Each year, there are over 450,000 immigrants that got jobs in Canada as international students.

One of the reasons why international students find studying in Canada interesting is because of the liberty to work while studying.

This is because there are tons of jobs in Canada for international students that wouldn’t affect their studies.

Most students choose to work as they study to raise enough money to finance their education, while others do so to keep themselves busy after school.

No matter what your reason for studying while working in Canada.

There are always several jobs in Canada for international students to earn you some bucks and also build connections.

Before you take up a job as a student.

There are several precautions to be put in place and several things to be considered not to allow your work to affect your primary goal, which is studying. 

In this article, we will be looking at what you should consider before taking a job and the best 18 jobs for international students you can engage in. 

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Who is Eligible To Get Jobs In Canada For International Students? 

Even though working in Canada while you study is possible, there are demanding jobs that demand some eligibility criteria. 

Some of the criteria to get a job as an international student are: 

  • You must be enrolled full-time at any learning institution.
  • You must have a study permit.

Your study permit has a strong statement that you need to apply for a Social security number.

Any international student with those two criteria can work for any employer in Canada.

However, you cannot start a new job in Canada as an international student except start your study program.

List of Jobs In Canada For International Students 

Here is a list of 18 jobs in Canada for international students who want to work to raise funds and build connections. 

1. Tutor

A tutor is responsible for providing students with the needed assistance to help them learn.

A tutor’s duties include studying important lesson plans, answering students’ questions on a topic as well as assigning projects to students.

The average salary of a Tutor in Canada is $20 per hour and $39,000 annually. 

2. Cafeteria worker

The primary responsibility of a cafeteria worker is to prepare and serve meals, usually to a large group of people.

They also maintain and clean the kitchen equipment in the kitchen. 

It is one of the jobs in Canada for international students whose average salary is $14.25 per hour and $27,788 annually.

3. Office Assistant

An office assistant keeps the office organized, attends to clerical tasks, maintains files, welcomes visitors to the office, takes phone calls, and takes and delivers messages.

Their other duties include typing and taking notes during meetings.

An office assistant in Canada gets an average of $17.84 per hour and about $34 346 annually.

4. Barista

Working as a barista requires you to prepare and serve hot and cold drinks such as tea, artisans, coffee and beverages.

Also, you are in charge of cleaning the work areas, disinfecting utensils and equipment, taking orders, and many more. 

An average Barista earns $13.50 per hour and $ 26,325 annually in Canada. 

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5. Bartending

Bartending is one of the best jobs in Canada for international students to get. A bartender maintains the supplies for the bar and mixes classic cocktails. 

The average salary of a bartender is $14.16 per hour in Canada, and they make about $25,350 annually. 

6. Uber Driver

As Uber drivers, you are responsible for picking up passengers and taking them to their various destinations. 

The average salary of an Uber driver is $19.14 hourly and $37,320 annually.

7. Translator

This is one of the jobs in Canada for international students.

The job of a translator is to read materials and discover terminologies that are industry-specific or industry-related.

In the same vein, they convert audio texts in one language into another language etc. 

To work as a translator, you have to be fluent in at least two different languages in addition to your native language.

An average salary of a translator in Canada is $27.13 hourly and $52,894 annually.

8. Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

If you love animals, you can work as a pet sitter.

Your job description is to visit the homes of assigned clients to take dogs out for their daily exercises. 

You earn an average salary of $15 per hour and $29 250 yearly when working as a dog walker in Canada. 

9. Freelancer

Freelancers take contract works from companies and organisations. Their job includes writing, photography, computer programming, video editing and more. 

A freelancer earns an average of $27.69 hourly and $54,000 annually.

10. Social Media Manager

The social media manager does the job of managing the online presence of the brand or company.

They do this through their social media handles such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok.

The average salary of a social media manager is $19.16 per hour and $42,250 annually.

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11. Teacher’s Assistant

A teacher assistant is the one who provides support to a lead teacher who is in charge of a classroom.

He/she also creates lesson plans, documents the progress of students and oversees the lesson preparations.

A teacher assistant in Canada earns an average salary of $21.33 per hour and about $35,000 yearly.

12. Housekeeping

Housekeepers are employed in either private homes or places for commercial activities.

Their duties include sweeping, scrubbing, mopping, polishing floors, cleaning metal fixtures and fittings etc.

The average salary of a housekeeper in Canada is $14.47 hourly and $28,211 annually.

13. Library Assistant

This is one of the best jobs in Canada for international students.

It involves assisting with the management and organisation of the Library. The average salary of a library assistant is $13.74 hourly.

14. Waiter

Waiters work in restaurants, take orders from customers and attend to questions from customers about the menu items, food and prices.

A waiter earns $11.48 per hour and $22,377 per annum.

15. Nanny

The main job of a nanny includes providing personalised childcare for children.

A nanny also organise creative activities and educational games for children and prepares meals for kids 

The average salary of a Nanny is $13.50 per hour and $26,332 yearly in Canada.

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16. Research Assistant

Research assistants are academic students employed to assist in carrying out research by a faculty or school. In other words, they assist in making research about a particular field.

Their jobs include literature reviews, collecting and analysing data, and preparing materials for submission to foundations and agencies.

Similarly, they organise interview questions and summarise interviews.

They also provide ready access to experimental data for the researcher or the faculty and many more. 

A research assistant earns $22.74 per hour and $44,350 yearly.

17. Security Monitor

The security monitor ensures the safety and security of students, the building, the staff, and the floors. The guard directs students and staff during crises and intervenes during interpersonal conflicts. 

The average salary of a security monitor is $18.86 hourly and $36,767 annually.

18. Campus Tour Guide

The campus tour guide hosts groups of people, which includes: prospective students and their parents, alumni and elementary school students. 

The average salary of a campus tour guide in Canada is $10.36 hourly and $29 000 yearly.

Where To Find Jobs In Canada For International Students

These jobs are available in many places, such as:

  • On Websites
  • In your Vicinity 


You can get these jobs on websites like Indeed, Craigslist, Monster and many others. 

In your vicinity

Walk around your neighbourhood to see if there are available jobs for you.

Check out shops and restaurants in your area for any job opportunities.

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Jobs in Canada for International students require a study permit and enrollment in any learning institution in Canada.

Students with those two are eligible to access the tons of job opportunities for students

These works can be obtained via websites or shops, companies and businesses around you. 

We hope you find this article helpful.

Don’t forget to share. 

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