses about web development on Khan Academy’s website. 

You can start by taking small steps into the world of web development with the help of these courses. 

Here are some of the important free web development courses on Khan Academy

  • Intro to JS : Drawing and Animation
  • Intro to HTML/CSS: Making Webpages
  • Advanced JS: Natural Simulations
  • Intro to SQL: Querying and Managing Data
  • Advanced JS: Games and Visualization
  • HTML/JS: Making webpages interactive
  • HTML/JS: Making webpages interactive with jQuery

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9. “Udemy” – Front End Web Development Courses

If you are looking for free resources on front-end development, then Udemy is the place for you to go.

Research and study have gone into making sure that by the end of your class, you’ll be able to do well.

You will be able to make a website just the way you want it.

All the basics are covered in great detail, so you can start at the bottom and work your way up.

You might want to check out our list of the best free front-end development courses that you can take.

Here are the most important things;

  • Modern web apps can be made from scratch.
  • It’s time to learn a few coding tips and tricks to make your site look more professional.
  • Add responsive features to make it easier for people to use.
  • Code snippets are available so that you can keep track of your progress.
  • Lectures, downloads, articles, and full lifetime access.
  • To learn on your own, there is free access.

8. “Udemy” Getting Started as a Web Developer – Free Course

True to its name, this course will focus on the things you need to do before you start working on your project.

Getting to know your editor and command line is the first thing you should do.

The next modules show you how to use Git to keep track of projects and make sure there is a good backup for all the coding that needs to be done.

Important things are;

  • Simple examples and demonstrations that anyone can follow.
  • Make sure you know how things work in this area.
  • Enrollment is free of charge.
  • There were 15 lectures and 10 downloads. There was one practice exercise.

7. “LinkedIn Learning” Free Web Development Training

LinkedIn has a lot of tutorials and training that show you how to make sure your apps and websites are safe and how to connect them to databases.

All the information is broken down into three levels: beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

If you’re just starting out in this field, you might want to start with the basics.

If you already know how to do this, you can go right ahead and take practice-based classes to improve your skills.

Here are the most important things;

  • The first videos talk about how to use the resources to get the most out of the trip.
  • If needed, help is available to install things.
  • Projects are included for you to practice.
  • There are quizzes at regular intervals to make sure you know what you learned about.
  • For the first 30 days after you sign up, you can use the site for free.

6. “Codecademy” Become a Web Developer

If you want to be a web developer one day but don’t know how to code, Codecademy can help.

In this career path, you will first learn about front-end technologies. Then, you will move on to the back-end and learn about server-side libraries.

You can also build a web app and make an API using the Codecademy course.

The most important things are;

  • You will learn that Syntax, variables, conditions, and functions are all important.
  • Tsunami Coffee is a project where you can work on your CSS skills.
  • You will also be expose to the use of Yelp API to make a React app.

Find out how powerful Git and the command line are, and how you can use them together.

Before you sign up, try the lessons for free.

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5.  “FreeCodeCamp” Free Web Development Tutorials

This non-profit group has a lot of certifications and content that can help people learn how to code.

If you want to learn more about responsive web design, microservices, data structures, and algorithms.

There are tutorials for JavaScript and CSS, as well as tutorials for MySQL.

To help you prepare for interviews, there is also more information that can be useful.

Throughout the years, freeCodeCamp has helped many people from all over the world get the jobs they wanted.

The most important things are;

  • Make sure you do all the assignments and practical exercises to get the certificate.
  • Check out their YouTube channel, forums, and publications to get more information about what they have to say.
  • Build projects and add to your portfolio to show off what you can do.
  • There is no charge for any of the resources on the website.

You can check their website here to confirm it yourself.

4. “Digital Defynd” Free Web Development Certificate

If you want to turn what you learned into a certificate that can help you get a job, Digital Defynd is there for you, too.

A free Certificate will be sent to you by Digital Defynd after you finish an online course from any school or university.

It’s all you have to do to get the certificate is give us some basic information about yourself and show us proof that you took the course.

You will get your certificate in 2-5 business days.

The most important things are;

  • You won’t have to pay for the certificate or give out your credit card information to get it, so it will be free.
  • There is a certificate for anyone who completes any course on any learning platform.
  • If you want to get your certificate, you can send in a letter or show a screenshot that shows you have finished the course to get it.
  • The certificates are recognized by the industry.
  • If and when an employer asks, Digital Defynd will check the certificate.

As you finish more courses.

You will be able to get more certificates to show that you have done well in those courses.

3. “UdacityFree Web Development Courses

In the catalog of Udacity, you can find classes on every kind of technology that is important in today’s world.

If you’re only interested in working on websites, you can look into front-end, full-stack web developer, and HTML and CSS certifications.

When you want to look at more, you can filter by the type of job and level of skill you want to learn.

The most important things are;

  • Get a routine that fits your schedule.
  • A technical mentor will help you and keep you excited about your work.
  • Projects that are based on real-world problems.
  • Take your pick from free and paid lessons. There are both.
  • Attend career counseling sessions and have your resume checked.

Check out Free Udacity Courses before you forget.

2. “CourseraFree Web Development Courses

Coursera has put together a list of more than 500 courses with certifications that can help you learn about web development.

Use the filters on the website to find courses that are in a certain language, how difficult they are, and how many skills they teach.

Academic and industrial institutions have different types of classes, which include both practical and theoretical classes. 

Academic and industrial institutions have different types of classes, which include both practical and theoretical classes. 

There are many skills you’ll be able to use when you get your job done at the end of the journey. This is how it works:

You can also check out the best free courses on Coursera, which you can find on the website.

The most important things are;

  • Work on the guided projects with the help of an expert.
  • There are assignments and exercises that have been graded.
  • If you’re not comfortable with a programming language, choose one that you can work with.
  • You can get the study materials and videos for free.
  • To get your certification, you will need to pay a small fee for a verified certificate from Coursea.

You can sign up here

1. “UdemyFree Web Development Courses

There are free courses and videos on web development that you can look at on Udemy if you want to learn more.

Bite-sized lessons are also available here.

In addition to this, you will also get a small questionnaire on the platform that will help you find the right things.

In addition to these courses, there are a lot of good Udemy courses that can be found online.

There is a list of the best Udemy courses that we have put together for you.

The most important things are;

  • You don’t need to have any previous experience to start a beginner class.
  • Make a website from scratch.
  • You will get better at programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • It is possible to get both free and paid options here.

As a student, you will have full lifetime access to lectures, articles, and downloadable resources.

However, the duration of your free web development courses is totally up to you depending on the instructors’ videos and course material.

You can sign up here

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