Top 10 Part-Time Work for Students in Canada for 2022

As international students in Canada, it is well known that you will be relying on part-time work; which will help you upset your bills

International students can take a part-time work offer in Canada depending on their course of study and institution. 

This is possible when international students obtain requirements to work known as “Student Work Permit”. 

However, you can work for 20 hours weekly out of 40 learning hours in a week. 

Which is okay 🙂

As an international student planning to get part-time work for students in Canada, you need government approval. 

You also need to apply for the student’s work permit after obtaining your admission acceptance letter.  

However, International students who have completed six months of studies have the opportunity to work off-campus. 

More so, some part-time jobs may only require you to work some evenings and weekends. 

Meanwhile, some others jobs offer more flexibility and allow you to create your schedule entirely. 

If you want to explore part-time work for students in Canada, keep reading.

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Top 10 Part-Time Works For Students in Canada

Here are the 10 highest paying part-time work for students in Canada.

1. Server or Bartender 

One of the most common part-time works for students in Canada is Bartender. This may be due to the job flexibility it offers. 

However, you spend more nights and weekends working as a server. The time you get to work depends on the location of the business. 

Meanwhile, aside from the wages, you are paid, you also get tipped by the customers. 

Also, you can earn $11.00 per hour as a bartender working in Canada. 

2. Freelancer 

Your work as a freelancer depends on your type of your skill.

Nevertheless, You can work as a freelance writer, graphics designer, web designer etc. You can also work in an industry or company as a freelancer

However, you can do this work from home or visit sites like Upwork, Fiverr or freelancer to register as a freelancer.

In addition, you can make $25.60 per hour working as a freelancer in Canada. 

3. Teachers Assistant 

During the terms, most schools and professors hire teacher assistants to support them in various tasks. 

You don’t have to leave your campus for this work as well. 

Your duties include tutoring and helping students, creating lesson plans, and updating paperwork and student grades. 

However, to work as a teacher assistant, you must have completed a year of university or college.

In addition, you must have excellent organisation skills and experience in a specific course.

Teachers’ assistants in Canada earn $15.65 per hour.

4. Translator 

If you are familiar with two languages asides from your native language, you can work as a translator. 

Your duties include translating audio, videos or documents from one language to another. 

However, you must be able to speak, read, and write a language fluently. You must also have skills that may facilitate effective writing and communication between individuals.

In addition, you can work in an organisation, or you may choose to work independently.

Nevertheless, A translator in Canada earns start from $21.16 per hour. 

5. Uber or Lyft Driver 

One of the highest paying part-time works for students in Canada is Lyft driving. It involves a rideshare company connecting drivers to riders through a smartphone app. 

If you have a car, smartphone and driving license, this is the best option for you. 

However, you need at least 21 years to work as an Uber driver and this worker is famous in the early hours of mornings, evenings, and weekends.

In addition, how much you earn depends on how frequently you work and you can make between $14.00 to $25.58 hourly as a Uber driver in Canada. 

6. Salesperson 

If you are good at convincing people to make a purchase, you will do so as a salesperson. 

This job does not only provide you with flexibility and income. It also provides you with several transferrable skills. 

However, your payment depends on where you work. Which can be commissioned based or paid per hour.  

To summarise, you can make $12.42 to $50.00 or more like a salesperson in Canada. 

7. Tutor 

Do you enjoy teaching, or are you interested in a specific subject? If yes, try working as a part-time tutor in schools around. 

You can tutor students in elementary school or university/college level. You can also do this independently or join a tutoring program

Meanwhile, working as a tutor will help you develop yourself and practice your skill. 

However, the pay is dependent on the nature of the subject. 

An average salary for a tutor in Canada is between $15.00 to $20.00 per hour.

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8. Barista 

One of the most common part-time works for students in Canada is working as Barista in coffee shops. 

Most coffee shops hire students due to their flexible schedules. 

Although it is one of the lower-paying jobs in Canada, it still has its bonuses. 

However, If you choose to work at a company such as Starbucks, you may receive impressive perks that may make working worthwhile.

Nevertheless, you can still make an average of $11.41 per hour. 

9. Nanny 

You can work as a part-time nanny if you enjoy spending time with children and have experience caring for them. 

Most parents seek assistance with their children due to their busy schedules or other reasons. 

Your duties include picking them up from school, preparing their meals, putting them to sleep, or entertaining them.

However, your working hours are flexible, and you have time to work on your homework when the children are resting. 

Meanwhile, your payment depends on your responsibility. Notwithstanding, you can still make $14.67 per hour as a Nanny in Canada

10. Dog Walker 

If you love pets, you can work as a dog walker. 

However, being a dog walker require more flexibility than other jobs, as some work on-call. 

Nevertheless, you don’t have to commit so much time to it.  

This work may also require you to walk a dog anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes, regardless of the weather. 

However, your ability to charge more depends on your responsibilities and how many dogs you walk.

If working as a dog walker sounds cool, visit Rover to register as a dog walker. Meanwhile, you can make $14.16 hourly as a dog walker in Canada. 

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In summary, there are several part-time works for students in Canada, but the top 10 of those have been listed in this article. 

However, when choosing part-time work, select the one with more flexibility and still give you time for your study. 

Don’t stress yourself too much and remember work-life balance or life-work balance

Your education is still a priority at the moment, So, dedicate enough time to your studies. 

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