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As we all know, there is more to education than just studies.

Moreover, colleges are places where students are built for both academic, social, and recreational lives.

As typical of most colleges out there, sports is an important section of the college experience.

Moreover, a student needs to be fit.

Now, while there are several other sports teams, we will focus on baseball in this article.

Undoubtedly, baseball is a popular American sport.

Thus, this is popular amongst college students.

In this article today, we will look at the best college baseball team in the US, and what you should know about this team.

Best College Baseball Team In The United States

So far, there are several baseball teams in the United States.

However, we have promised to discuss the best of them all today. To date, the best college baseball team in the US is ‘Texas Longhorns‘.

A familiar name. Right?

Well, Texas Longhorns is not a new name in the College baseball world.

Ranked as the best college baseball team in the US, Texas Longhorns has grown viral all over the world.

As the baseball team representing the University of Texas, the Longhorns have won several trophies for the school.

Founded way back in 1894, this college baseball team has been active ever since.

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Texas Longhorns

As already said, the Texas Longhorns represent the University of Texas.

They represent this University in Austin, at the NCCA Division I Intercollege men’s baseball league.

Currently competing in the Big 12 Conference, Texas Longhorns are indeed champions in America.

When it comes to winning percentage, Texas has the highest in the NCAA Division I.

Moreover, they rank as the second college baseball team in all-time winning in the US.

Established way back in 1894, Texas Longhorns have bagged countless trophies over the years.

Moreover, they have also won 79 season conference championships and a whopping 16 conference tournament cups amongst others.

Texas Longhorns Winning Records

In this section of this article, we will take a look at the major trophies and championships which Texas has won.

As you already know, Texas Longhorns is the best college baseball team in the US.

Thus, one can only imagine the trophy cabinet of this team.

Without taking any more time, let us take a look at the trophy cabinet of Texas Longhorns.

NCAA Baseball National Championships

The Longhorns have bagged the NCAA Baseball National Championship a whopping six times.

Outlined below are the years for these wins respectively.







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College World Series (CWS)







Aside from these major trophies, the Longhorns have won several other medals and awards.

Moreover, they hold the record for being the team with the most total wins in the NCAA Tournament.

With a total of 248 wins, they surely Merit this position.

In addition, they hold the record for the most individual wins in the CWS.

They currently hold this record with a whopping 88 wins.

As a very promising baseball team, so many professional baseball players have emerged from this team.

Players like Roger Clemens, Burt Hooton, Spike Owen, and many others all emerged from the Longhorns.

These guys all succeeded in Major League Baseball in America.

History Profile of Texas Longhorns

Having been stable and active for over a century, Texas Longhorns is one of the most respected College baseball teams.

Unlike most baseball teams out there, the Longhorns have a tradition of retaining their coaches for significantly long periods.

Despite being over a century old, there have been only five full-time coaches in Texas Longhorns.

Moreover, the fifth coach is still serving to date.

These coaches are:

Billy Disch (1911-39)

Billy Disch was the first full-time coach of the Longhorns.

Assuming the position back in 1911, he served for decades and left in 1939.

Bibb Falk (1940-67)

After the reign of Billy as coach of the Longhorns, the next person who coached this team was Bibb Falk.

Just like Billy, Bibb also reigned for some decades before retiring back in 1967.

Cliff Gustafson (1968-96)

Upon the retirement of Bibb, the next coach which the Longhorns hired was Cliff Gustafson.

He assumed his position in 1968 and worked for decades until 1996.

Augie Garrido (1997-2016)

After the reign of Cliff, Augie Garrido took over as the next coach of Texas Longhorns.

Assuming his position in 1997, Augie served as head coach till 2016.

David Pierce (2016- Present)

In June 2016, David Pierce became the new head coach of Texas Longhorns.

He is still the head coach of this team.

Judging from the duration of other past coaches of Texas Longhorns, David still hopefully has a long way to go.

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World Records Created By Texas Longhorns

On the 30th of May 2009, Texas Longhorns and Boston College made a world record for the longest game.

They made history with a 25-inning game.

However, the Longhorns later won this legendary game. This game lasted for a whopping seven hours and three minutes.

Although the Longhorns team was founded back in 1894, they played their first official game in 1895.

Moreover, they started as a very promising baseball team. However, they bagged their first major victory in 1897.

This was when they defeated Add-Ran College (Now the Texas Christian University).

Direct Rivals Of Texas Longhorns

As a very good college baseball team, Texas has drawn a lot of rivalry through the years.

Moreover, rivalry is a common thing in the sports world.

Ranging from the professional leagues to the lower leagues, there are often teams fighting for ultimacy.

Here, we will take a look at some of the major rivals of the Texas Longhorns.


Dating way back to 1903, Baylor has been one of the major rivalries of Texas Longhorns.

Since the mighty 13-1 victory of the Longhorns in a match with the Bears, a rivalry was sparked.

Ever since both schools have continued to compete for supremacy via several yearly series between their campuses.

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Oklahoma State

Another known rival of the Texas Longhorns is the Oklahoma State team.

After defeating the Oklahoma teams back in 1913, both teams later joined the Big 12.

Thus, this sparked more chances for rivalry. Through the Big 12 series, both teams often fight for supremacy.


Although much is not known about the rivalry between the Longhorns and Arkansas, there is a rivalry amongst both teams.

Moreover, these teams all struggle for the best records on a seasonal basis.

As one of the best college baseball teams, Arkansas is also a very promising team.

However, they have had several encounters with the Longhorns.

While Texas may be ranked as the best baseball team, most of these teams may not agree to that.

As typical in sports, every coach, player, and fan believes in the excellence of their team.

Thus, opinions often spark rivalry amongst sports teams.

Other Best College Baseball Teams In The US

With the help of all the texts above, you can confirm that the Texas Longhorns is the best college baseball team in the US.

However, there are many other good college baseball teams in America.

In this section of this article, we will take a look at some of these wonderful college baseball teams.

Without taking any more time, let us go through a quick list of ten of the best college baseball teams in America.

However, this list is excluding the Texas Longhorns.

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Best College Baseball Teams In America

  • Vanderbilt
  • Arkansas
  • Mississippi State
  • Arizona
  • Stanford
  • North Carolina State
  • Virginia
  • Nebraska
  • Old Dominion
  • Dallas Baptist

So far, these are some of the best college baseball teams in America.

All these teams are ranked high on the NCAA Division I table.

Moreover, they have an overall rating that is above most other college baseball teams out there.

NCAA Division I

Governed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the NCAA Division I is one of the most prestigious college baseball tournament bodies.

Often shortened as D-I, the College teams in this division are major teams.

Moreover, these are the bigger teams with larger budgets, facilities, and talented players.

While D-I is for top-class college baseball teams, there are smaller divisions. Just as in main sports leagues, there are lower divisions even in the NCAA.

In Division II and III, one would find smaller college teams.

Prior to this modern era, the NCAA Division I was called the University Division.

However, these names were all replaced. From the University Division, this name was changed to Division I (D-I) in 1973.

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Final Thoughts On Best College Baseball Team In US for 2022

So far, that will be all we have on the best college baseball team in the United States.

From this article, you can confirm that America is indeed home to several world-class college baseball teams.

Despite being school teams, these guys operate at a very professional level.

Are you an aspiring college student with a love for the sport?

Then check out these teams mentioned here. Perhaps you could enroll in any of these colleges.

Who knows…You might find yourself in a college baseball shirt.

Having been active for over a century now, the Longhorns have made so much history in the game of baseball.

Moreover, with so many records created and broken by this team, one can only appreciate them for their excellence.

While the Texas Longhorns are ranked as the best college baseball team, there are many other wonderful teams.

Moreover, so many promising teams keep emerging by the day. As already said, this is as far as we can go in this article.

If you found this one interesting or useful, do remember to drop a comment below.

In all, we do wish you a good day!

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