Want to find out 15 of the best short courses for International Students 2022?

Then you are reading the perfect article online.

Undoubtedly, learning is something that never ends.

Thus, even those who have acquired loads of degrees still have lots of things to learn.

While a lot of people may think a University education is the only way to begin a particular career, there are other ways too.

Moreover, most prominent individuals in numerous industries can attest to this.

Other than the formal system of learning or starting a career, there are many other ways.

One of them is through short courses.

Just as the name implies, short courses offer in-depth training to a student in a particular field

However, this is done within a time frame usually shorter than that of the formal Undergraduate/postgraduate courses.

Want to start a career in a particular field?

You can take your first step by enrolling in a short course.

Through this, a student can get hold of the overall concept of a particular field of study.

In this article today, we will take a look at the 15 best short courses for International Students.

Can’t wait to see them?

Well. I do not intend to waste your time either.

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15 Best Short Courses For International Students in 2022

Without wasting any more time, let us take a look at some of the best short courses for International students in 2022

15. Event Management

Today, there is a high demand for event managers.

Moreover, one can hardly keep track of all the events that go on in even a single town.

With so much high demand, this course has been gaining popularity over the years.

Moreover, the course is highly marketable and widely available.

Thus, it is ranked as one of the top 15 best short courses for international students.

14. Beauty and Make-up

Believe it or not, this modern world is obsessed with beauty and Make-up.

Ranging from the stars dazzling on TV to the average girl walking down the street, everyone wants to look good.

Thus, there is a very high demand for Make-up experts.

As an international student, you can do well by opting for this short course.

Moreover, it is one of the most marketable on this list.

13. Hospitality & Tourism

Also featured on this list are Hospitality and Tourism.

So far, this is one of the best courses to study as an international student.

Moreover, there are numerous reputable institutions across the world that offer this course.

While there are degree programs for similar courses, this is quite different.

Looking forward to working in the hospitality and tourism industry? Then you should give this short course a try.

12. Content Marketing

Today, we see so many content creators making millions of dollars by merely doing what they love to do.

That should tell you the power of content marketing.

We all know that we live in a completely digital world today.

Moreover, everything we do is totally online now.

Content Marketing is one of the best courses for International Students out there. Moreover, experts in this field are currently in high demand.

Even as we speak, so many reputable institutions of education offer this course.

Typically, it takes about six months or less to complete a course in Content Marketing.

11. Book-Keeping

Another short course that is featured on this list is Book-Keeping.

Undoubtedly, this is also one of the top short courses for International Students.

Today, so many firms are in need of cashiers and experts to fill in related vacancies.

Just as the other courses mentioned here, Book-Keeping experts are also in high demand.

If you aspire to start a career in the field, you can pick up a course at any Institution of study.

Moreover, this course can also be completed in less than a year of training.

10. Software Engineering

Truth be told, some IT experts you see today actually started with these short courses.

Today, there are several top-notch software engineering courses for students out there.

Whether you are a student or worker looking to start a career in the field, there is something for you.

As we speak, Software Engineers receive a whole lot of pay.

Moreover, they are also in high demand in different industries.

With such a promising nature, enrolling in this short course could be a life-changing move.

From research observations, this short course also makes it to this list of best short courses for International Students.

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9. English-Language

As one of the most used languages of communication, fluency in English is indeed an advantage to an individual.

A short course in the English language could qualify one for a job position probably as a translator, or even as a secretary.

Today, there are several top-quality short courses on the English Language out there.

Moreover, most of these courses take less than a year to complete.

So far, this is one of the 15 best short courses for International Students.

8. Programming

Now, while most students study programming as a module in Computer Science, it can also be taken as a short course.

Moreover, some smart people even learn to program on their own.

As a short course, programming is one of the best bets out there.

Talking of demand, the high demand for programmers never runs out.

Moreover, the pay is quite good.

Today, a typical programming course takes about 6 months to complete.

Upon completion, a student is then issued a certificate to be a certified programmer.

7. Multimedia Technology

Within a short duration of about 6 months, one can become a well-trained multimedia specialist.

Moreover, most institutions of study offer short Programs in this course.

Ranging from video editing to sound engineering, animation, and more, there is so much to learn from this course.

Moreover, this is a vast field of study with several branches.

Undoubtedly, the media rules the world today.

Thus, folks with technical knowledge in this field are often in high demand.

Ranging from the movie industry to the general IT industry, Multimedia specialists can work almost anywhere.

6. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing actually needs little introduction in this modern era.

Ranked as one of the best short courses for international students, digital marketing also makes it here on this list.

Ever purchased a product or service online due to how convincing those write-ups seemed?

Then you’ve experienced the expertise of Digital Marketers.

Typically, a Digital Marketer is a person who uses diverse digital mediums to reach customers and build awareness about a certain service or product.

Ranging from advert skills to professional writing and search engine optimization, these folks are well trained.

Now, by merely talking about this, one would think you need a degree to achieve this level of expertise.

However, the reverse is the case.

As a matter of fact, most digital marketers gained their skills through short training courses.

A certificate program in Digital Marketing takes barely 3 months to finish, and it can be done both offline and online.

5. Customer Excellence

Just as the name implies, people who study customer excellence are well trained in the customer service field.

We all know that customer service representatives assist customers with their inquiries and complaints about a certain product or service.

These trained experts allow customers to understand products or services by politely answering questions in a technical manner.

This might seem simple but trust me, it is not.

Even as we speak, companies are increasingly in need of experts in this field.

4. Paralegal Studies

Also featured on this list is Paralegal Studies.

This is currently one of the best short courses an international student can enroll in.

By mentioning the name of this course, one can easily associate it with law.

Well. If you’ve already done so, then you aren’t wrong at all.

Paralegal studies are quite related to law.

However, this just gives you a basic knowledge of the system.

Moreover, students of this course are trained on crafting legal documents, motions, memos, and more.

In addition, they also gain enough skills to work in any legal team.

Ranging from writing to interviewing, investigation, and more, these folks get a whole lot of training.

However, they mostly work as assistants to lawyers.

Other than that, students of this course can work almost anywhere.

Ranging from Law firms to government offices, there is easily space for one with a certificate in Paralegal Studies.

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3. Video Editing

Ranging from the movie industry to TV stations and more, video editors are always in high demand.

Without a doubt, there are numerous video editing packages out there today.

Moreover, most of us already have a basic idea of most video editing concepts.

However, getting certified in the field can be an advantage.

Today, all higher institutions offer courses related to video editing.

However, most of them also offer short programs on this course.

In the certificate training level, a video editing course typically takes about 6 months to round up.

Upon completion, a student is then issued a certificate.

Just by hitting the search query ‘Short Courses on Video Editing’, one would be surprised at how many courses are available.

Moreover, most of these courses can also be taken online.

2. Project Management

Undoubtedly, we all know what project management is.

Associated with the process of heading a team to achieve project goals within given limits, this course is quite technical.

Moreover, experts in this field are also hotcakes across the world.

Responsible for the organization and planning of projects, these guys have a professional touch that boosts productivity.

Moreover, statistics show that this is one of the best short courses to take as of 2022.

In terms of both marketability and demand, this course scores significantly high.

As an aspiring student, there are several offline and online methods to study project management.

Moreover, one can become a project manager within just three to six months of proper training.

1. Environmental Studies

Dealing with the study of humans and how they interact with the environment, Environmental Studies also make it here on this list.

This field is a perfect blend of Humanities, physical sciences, and Social Sciences.

Tasked with identifying environmental hazards, these folks help to craft out solutions to problems and pollutants affecting the environment.

While most people are not aware, there is a short course for Environmental Studies.

In most institutions, it takes about six months to one year to complete a training program in this course.

Ranked as one of the best short courses in the world, Environmental Studies also makes it here.

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Final Thoughts On Short Courses For International Students in 2022

So far, you can confirm that there are indeed so many short courses for International Students.

Aside from these courses, there are many more not mentioned here.

However, these are the top 15 short courses for International Students in which you can start learning.

Some are free while some are paid depending on the short courses provider.

As an international student, you can pick a course of your choice from this list, and do more research to find a perfect Institution for the course.

So far, that is all we can take on this article.

If you found this one interesting, remember to drop a comment and share it with your friends on social media.

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