In this article, you will discover the words to minutes calculators you can use for free

Speaking can be technical.

You have to know your topic, appear confident and smart, and present gracefully.

But most times with all your grandeur, you find yourself exceeding the time limit of your speech.

It may have cost you a lot in the past.

This is why we have compiled a list of free Words to Minutes Calculators to help you measure how long it takes to deliver your discourse, talk, or oration.

Not only measure your speech limit, but these calculators also help you approximate your reading time.

Are you ready;

The 20 Free Words to Minutes Calculators for 2022

Here are the top 20 free words to minutes calculators in the world for 2022

20. Peachy Essays

20 Free Words to Minutes Calculators for 2022

Peachy Essays provides essay writing services and tools.

The speech length calculator on the website helps you ascertain how long your presentation will last.

And whether you will need to trim your words or add some.

You simply insert your text and select your speed of speaking it reading.

The tool checks the number of words, your speaking speed, and approximates your speech time.

It is free, ad-free, and has an easy workflow.

Check it out for free:

19. Papers-Land

20 Free Words to Minutes Calculators for 2022

Papers-Land provides several writing services such as essays, articles, dissertations, amongst others.

The platform also offers tools and one of them is a words-to-minutes calculator.

The calculator translates your speech text to minutes.

You post your written words into the box provided on the website.

After that, you answer precisely your reading speed, word per minute.

The calculator will then define the necessary time it will take for you to voice your speech.

The tool can also determine the needed information that fits your presentation and your time limit.

It will suggest what you need to remove or add.


18. Word Repeater

20 Free Words to Minutes Calculators for 2022

This is a simple to use free online tool.

You can either repeat your words or calculate your speech time on this website.

However, you don’t need to create an account before you can utilize the tools but you also have unlimited time to access the site.

To get your speech duration, just enter the number of words in your piece on the words-to-minutes calculator.

The next step is to identify your reading or speaking rate.

The rate ranges from slow-100 wpm, average-130 wpm, to fast-160 wpm. As soon as you do that, you will get your estimated speech duration.


17. Prime Dissertations

20 Free Words to Minutes Calculators for 2022

You can order academic papers on this site.

You can also get editing, formatting, abstract generating, literature reviews, and more.

What more?

You get free writing utilities as well. Words-to-minutes calculators is one of these utilities.

In the speech length calculator, you post your word score or paste your article in the textbox.

You then get your result.

One amazing feature about this converter is that you can do a reverse calculation.

You input the time required of you to speak and it will give you an estimated word score.


16. Voice Realm

20 Free Words to Minutes Calculators for 2022

The Voice Realm is managed by a voice talent company.

They offer a wide range of voice-over services and tools.

You can also find different word counts and their estimated oration duration.

The word-to-time converter on the site is easy to navigate.

You simply paste your script or input the word count and choose speaking speed. Your speech time immediately appears.


15. Essay on Time

20 Free Words to Minutes Calculators for 2022

This platform is a go-to for essay services and writing tools.

You can get study papers, help with IT assignments, and homework.

You can also check your article for grammar errors, plagiarism, and so on. The site is easy and straightforward with no ads.

The speech calculator on this site enables you to calculate the number of minutes it will take you to verbally present your written work.

You type in your number of words or paste your text into the calculator.

After that, signify your speech rate. If you don’t know, you can play your text at different speeds to determine your speaking rate.

The approximated duration of your presentation is dependent on the number of words and the length of words on your script. It is also dependent on your speech pace.

The site is one of the free words to minutes calculators and is accessible at all times. 


14. Text Converter

20 Free Words to Minutes Calculators for 2022

This website contains various utilities for writers, SEO experts, and students.

These useful aids include Upper and Lower Case converters, E-mails Extractor, Hashtags, Text Randomizer, and many more.

In the words-to-minutes calculator, you paste your written piece.

Select your text type – speech or location –  and your reading rhythm then press ‘Calculate’.

The calculator gives you your estimated speech time promptly. It also counts your words and characters.

The converter is available in English and Portuguese.


13. 5Star Essays

FiveStarEssays like the other platforms above contains many tools to help writers and college students.

The word-to-time calculator on this platform is straightforward.

It is a free conversion tool that helps you sharpen your speech in a way that best fits your time limit.

You insert the number of words in your presentation or the time you have for the presentation.

Then choose your speech rate. The calculator gives you a speech rate that ranges from 100 to 200 words per minute.

You can also, paste your text in the box and play it to help you find out your speaking pace.

Based on your average speaking rate, the speech calculator optimizes phrases and the minutes for the best results.

12. Voices

free words to minutes calculators

Voices provide several voice-over services for actors.

The words-to-minutes calculator is one of the amazing offers on this platform.

Though most of the services are paid, the speech calculator is free.

To know your speech duration, insert the number of words on your script. Then set the slider on your speaking rate. You get your result immediately!

The tool is fast and the website has a good interface.


11. How to Write

free words to minutes calculators

How to Write is a platform that helps writers and students create content.

It has tools like a words-to-pages converter, thesis and bibliography generator, plagiarism checker, and so on.

The words-to-minutes calculator on the site offers an exceptional experience.

It helps you figure out how much time your speech should take and helps you know the words you need to remove to fit into your speech time.

You just enter your text word count and specify your speaking pace.

You can also insert your text and read-aloud if you don’t know your speaking speed.

The automated reader takes note of your punctuations and pauses. It is a tool you shouldn’t hesitate to try.


10. Word Finder

free words to minutes calculators

This words-to-time calculator is ads-free and captcha-free.

You also don’t need to create an account with the website to access its amazing features.

You only need to type in the number of words for your speech, select your speaking pace, and get your speech duration instantly.

Word Finder is a quick tool to utilize when preparing your presentation.


9. Educat Tools

free words to minutes calculators

This is also a platform that bears numerous handy tools like plagiarism checker, citation generator, GPA calculator, word counter, and many more.

The Educat Tools words-to-minutes calculator is another useful tool on the website.

It estimates the length of your presentation.

It gives you an idea of whether the length of your speech fits the estimated audience attention span.

You can choose either reading or speech mode on the calculator depending on your purpose.

Next, you select your oral speed. Then put the number of words in your text.

You can also paste your text and the converter will count the words and give you the estimated duration your speech will take.

You can get the automated reader to play your text at a specific speed as well.


8. Edge Studio

free words to minutes calculators

Words-to-minutes calculator is one of the free tools on this website.

Edge Studio also offers great voice-over resources for voice artists.

The speech time calculator tells you how long it will take to read your script. It provides you with a short questionnaire to fill.

You paste your script or indicate the script’s word count. Or specify the number of words per line, the number of lines per page, and how many pages your script has.

You also choose your speaking rate between 60 to 300 words per minute. Then you click on ‘Calculate’ and get your result.


7. Debatrix

free words to minutes calculators

Debatrix is a platform whose mission is to groom excellent communicators.

It offers coaching and consulting services, and training for effective speech presentations.

Words-to-minutes calculator is one of its measures for helping speakers.

The speech calculator is ad-free and super user-friendly.

To discover how long your speech is, you simply paste your written piece in the box on the site.

Your words would be counted and the estimated time would be provided.


6. Edubirdie

free words to minutes calculators

Edubirdie is another free online converting tool that helps you sharpen your speech.

It has other amazing offers as well.

You can hire writers and editors on the website as well as get some editing tools such as grammar and plagiarism checkers, and paraphrasing tools among others.

The speech calculating tool approximates the amount of time required to deliver your speech.

It also trims your speech to fit into your time limit by eliminating unnecessary words, phrases, and sentences.

You are to choose your average speaking rate as with the other websites.

Then type the number of words or paste your write-up in the textbox provided and click ‘Play Text’ to hear your piece at various speeds.

With Edubirdie you don’t need to polish your text, the speech time calculator recommends to you what to add or remove from your speech to make it effective.


5. Words to Time

free words to minutes calculators

This words-to-minutes converter calculates your talk time instantly.

To determine how long, it will take to say your speech, you just insert your word count or paste your text in the textbox.

The estimated number of minutes depends on your reading speed which you shouldn’t forget to choose.


4. Omni Calculators

free words to minutes calculators

Words-to-minutes calculator is just one of the many tools on this website that is offered for free.

The other invaluable tools include maths, statistics, financial, and health calculators among others.

Omni Calculators has an attractive interface.

It is also simple to use and helps you know how many words per minute you can speak and also read.

The calculator has simple and advanced modes. In the simple model, you can choose either low, average, or fast reading speed.

In the advanced mode, you can type your actual rate of speaking.

It allows you to input the word count of your speech which then gets calculated automatically.

You can also adjust the time units and share your results.


3. Copywritely

free words to minutes calculators

Words-to-minutes calculation is one of the numerous values this website offers.

It provides grammar, plagiarism, and readability checkers as well as a words-to-pages converter, among others, to help its users create appealing content.

Copywritely is free, has no ads, and is easy to navigate.

You can ascertain your speech or reading speed with few clicks.

First, select the number of words you usually read. Second, paste the content you want to calculate the speech or reading time.

It is important to choose your reading speed because it aids the tool to calculate your speaking time.

The speed ranges between 100 and 200 words per minute.

The calculator is available in several languages. It works with Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, and Russian.


2. Speech in Minutes

free words to minutes calculators

This is an online free tool for measuring the duration of your speech.

It is a website that helps you determine the time it takes to present your speech.

It allows you to insert your word count and select your reading or speech speed from either slow, average, or fast.

This is required for the duration of your speech to be calculated.

You don’t need to register on the website to enjoy these benefits. The calculator however provides only an indication.


1. Read-O-Meter

free words to minutes calculators

The best of all free words to minutes calculators is Read-o-Meter

It estimates your reading time, is easy to use the tool and provides you a box where you paste or type in your text which you want to be calculated.

Then you click on the ‘Estimate Reading Time’ button; your calculated word count and speaking speed would be indicated on the top of your article or write-up.

The calculation is based on standard reading speed.

Final Thought on The Free Words to Minutes Calculators for 2022.

With the above free words to minutes calculators, you don’t need to worry about your speech.

The tools will help you know exactly how much time you need for your speech or reading.

You will also know what to remove from your speech and what to add for effective delivery.

Just select the one suitable for you and your stage confidence is sure.

Let us know in the comment which of the free words to minutes calculators you have used before.

If you haven’t used any, Kindly inform us about the one that best suits your needs and why.

We hope this helps you and others. Cheer!

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