13 Most Dangerous College Campuses for 2022

Want to know the most dangerous college campuses in 2022?

Then you are on the right page. We all know that there are so many crimes being perpetrated on a daily basis today.

Thus, schooling in certain campuses is often associated with danger.

Moreover, some campuses today are high crime zones.

Undoubtedly, the amount of crimes committed keeps climbing up the scale across the world.

Thus, there are more dangerous college campuses as the world progresses.

In this article today, we will take a critical look at some of the most dangerous college campuses in 2022.

By merely taking a look at the crime rates on these campuses, one might freak out.

Moreover, parents hardly recommend some of these schools to students.

We all know that an environment plays a major role in the development of an individual.

Thus, one who lives in a place of crime might easily get involved in the system if not properly controlled.

Moreover, innocent college students could also fall as victims in most cases.

As a student checking to avoid these dangerous college campuses, you can check this list out immediately.

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The 13 Most Dangerous College Campuses for 2022

Without wasting time, let us take a look at the most dangerous college campuses in 2022.

13. New Mexico State University (Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA)

One can hardly talk of dangerous college campuses without mentioning New Mexico University.

Often called NMSU, this University is mostly known for a high rate of property crimes.

Despite all the efforts of the police in this college town, NMSU still surges high in these crime rates.

Ranging from burglary to violent, sexual crimes and property crimes, NMSU is ranked as a dangerous college campus.

Currently ranked as one of the most dangerous college campuses in America, NMSU makes it to this list.

12. University of Bradford (Bradford, UK)

Ranked as one of the most dangerous college campuses in the UK, the University of Bradford also makes it here.

As a matter of fact, this school records the highest reports of incidents related to crime.

With a high level of violent and sexual crimes, one can call this an unsafe zone.

Moreover, burglary also takes place from time to time.

However, the college management does a great job in the reduction of these crimes.

11. University of California (Berkeley, California)

Burglary, vehicle theft, larceny-theft, you name it.

As long as crimes are concerned, this University ranks high across the world.

With a high rate of both property and violent crimes, this University can be said to be a real crime zone.

However, they have a special crime team that responds to crime alerts.

While they have set up a lot of initiatives to reduce these crimes, the University of California, Berkeley remains one of the danger zones.

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10. Solent University (Southampton, UK)

Another college campus with a record for high crime rates is Solent University.

Just between May 2018 to April 2019, close to 100 people reported crimes per 1000 residents.

These crimes span across violence, burglary, sexual crimes, and more.

While robbery and burglary were on the lower side, other violent crimes scored higher on the list.

9. University of Maine (Orono, Maine)

Also featured on this list is the University of Maine.

Located in Orono, this University has been on similar lists for a long time now.

Ranked as one of the most dangerous college campuses in the world, this school also experiences so many crimes.

Despite having so many crime reduction Programs set in place, reports of both violent and property crimes never end here.

Judging from stats, there is little improvement in terms of crime reduction.

However, this school still remains one of the most dangerous colleges in the world.

8. Courtauld Institute of Arts (London, UK)

Situated in London, the Courtauld Institute of Arts is also well known for crimes.

Undoubtedly, one would take a world city like London to be a place where a lot of crimes happen.

However, there are several safe Universities in this city.

With close to 100 people recording crimes per 1000 residents, Courtauld Institute of Arts is a dangerous college.

Ranging from violence to property and other forms of crimes, this University makes it to this list.

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7. Coastal Carolina University (Conway, South Carolina, USA)

Located in South Carolina, Coastal Carolina University also makes it here.

Despite having a well-trained crime intervention team, the property crime rate in this school is almost second to none.

Moreover, they continue to record other crimes including burglary, robbery, sexual offenses, and more.

However, these crimes have been regulated to an extent so far.

As of today, the only crime which has not been reduced on this college campus is property crime.

6. University of Central Missouri (Warrensburg, Missouri)

Despite taking several safety measures and employing the Campus Eye safety app, crimes still occur at a high rate in this University.

Often abbreviated to UCM, the University of Central Missouri is a top-class University.

However, the crime rate is indeed a downside to this school.

Although robbery and burglary are significantly low here, other Violent and property crimes are reported often.

5. University of California (Santa Barbara, California)

Whenever it comes to the topic of dangerous college campuses in the world, this University always makes it to the list.

With a diverse population of over 20,000 students, this school has been a global attraction through the years.

However, they have a record for high crime rates.

Known for one of the highest violent crime rates, this school makes it here on this list.

Moreover, other incidents of robbery, burglary, and vehicle theft are also recorded.

However, these are rarely recorded.

So far, there have been some improvements in the crime prevention sector of this college town.

Thus, a significant reduction in crime is expected from this school in the future.

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4. University of Central Lancashire (Lancashire, UK)

Located in the United Kingdom, the University of Central Lancashire also makes it here.

Out of 1000 residents, about 79.5 people reported a crime incident to the police on this college campus.

A large percentage went to violent crimes and sexual offenses.

However, minor incidents of robbery and burglary were also reported.

Despite being a promising school with a moderate teaching standard, UCL is ranked as a dangerous college campus.

3. University of Alabama (Birmingham, Alabama, USA)

Located in Birmingham, the University of Alabama ranks very high in terms of crime rating.

Scoring high in both property and violent crimes, this University also appears on this list.

When it comes to crime prevention on this campus, they have one of the smartest technologies.

However, there is still a high rate of crime reports on this college campus.

Despite being associated with crimes, the educational standard in this University complements it.

2. University of California (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Popularly known as UCLA, this is one of the best universities in the United States.

However, records show that the crime rate in this college campus is quite high.

Thus, this school makes it here on this list.

With a student base of over 42,000 students, one can say this is indeed a large Institution.

Through the years, the management of this school has been working with the police force to combat these crimes.

However, the current crime rating of this school still brings it to this list.

1. Marquette University (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

With a diverse student base of over 11,000 students, Marquette University is also a student attraction across the world.

However, the college campus of this school is also known for crimes.

From reports, the overall crime rate in this school is one of the highest as of 2022.

Due to this, most people do not recommend this school to their loved ones.

However, it is often not as bad as the records seem.

While this is ranked as the most dangerous school, there are so many students schooling there safely.

As a matter of fact, some individuals never encounter these crimes.

However, the reported incidents show that the crime rate in this college campus is on the high side.

Recording the highest in property crimes, one can expect these crimes at any moment on this campus.

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Final Thoughts On The Most Dangerous College Campuses 2022

Most Dangerous College Campuses

As we all know, most universities do not publish their crime reports. Thus, one can hardly say these are the most dangerous college campuses as of 2022.

Moreover, there could be way more dangerous campuses out there in the world.

However, in the absence of their crime reports, these universities are not featured on this list. So far, we can see that there are so many dangerous college campuses in the world today.

As an aspiring student, it is most important to find out the crime rates of these schools.

Moreover, this will enable you to make good decisions while choosing a University. While these universities are known for high crime rates, so many students study safely in most of them.

However, the unlucky ones fall victim to some of these crimes once in a while. As a student, working with the safety rules of a school is the most important thing.

Moreover, most of these schools have dedicated safety teams. Thus, getting helplines and working with the safety teams of these schools could be an advantage.

In all, we do wish you safety in all your day-to-day activities.

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