What are the trending online courses for students in 2022?

Online courses are widely sorted after course circulating the world wide web.

These courses are hot-cake and when you acquire skills in any of them, you’ll be paid higher than your colleagues.

Pursuing a professional certificate helps develop your knowledge and skills immensely.

They help pave way for prospective employers to offer you a high-paying job.

However, the lockdown has made us discover that there are high-paying jobs out there where you can work from home.

Here are the reasons why you must pursue a trending online course:

  • These trending courses can help develop your skills and boost credibility
  • The fastest route to having highly paid jobs
  • It enables you to gain experience and hands-on training with ease
  • Improving technical knowledge and additional education
  • Staying informed of the latest trends online
  • Online courses that are in high demand

We have carefully researched the top 11 trending online courses for students you must study in 2022.

Here are the following top trending online courses for students in 2022:

1. Data Science Course

11 Trending Online Courses for Students in 2022

It’s one of those trending online courses for students that deals with the analysis of big data, statistics, data visualization, and predictive analytics.

Data science is suitable for persons pursuing technical job positions like business analysts, data analysts, data scientists, and machine learning engineers.

Irrespective of your field of study, you can still advance your career in data science.

It’s one of those trending online courses for students that you could be rewarded with huge pay.

However, no prior coding knowledge for this course is required as you can succeed if you have a knack for numbers.

You can find several online sites that offer accredited master’s programs and diplomas with excellent support.

Why not enroll in upgrades PG Certification in Data Science to develop your skills in the following capacities?

  • Using Python and SQL for predictive analytics
  • For Python programming
  • Python for data visualization, ML algorithms, and exploratory analytics

Upon completion of this course, you’ll be awarded a certificate from IIT-Bangalore.

And have the opportunity to reach a community of data scientists from different industries.

UpGrade courses come with case studies, live sessions, projects, and group coaching to enhance feedback and boost improvement.

2. Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning Courses

11 Trending Online Courses for Students in 2022

If you’re looking for lucrative trending online courses for students, then AI and ML are the best in this 21st century.

IT professionals who are grounded in Mathematics and statistics need AI and ML certifications to improve their careers.

Students are provided with technologies like MySQL, Python, Docker, AWS, Keras, Kubernetes, and REST-API to enhance their learning.

Working professionals can enroll for an online MSc. ML & AI offered by upGrad to enhance their careers.

The degree is accepted by Liverpool John Moores University and this prestigious university has a digital library for additional learning.

You can decide to pursue advanced certification in specialized fields like Cloud, Big Data, NLP, and Deep Learning.

The interesting thing about the upGrad course is that they provide career counseling, resume feedback, interview preparation, and job placement.

The skills acquired can bring about lucrative job placements in companies like Flipkart, Amazon, PayTM, American Express, Adobe, Mobikwik, Google, Genpact, and lots more.

3. Business Intelligence (BI) Course

Trending Online Courses for Students

Professionals in Business Intelligence use their numerical ability to work and offer solutions to real-world business problems.

Their main task is to optimize the usage of data in a company thereby achieving the desired success.

BI can aid IT, professionals, in achieving skills in:

  • Data visualization
  • Data mining & analytics
  • Using SQL, Excel, Python, R, Hadoop, Spark, etc.

The Business Analytics Certification is a must-have for business analysts and managerial positions in 2022.

Why not visit upGrad’s Executive MBA course from NMIMS Global Access School to boost your knowledge?

Its degree is being approved by AICTE and involves a three (3) month project.

And face to face interaction with industry mentors.

Also, you can find subject professionals in the faculty in fields like Marketing, Analytics, Economics, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Finance, and Operations.

Upon completion of the MBA(X) program in Business Analytics specialization, an individual can enjoy high-paying jobs.

These include business leadership, management consulting, growth, and strategy positions.

4. Cloud Computing Course

Trending Online Courses for Students

This is one of the fast trending online courses for students in the IT field and is making waves in 2022.

The rate at which companies encounter technical issues nowadays makes the demand for cloud developers rise.

Software developers can enhance their skills in cloud computing to be abreast with the following things:

  • Enhance cloud security skills
  • Know server-less architecture
  • Understands cloud migration & multi-cloud environments
  • Improves cloud-native technologies, micro-services, and virtual machines.

Most engineering graduates can apply for PG Diploma in Software Development (cloud computing specialization).

This helps provide them with titles like Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer, Cloud Administrator, and other roles.

5. Software Development Course

Trending Online Courses for Students

Software developer designs, manage, and test software applications to meet customers’ satisfaction.

One has to be an expert in writing and implementing code to be successful in software development.

To boost your skills, you can pursue training in Java programming, automation testing, C programming, and SQL database.

You can possess the following job titles upon completion of the software development course:

  • IT Coordinator
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Systems architect
  • Network administrator
  • Junior software engineer
  • Computer and information research scientist
  • Web developer
  • Senior programmer

You can enjoy a top-notch master’s degree program with Liverpool John Moores University in Computer Science field.

Notwithstanding, you can get the same quality and practical exposure in 18 months as the on-campus course.

Why not choose from the above specializations, relate with experts, and link up with your fellow alumni from IJMU and IIIT-Bangalore?

6. Cybersecurity Course

Trending Online Courses for Students

The increase in the rate of cyber-attacks and data breaches encountered by companies makes cybersecurity a trending online course for students in 2022.

An individual can gain the following skills upon completion of cybersecurity at the postgraduate level:

  • Data secrecy and cryptography
  • Network security
  • Application security
  • Training in Java, Python, AWS, git, etc.

You can enjoy cybersecurity courses more than the on-campus with upGrad and IIT-B’s advanced PG Diploma.

Its online course has six programming languages, over 400 content hours, more than seven projects, and over ten live sessions.

Within 12 months, you can put your skills into practice, get coached, and enjoy your desired career path.

7. DevOps Course

As the name implies, DevOps is the combination of the Development and Operations areas of software applications.

This app is suitable for software development.

A typical DevOps course plan talks about the following things:

  • Creation and management of software lifecycle
  • Smart methodologies for integration and deployment
  • Continuous deployment with the help of CI/CD practices and lots more.

You can register for the specialized DevOps course to gain more skills.

And also earn a certificate in data science from upGrad and a software development diploma from IIIT-B.

8. Networking Course

Trending Online Courses for Students

Computer networking is a lucrative IT field that maintains and ensures the accurate running of computer networks.

Most networking professionals undergo analytics, automation, and security.

Having a professional certificate in networking can enable big companies to hire you and pay you a huge sum of money.

MSc. Data Science is one of the recognized courses that can enable you to refine your computer programming skills.

9. Full-Stack Development Course

A full-stack development course would expose you to programming languages and tools like Java, Spring, Oracle, Typescript, Hibernate, Git, AWS, React, Selenium WebDriver, and many more.

This app deals with both front-end & back-end technologies.

Upon completion of the full-stack development course, you can work as any of the following:

  • Back-end developer
  • Full-stack developer
  • Senior web developer
  • UI developer
  • Technical operations officer
  • IT manager

You can attain the position of a Chief Technology Officer or Director of Technology after exposure to relevant experience.

And working in the industry for over 10 years.

A PG Diploma in Software Development from upGrad is an ideal choice for people intending to undertake industry-oriented education courses.

It’s usually a 12-month online course with adequate introductory modules, practical learning activities, and a practical project.

10. Blockchain Course

Blockchain is a fast-rising discipline that can bring about vital transformations in areas of healthcare, real estate, insurance, finance, and many more.

Its course plan involves Smart Contracts, Ethereum, Composer, Hyperledger, NodeJS, Javascript, and Solidity.

Graduates in mathematics, engineering, and computer science can thrive very well in blockchain programs.

Blockchain is projected to be the disruptive technology that will outshine all industries beyond 2022.

You can apply for IIIT-B or upGrad’s PG Diploma in Software Development (Blockchain Specialization).

And you’ll allocate a minimum of 10-14 hours per week for a year to complete the course.

Upon completion of the program, you must have learned 10+ software tools and can provide a solution to clients from Imgur, Quora, and DCB Bank.

11. Digital Marketing Course

11 Trending Online Courses for Students in 2022

This aspect of online courses is suitable for big brand managers, entrepreneurs, sales personnel, and marketers.

Digital marketing involves topics such as content marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), marketing analytics, and social media.

You can earn a PG Certificate from upGrad in Digital Marketing and Communication.

MICA is the only accredited institution in India that offers digital marketing online courses.

Now that we’ve carefully outlined the best trending online courses for students, why not make your choice to boost your skills.

I would advise you to choose a certification that suits your needs and begin learning.

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