Best Online Universities With Scholarships In 2022

Ever wondered about the best online universities with scholarships in 2022?

Well…That’s exactly what we are going to talk about in this article. Today, there is a trend of online universities across the world.

Moreover, everyone is stunned by this wonderful form of studying. Thus, we all want to experience it in one way or the other.

Now, one thing that makes online study even more fun is the availability of scholarships and there are numerous scholarships even in the offline study sector.

However, these online scholarships tend to be more rampant these days.

Ranging from certificate courses to even Masters, there are numerous online scholarships today.

In this article, we will take a look at these universities offering these scholarships, and the bodies organizing them.

Online (Distance Learning) Scholarships

As we all know, an online scholarship allows a student to get the best education in any part of the world right from home.

Moreover, this is the cheapest and most flexible form of scholarship out there today. As we speak, there are several providers of online scholarships.

Moreover, the online sector is gaining more acceptance. Thus, more interest is shown in the industry as time goes.

Here are some major providers of online (distance learning) scholarships across the globe today.

1. Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

Fully focused on developing countries, the Commonwealth body is one of the major providers of online scholarships today.

In collaboration with a few schools which will be mentioned on the main list, this body provides numerous scholarships.

Moreover, these scholarships span across different levels.

Ranging from Undergraduate to Master’s, any student can enroll for the distance learning scholarships by Commonwealth.

However, these scholarships are only offered by selected UK accredited universities with online schools.

2. EdX Online Scholarship Portal

Today, EdX is one of the major providers of free online learning across the globe.

By creating a conducive platform, numerous interested universities provide free courses for students via this platform.

Moreover, this platform is one of the best for online study today. Ranging from universities to companies, the opportunities on this platform are endless.

In collaboration with these universities, most EdX courses are free.

However, there are certain paid courses on the platform.

3. Rotary Foundation Distance Learning Scholarships

Rotary Foundation is another provider of online scholarships for students across the globe worth a total of over $30,000, this is one of the most beneficial Scholarship opportunities.

In collaboration with a few partner schools, this Foundation provides online scholarships for students with proof of insufficient funds.

However, there are specified courses that a student must study while on the Rotary Foundation Scholarship.

4. Edinburgh Global Online Scholarship

Providing over 10 different kinds of scholarships per year, the Edinburgh Global Distance Learning Scholarship body is well known for online scholarships.

In collaboration with the University of Edinburgh, these scholarships span across the Undergraduate to Master’s level.

Upon meeting the requirements, a student can gain a place in any of these scholarships.

Moreover, there are several distance learning courses available in this University today.

Top 10 Best Online Universities With Scholarships In 2022

Let us go through a quick list of the top 20 best online universities with scholarships in 2022.

10. University College London, UK

Known to be one of the best universities in the UK, UCL has a functional online school with available scholarships.

In partnership with numerous scholarship bodies, this school offers a wide range of online scholarships for students.

Ranging from Bachelors to Masters, anyone can enroll for a scholarship in this school.

9. Stockholm University, Sweden

Stockholm University makes it to the ninth spot on this list with a wide range of online scholarships available for students, this school is one of the best places.

Moreover, most online courses in this school are well recognized. Thus, students who enroll in these courses are guaranteed employment.

8. European University Cyprus

Despite not being as popular as most schools here, the European University Cyprus features in eighth place.

In collaboration with a few scholarship bodies, the online school of EUC offers a wide range of scholarships.

Ranging from certificate to Master’s level, there are numerous scholarships available in this school.

Thus, this school is ranked across the world as one of the best online schools with scholarships.

7. EU Business School, Spain

Well known for providing top-notch courses in the Business field, the EU Business School makes it to seventh place.

With a very functional online department, this school offers so many online courses to students.

Moreover, what makes it even more interesting is the availability of several scholarships.

In partnership with some of the scholarship bodies mentioned in this article, this school provides some of the best scholarships out there.

6. Blackburn College, Illinois, USA

One can hardly speak of online colleges in the world without mentioning Blackburn College.

Moreover, this school ranks as one of the overall best with a handful of scholarships available for students, there are a lot of online courses to choose from.

However, scholarships are limited in this college. Thus, only selected courses and eligible students are qualified.

5. Central Christian College of the Bible, Missouri, USA

Well known for their tuition-free offer, merely studying in this school is almost like a scholarship.

Said to be one of the best online Bible colleges, this school offers a lot of courses.

However, these courses are all in the fields of Biblical Studies. Thus, students in other fields can not study in this college.

4. Wageningen University, Netherlands

Located in the Netherlands, Wageningen University is undoubtedly one of the best schools with an online department.

Despite having a functional on-campus structure, most of their scholarships are offered online.

In partnership with most of these major scholarship providers, this school has been of help to so many students across the globe.

Thus, it is ranked as the fourth-best online university with scholarships.

3. Alice Lloyd College, Kentucky, USA

Truth be told, Alice Lloyd College is not a new name in the online study world.

Well known for offering tuition-free courses to eligible students, this school has been of help to thousands of students.

However, most students are yet to tap into this opportunity while it may seem difficult, enrolling and gaining a place in Alice Lloyd College is easy.

Moreover, there are several scholarships available for most students.

2. Warren Wilson College, North Carolina, USA

However, they have one of the best online study facilities in the world with barely 700 students, Warren Wilson College is quite a small College.

Thus, this school offers a wide range of online scholarships for students with a wide range of partnerships and Scholarship deals, students never run out of offers in this school.

1. Barclay College, Kansas, USA

Topping our list is Barclay College.

Founded in 1917, this school is one of the best free Christian colleges out there.

With a couple of undergraduate and graduate programs, students get to choose from a wide range of courses.

However, this is a Christian College and most courses offered are in the Biblical field. Aside from this, Barclay College offers a complete tuition-free experience.

Thus, merely enrolling in this online University is like a scholarship on its own. Moreover, the numerous partnerships provide students with diverse offers.

Final Thoughts On The Best Online Universities With Scholarships

With the help of this article, you can confirm that there are indeed several scholarship opportunities in the online study sector.

Featured in this list are some of the best online universities with scholarships. Undoubtedly, several scholarship bodies are beginning to pick interest in the online sector.

There are more and more online scholarships provided today while these are not all, we decided to provide just 20 of them in this article.

Moreover, these are currently the best online universities from our research, and scholarships provided in these schools are always well trusted and guaranteed.

So far, that is all we can take on the top online universities with scholarships.

If you found this article useful or interesting, remember to drop a comment below.

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