30 Highest Paying Per Hour Jobs In Canada

People ask if finding the highest paying per hour jobs in Canada is achievable.

Of course! But you need to understand the kind of job you are hunting for before going job hunting. 

As many jobs pay high hourly wages, you may need to complete your degree program or go for training to access these jobs. 

When choosing a career, most people want a job that pays as much to accommodate their needs and lifestyles.

Also, jobs that secure a future will save them a lot of troubles and unpleasant situations.

Nobody wants to struggle financially while working, so they want better-paid jobs. 

If you are looking for recommendations on your career choice, whether to go to a trade school or vocational school. 

This article will help you find the best, highest-paying per-hour jobs in Canada to make you decide your career choice. 

With some of these jobs, you can make over $25 an hour or more and can make your life great! 

So, in this article, you will learn about the 30 highest-paying per-hour jobs in Canada. 

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Top 30 Highest Paying Per Hour Jobs in Canada

We have obtained the wages information is obtained from the Government of Canada’s Job Bank data.

Here are the 30 highest-paying per-hour jobs in Canada. 

1. Sales Executive

Your primary job as a sales executive is promoting products and services to potential clients.

You also have to negotiate contracts with the primary goal of maximizing profits, identifying new business prospects, and helping build up a business. 

As such, it is crucial to understand the sales process and have good dialogue and communication abilities.

In addition, this is one of the highest paying per hour jobs in Canada, pays $51.28 per hour, and can be done remotely. 

2. Accountant

As organizations require the service of accountants, this makes this an in-demand and well-paying career path. 

As an accountant, you prepare financial audit documents and execute several financial activities connected to a company. 

Such as the accounting systems, financial records, tax documents, and investment portfolios of a company. 

You could opt for a quick certificate or diploma program to open the door to entry-level positions if you wish to pursue a career in accounting. 

Meanwhile, you can earn an average rate of $35.75 per hour working as an accountant.

3. Civil Engineer

Civil Engineering is one of the highest-paying per-hour jobs in Canada today.

When you set out to be a civil engineer, you could be responsible for designing and overseeing large construction projects. 

These projects might include roads and water systems to skyscrapers and bridges. 

However, as a civil engineer, you must consider every aspect of construction projects, including financial costs and public safety. 

In addition, you could make $41.20 per hour as a civil engineer in Canada. 

4. Marketing Manager

With your creative nature and keen business sense, considered valuable assets, you can consider working as a marketing manager.

Your job depends on the organization’s size and the expanse of the role.

However, you could be responsible for managing a company’s advertising, branding, and marketing campaigns, both print and online. 

Furthermore, you can make #43.27 on average as a marketing manager.

5. Pipefitter

Pipe fitting is one the highest paying per hour jobs in Canada.  

Pipefitters are responsible for fabricating, assembling, maintaining, and repairing pipe systems.

However, you can work with pipeline companies, chemical plants, gas plants, oil refineries, pulp mills, thermal/steam generating plants, and utility companies. 

Also, you have the opportunity to earn $40.43 per hour. 

6. Realtor 

Aside from being a realtor being one of the highest paying per hour jobs in Canada.

You would have the opportunity to see new houses, luxurious apartments, gorgeous patios, and beautiful mansions all the time.

Also, you meet new people and make acquaintances and friends along the way. 

You also get to know all the cool spots in town and stroll about nice and quiet neighbourhoods. 

However, working as a realtor is one of the highest paying per hour jobs in Canada as it offers $44.87 per hour

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7. Business Analyst

If you enjoy the different aspects of the business sector and desire a flexible, exciting career, you should consider working as a business analyst. 

Your job as a business analyst is to work with organizations on a contract or project basis. You also help a company reach a goal or conquer a problem.

As such, they spend many years acquiring experience and expertise in diverse settings.

However, you can earn $46.15 per hour as a business analyst. 

8. Scientific Research Manager

If you love science and development and wish to be a part of human research and progress, you should try this job. 

Your responsibilities as a scientific research manager include analyzing scientific results, collecting and analyzing data, managing experiments, and handling research tasks. 

In addition, you work primarily in laboratories or hospitals to keep accurate records of samples and information.

However, you can earn $56.41 per hour as a Scientific Research Manager. 

9. Software Engineer

Software Engineers design, develop, test, evaluate, and maintain computer software and systems. 

You must be proficient in computer engineering, math, and science. 

Also, you must be vast in handling everything from business applications to computer games. You could also choose to work on applications or systems. 

Meanwhile, you can earn $48.08 per hour as a software engineer. 

10. Corrections Officer

As a correctional officer, you will assume a role in a correctional facility and work with offenders to ensure order and security. 

You also take part in rehabilitation, which involves helping offenders make their change into society as law-abiding citizens. 

Although you do not need a formal education to enter the field, a police or corrections foundation program can help you during the application and training process.

Correctional officers earn $34.00 per hour in Canada. 

11. System Architect

As a system architect, you are responsible for operating, configuring, and designing computer and networking systems. 

You also advise on the frameworks, software, hardware, and different IT components to design functional systems.

In addition, you work as a technology and software expert. 

You also analyze technical solutions for businesses and create recommendations, with the primary objective to deliver defined IT project outcomes.

However, you can make $56.41 per hour.

12. Human Resources Manager

Human resources managers oversee employee recruitment, selection, training, development, compensation, and other functions related to employee relations. 

If you desire to be a human resources manager, you can earn a human resources diploma in one to two years to help open the door to entry-level positions. 

You can make $49.74 per hour working as one. 

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13. Media Coordinator

Media coordinators or public relations are held responsible for making a company come in a positive light to the public. 

You are also responsible for handling all aspects of external communication, from developing communications strategies.

Also, you assist with marketing campaigns drafting press releases and coaching public figures within the organization.

However, you can earn $30.45 as a public relations officer or media coordinator. 

14. Psychiatric Nurse

Psychiatric Nurses work in hospitals, community health centres, group homes, and schools. 

They help patients suffering from behavioural, mental, and psychiatric issues. 

However, you may have to complete your first two years working on psychiatric programs online.

So that you can keep other life commitments while earning your education. It is one of the highest-paying per-hour jobs in Canada, paying $40.00 per hour. 

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15. Network Security Specialist

As most businesses want to ensure that their networks are protected from hackers, the need for network security specialists increased. 

As a network security specialist, you test computer networks for defenselessness, monitor networks, set up security systems, and address threats and breaches.

You could earn $41.03 per hour working as one. 

16. Dental Hygienist

As a dental hygienist, you are responsible for conducting dental assessments, cleaning teeth, and taking X-rays.

You also supervise dental assistants and assist with other dental procedures under the direction of a dentist.

You earn $36.00 working as a dental hygienist. 

17. Site Superintendent

The site superintendent job is among Canada’s highest paying per hour jobs. It is a job outdoors, breathing fresh air and being under the blue sky. 

However, you face all kinds of weather and temperatures, which can be rewarding.

You earn $46.02 per hour working as a site superintendent. 

18. Purchasing Manager

Your primary responsibility doing this job is to purchase supplies and equipment for an entire organization. 

You spend a great deal of time finding suppliers, negotiating sales agreements, and reviewing the products’ quality. 

However, you can make $50.00 doing this job remotely in Canada.

19. Primary Care Paramedic (PCP)

As a PCP, you will mostly be seen in a medical emergency. 

You also are responsible for delivering critical pre-hospital care and helping patients to health facilities for medical services. 

Working as a PCP requires a great deal of confidence, strength, and a desire to do work that can save lives.

In addition, you could earn $34.34 per hour, saving lives. 

20. Electrician

Every construction project requires skilled electricians.

Electricians also conduct critical maintenance, repairs, and upgrades to electrical systems within existing homes and buildings. 

It is one of the highest-paying per-hour jobs in Canada that can pay you $30.00 per hour. 

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21. Police Officer

A police foundation’s diploma program can equip you for this stimulating career. 

You can also find programs that include basic firearms safety training and preparation for PREP (Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police) fitness testing.

You can earn $45.19 per hour working as a police officer. 

22. Pharmaceutical Quality Control Technologist

As a pharmaceutical quality control technologist, you are responsible for multiple drug testing and development tasks.

Your job includes conducting experiments, operating lab equipment, and analyzing data. However, you could make $25.96 per hour as a Pharmaceutical Quality Control Technologist. 

23. Construction Manager

The construction manager oversees all aspects of a building project from start to finish. 

You also take care of the day-to-day details to ensure construction projects are completed safely, on time, on budget, and up to standard.  However, you could boost your potential by taking a program like architectural design and building, construction management, or structural and building technology.

In addition, you can earn $40.87 per hour working as a construction manager. 

24. HVAC Technician

As Canada is known for its temperature extremes, HVAC technicians are needed for many residents and businesses. 

Your duties as an HVAC technician are installing, maintaining, and repairing heating and cooling units and industrial refrigeration systems. 

However, working in this field can earn you $31.66 per hour

25. Network Engineer

Most organizations depend on professional IT personnel to design and implement effective network systems. 

Network Engineers’ job has become more critical than ever in today’s technologically advanced world. 

Your job as a network engineer is to analyze and help businesses and their end-users create, configure, and implement the components required to keep their networks running efficiently and securely.

In addition, this job is among the highest paying per hour jobs in Canada, as you may earn $46.39 per hour in this field. 

26. Registered Nurse

Registered nurses organize patient care and educate patients and the public about various health conditions.

They also give advice and emotional support to patients and their family members.

However, you also must be licensed to work in this field. 

In addition, you earn $34.14 per hour working as a registered nurse. 

27. Fashion Designer

As a fashion designer, you create original clothing, accessories, and footwear. 

You also sketch designs, select fabrics and patterns, and give instructions on making the designs.

However, you can earn $35.18 per hour as a fashion designer. 

28. Genetic Counsellor

Genetic counsellors evaluate individual or family risk for inherited conditions like genetic disorders and congenital disabilities. 

They also provide information and support to other healthcare providers, individuals, and families concerned with the risk of inherited conditions.

However, being one of the highest-paying per-hour jobs in Canada, you can earn $35.85 per hour. 

29. Geographer

Geographers study the Earth, the land, features, and inhabitants. 

In addition to that, they examine phenomena such as political or cultural structures.

They also study the physical and human geographic characteristics of regions ranging in scale from local to global.

You can earn $36.02 per hour working as one. 

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30. Nuclear Medicine Technologist

As a Nuclear medicine technologist, you supervise equipment that creates images of areas of a patient’s body. 

You also prepare radioactive drugs and administer them to patients. 

However, the radioactive drugs cause abnormal areas of the body to seem different from normal areas. 

Furthermore, you can earn $36.06 as a Nuclear medicine technologist.


No matter where you are in Canada, several jobs in Canada pay per hour. 

However, some of the jobs pay high rates within hours than others. These jobs can help you live a great life and be financially capable. 

Here you have the list of some highest paying per hour jobs in Canada. 

Meanwhile, some of these jobs may require certificates or programs. Still, they are worth it. 

We hope this article is helpful.

Don’t forget to share! 

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