As Robots keep taking over jobs, the list of jobs that are replaced with artificial intelligence keeps increasing. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) alters how businesses carry out operations and communicate with customers. 

It is most likely that AI will take over several jobs in place of human resources. 

This is because robots are now employed to perform human tasks. 

The use of human-like computers is sporadically on the increase. As such, companies had begun automating most of the functions previously carried out by human resources. 

However, Artificial Intelligence can perform most of those tasks effectively, faster and better. 

This revolution has brought about changes in skills requirements in most jobs. 

Since AI is more intelligent, some jobs are now automated or replaced with AI and robots. 

Because of this, jobs that are replaced by artificial intelligence keep getting on the increase. 

However, several jobs still can’t be replaced with AI. 

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a list of jobs that are replaced with artificial intelligence, you can find them here. 

So, if you are looking to employ someone to handle your company task, you should go through this article to see the list of jobs you can substitute for AI and robots. 

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List Of Jobs That Are Replaced With Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Here is the list of jobs replaced with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots.

1. Writing

Artificial Intelligence is now employed to carry out writing tasks for companies, websites and blogs. 

Even though writers create initially written content and employ their imagination and creativity.

Artificial Intelligence tools like Jasper, Ryte, AI writer and more are now employed in writers’ jobs. 

However, humans have much to do with creative writing, such as title suggestions, editing, and reviews.

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2. Accounting

Accounting is one of the many jobs that are replaced with artificial intelligence. This is because organisations are now automating their accounting systems. 

This method has proven to be cheaper and more effective than humans. 

Also, as the finance and accounts systems don’t need to be monitored, it became easier to be automated. 

3. Proofreading and Editing

The invention of applications and software that can proofread has reduced the need for proofreaders. 

Moreover, blogs can now check for grammatical errors and detect plagiarism using AI. As such, the need for proofreaders and editors is low. 

However, humans need to review content’s accuracy, clarity, and originality. 

For this reason, every role in proofreading and editing can’t be handled by machines. 

4. Advertising Salespeople

Advertisement salesperson is also one of those jobs that are replaced by artificial intelligence. 

Companies no longer need the service of an advertisement agent; they have shifted from TV and print media advertising to digital marketing.

More so, digital marketing is less expensive and borderless. 

As such, organisations are employing animation studios to generate high-quality animated ads and videos to advertise their businesses.

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5. Receptionists

Receptionists are being replaced by automated phones and scheduling systems or the use of Chatbot software.

Modern technology companies employ this method which makes reception at jobs to be fading off with multinational corporations. 

6. Couriers/Delivery People

As robots and drones are faster and less expensive.

The delivery people’s jobs are part of those jobs that are replaced with artificial intelligence

In addition, they are doing the logistics and supply chain functions because they are seen as efficient. 

7. Customer Service Executives

Businesses are now using chatbots to respond to internal queries and customer interaction. 

This is because performing requires a lower social or emotional intelligence level.

As such, most companies are using artificial intelligence to respond to customer support questions.

8. Data Entry and Bookkeeping Clerk

There is software in the market offering bookkeeping and data entry services. 

For this reason, organisations are automating the services by introducing them in the product cycle. 

Moreover, AI services are less expensive than a person’s salary or wage. Tools like Microsoft Office, FreshBooks, and QuickBooks replace these jobs.

8. Market Research Analysts

Organisations are now using automated means to carry out market research. 

They can do without market research to develop products and marketing campaigns. For this reason, they have employed AI to do those jobs at less expensive fees. 

However, AI can now conduct market research and surveys and generate comprehensive reports. 

9. Retail Salespeople

Retails Salespeople are part of those jobs that are replaced by artificial intelligence

Most customers are buying and shopping from online stores.

This is because E-commerce has taken over.

So, online shopping stores have improved shopping experiences. 

Therefore, customers no longer need to purchase items in physical stores because it can be done with their smartphones.

10. Security Guards

The evolution of facial recognition systems and high-tech robotic guards has made security guards less needed. 

This advancement has introduced enormous changes in the field of security. 

Also, security guards need computerised devices to be effective.

Thus the need to do away with this role and replace it with artificial intelligence.

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Final Thought on The Jobs that are replaced with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence has come to stay and this will continue to transform the way things are done and operated.

For this reason, most jobs will become obsolete. 

Robots and AI are increasingly becoming more sophisticated, faster, less costly, and more efficient than humans. 

As such, jobs that are replaced by artificial intelligence keep increasing and this will make workers learn new skills for surviving. 

Besides, some jobs can’t still be replaced with artificial intelligence. 

If you want to protect your job, you can enrol in future-proof jobs like graphics designers and doctors. 

Enhance your interpersonal skills and take professional development courses. 

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