You can mimic and generate any voice with the best AI Voice Generator which seems like magic.

Voice generator technology has been around for a while and has undergone several impressive changes since its initial years. 

To generate voice, you no longer require large volumes of voice samples or professional equipment to function correctly.

This is because AI voice generators have real-life personal and business benefits. 

As such, they are widely used today in branding, voice work in animated films, voice assistants, audiobooks, and more. 

If you are looking for recommendations about the best AI voice generators, you have them here in this article.

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The 15 Best AI Voice Generator that Looks like a Magic

Here are the 15 best AI voice generators you can try out immediately. 

1. WellSaid – Best AI Voice Generator for Pro

Overall Best AI Voice Generators

Wellsaid is an AI-powered voice generator that can turn any digital content into a voiceover.

It turns text into high-quality voices that can be added to apps and products with the help of a powerful API.

Teams can also make their own voiceovers by choosing from a number of voice avatars that are powered by AI.

The goal of these voice avatars is to make digital content and experiences more interesting. 

Wellsaid will do the rest after you type in your script.

However, WelllSaid AI Voice Studio starts at $49 per month for the Maker tier, which includes 4 voice avatar options and 250 clip downloads.

In the Creative and Professional tiers, you can use more than 35 voice avatars and download 750 and 2,500 clips each month, respectively.

You can ask for wellsaid prices for Custom Voice Avatars and API access.

2. Speechelo – Best AI Voice Generator for Beginners

Best AI Voice Generators for beginners

Speechelo is one of the best AI voice generators for creating human-sounding voiceovers. It also gives you total customization freedom as it can convert any text into a human-sounding voiceover. 

In addition, It has a male as well as female voices text-to-speech engine that can add tones to the voice. 

However, it can work with all video creation software and supports English and more languages. 

Furthermore, with speechelo, you can choose the tone for reading the text. It is available for $47 with no monthly payment and offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

3. Murf.AI – Best AI Voice Generator with Studio Quality

Best AI Voice Generators studio quality

 Murf.AI is the best AI Voice generator for natural-sounding studio quality. 

It is a universal text-to-speech voice generator that grants your studio-quality voiceovers for various professional applications. 

The tool also has a huge voice library of over 115 unique voices in nearly 15 different languages. 

However, it is smart enough to generate your voice in the right tone as it picks up on every punctuation and exclamation mark you feed it.

Furthermore, It integrates a grammar assistant that allows you to produce proofread scripts that strengthen your voice-over work. 

Also, it allows you to upload your video, audio, and images for seamless synchronization with your generated voice. More so, it offers an impressive collaboration feature with its enterprise plan.

You can use this tool for $13/month for the Basic plan, $26/month for the Pro plan, and $83/month for the Enterprise plan.

However, you can use the free version. 

4. Descript Overdub – Best AI Voice Generator with Real Human Sound

Best AI Voice Generators with real human voice

Type any words that your audio or video tracks are missing, without trudging back into the recording studio.

Overdub is the part of Descript that makes it seem like magic.

You can copy and paste a text file into the editor, choose an Overdub stock voice, and then you have a dialogue right away.

To take it a step further, here’s another way in which Overdub is unusually new.

You can make a pre-recorded voice that sounds like you by using your own voice and the way you talk.

This can be used in a lot of great ways. For instance:

If I want to change a word or sentence in something I recorded yesterday but don’t have time to re-record it, I can just change the words.

When I type in new words, my Overdub voice will make it sound like I’m saying them.

I can use Descript to copy and paste old blog posts or other things I’ve written. Then I can choose the voice that I’ve already recorded to make audio files.

Descript makes it clear that users can only use their own voice for an Overdub voice.

You need to give information about your voice, so you have to read a few pages of text.

This can take anywhere from ten to ninety minutes, but ten to thirty is what they recommend.

I tried the Descript Overdub ai voice generator myself and the overdub that came out sounded so much like my own voice.

It was scary and made me run out of the room screaming 🙂

5. NaturalReader – Best AI Voice Generator for Online Readers

Best AI Voice Generators for online readers

NaturalReader is the best AI voice generator for students.

It can be downloaded by any student who has trouble reading, has a cognitive disability, or would just like to have text read out loud.

Once the tool has been downloaded, it can be used anywhere by selecting text and copying and pasting it.

NaturalReader can read text from many digital sources out loud.

Users can access Natural Reader in different apps through a floating toolbar to hear text read out loud in a voice that sounds natural.

The free version is easy to use and can be used to read any text in a document, email, or web browser.

In the paid versions, students can make a sound file of a text and add the tool to the toolbar of another program.

Other features that can be bought are a spell checker, the ability to control a conversation, and an OCR (Optical Character Reader) function.

NaturalReader Cloud is also available as a monthly subscription for a fee (including coverage for multiple devices).

The tool doesn’t come with instructions.

But they are available on the developer’s website, which also has a series of YouTube tutorials.


The 15 Best AI Voice Generator Characters That Are Unbelievable

With Synthesys, you can generate any text into excellent natural-sounding speech. They can be used for a variety of commercial and personal purposes. 

In addition, it can be used to generate friendly voiceover greetings. 

However, you can create AI speeches in various tones, accents, and languages. It also contains over 35 female and 30 male voices.

Furthermore, there is no limit to how much you can use it as it is available 24/7 to generate an unlimited number of texts.

Meanwhile, you can access; Audio Synthesys for $29 per month, Human Studio Synthesys for $39 per month, and Audio and Human Studio Synthesys for $59 per month.


The 15 Best AI Voice Generator Characters That Are Unbelievable is the best AI voice generator that works on many fronts. 

It can also generate text for advertisements.

Also, it can create a customized voice that can be employed as your voice assistant for Alexa, Google, and more. 

With, you can create voices using API, record up to 50 samples rapidly on the web platform, pick from many voice actors or upload the raw audio without a script.

However, you can access it at the entry-level plan of $30/month.


The 15 Best AI Voice Generator Characters That Are Unbelievable is an easy-to-use platform that allows casual users and developers to generate speech from the text and craft human-sounding voice-overs. 

More so, it contains over 180 voice styles in over 33 languages and often updates itself with new voices every day. 

In addition, it generates customized voices in 15 minutes using straightforward steps to convert text to speech on this platform. 

However, users can access its API to create natural-sounding voices that can be fine-tuned to exude human emotions.

Though a free version is available, you can access the personal plan for $17.99 and Freelancer for $49.99.

9. ReadSpeaker – Best AI Voice Generator API

Best AI Voice Generators API

ReadSpeaker is an API that runs in the cloud and turns text into high-quality audio that sounds natural.

Developers can add the ReadSpeaker API to their websites and apps to make it possible for people who can’t see to hear text-to-speech readings of web pages (TTS)

To know their ReadSpeaker pricing, you need to contact the company for more information.

However, they don’t provide a free trial plan for the public.

10. Speechify

The 15 Best AI Voice Generator Characters That Are Unbelievable

Speechify is a well-known ai voice generator that helps people read faster and get more done.

The main reason why this software was made was to help people with ADHD, dyslexia, and other problems. 

It also helps you work faster and get more done.

In contrast to other AI voice generators, most people use either the Chrome extension or the iPhone/Android app of speechify.

Speechify lets you try it out for free for 3 days.

On the website, they haven’t said anything about the price. Its price is always different in each country.

In most countries, though, it costs $139 per year. With this plan, the voices that sound like people speak 1,511,000 words.

Voices that sound like robots give you as many words as you want.

11. Voicera – The Best AI Voice Generator for Bloggers

Best AI Voice Generators for bloggers

Voicera is one of the best AI voice generators that embed voice into the content. Those who want to make their written articles and blogs appear more dynamic to readers. 

As such, it uses an intelligent AI to create realistic voices that can be embedded into your content. 

The tool automatically detects content and crafts a natural-sounding voice. 

More so, it supports over 10 languages, and more languages are being integrated regularly. However, it offers varieties of accents that are entirely free to use.

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The 15 Best AI Voice Generator Characters That Are Unbelievable is a web-based voice generator that enables high-quality text-to-speech generation. This is the best AI voice generator that is easy to operate because of its simple UI. 

Furthermore, it comes with a text box on its home page where you can type your text, selects the language, gender, voice style, and set conversion speed. 

More so, it offers 570 unique AI voices and supports over 60 languages that can be employed for commercial and personal purposes. 

However, it comes with both free and premium versions. 

The free version has restrictions on the voice styles you can choose from. 

Meanwhile, you can access the Personal plan for $19 monthly, Professional plan for $39 monthly, Growth plan for $99 monthly, and Business plan for$199 monthly.

Summarily, you can download your generated speech in MP3 and WAV format.


The 15 Best AI Voice Generator Characters That Are Unbelievable

Spik (now known as Streams Speak) is the best AI voice generator known for its natural-sounding text-to-speech generating capabilities. 

It also offers a simple UI to help inexperienced users quickly generate a voice through the speech they feed the text box. 

More so, it creates realistic-sounding voice effects because of its proper utilization of machine learning technology. 

However, it is an entirely free app. Non-registered users can generate files from the text not exceeding 300 characters.

In addition, you have to sign up for the site’s service to up to 1000 characters. 

14. Sonantic

The 15 Best AI Voice Generator Characters That Are Unbelievable

The Sonantic is one of the best AI voice generators that are highly impressive and popular in entertainment circles 

This is because of its ability to create life-like expressive AI voices. 

More so, you can effortlessly tweak the tone of your generated speech between various human emotions like anger, sadness, and happiness. 

In addition, you can increase or decrease the emphasis of the emotions by switching between three distinct levels.

This tool can quickly transform the entered text into voice. 

Also, you can control the pitch and pacing of voice-over work as it provides complete control to users over various voice performance parameters.

However, you can access these features when subscribing to its custom pricing plan. 

15. Replica

The 15 Best AI Voice Generator Characters That Are Unbelievable

The Replica is best for animators and game developers seeking AI Voice actors. It features an immense gallery of AI voices recorded by professional voice actors in the industry. 

However, there is a wide variety of demo voices you can try for free before subscribing to its premium service.

Replica can convert given text into a natural-sounding voice on demand based on the voice style you selected. 

In addition, you can pinch the pitch and volume and fine-tune the voice to sound angry, sad, happy, or surprised once you have added the script. 

More so, the generated voice can be downloaded as an MP3, WAC, OGG, or FLAC at 22 kHz. 

Furthermore, this tool allows 30 minutes of free voice credit, allowing you enough room to experiment with all its voice styles.

However, you can try 30 minutes of voice generator for free, 4 hours of voice credit for $24, 100 hours of credit for $300, and a Custom enterprise plan. 

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Final Thought on the Best AI Voice Generator Online

These AI voice generator tools listed here are the best if you want to create natural sound-like voices. 

This is because voice generator technology has undergone several impressive changes.

As such, you no longer need large volumes of voice samples or professional equipment to generate voices. 

These best AI voice generator tools have real-life personal and business benefits and they are widely used in branding, voice work in animated films, voice assistants, audiobooks, and more. 

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