Top 10 US Colleges with 100% Acceptance Rate

You probably discussed US colleges with a 100% acceptance rate during your college process with your peers as you plan your admission into college. 

You have longed to find out college acceptance rates and how you should evaluate university acceptance rates as you build your college list.

In recent years, the college admissions process has grown more competitive. 

According to Pew Research Center, the average student applied to four colleges in 2002. In 2017.

However, the average student applied to seven colleges at 75%, which means that more qualified students apply to each school, causing college acceptance rates to decrease.

Meanwhile, as you build your school list, you must understand that university and college acceptance rates can make a significant difference as you determine which colleges to apply to, research different institutions, and manage your expectations.

Therefore, in this article, we will analyze in the most straightforward way for you to understand what acceptance rates are and the colleges with 100% acceptance rates.  

What is Acceptance Rate in College Admission?

College acceptance rates are a ratio of the number of total applicants to accepted students. 

This means that if 100 people apply to a college and 30 applicants are accepted, the college has a 30% acceptance rate.

However, schools like Harvard University, where 57,786 students applied last year and only 2,320 were accepted, ended up with an acceptance rate of 3.43%, the lowest acceptance rate in colleges.

College acceptance rates are based on the number of spots available for applicants.

This means larger schools have more open spots and higher acceptance rates than smaller ones.

Nevertheless, the quality of education students receive is more important than the school they get into. 

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What do Colleges Consider for Admission?

Many colleges are not willing to expose the most important factor they consider when it comes to admission. 

However, most colleges consider grades in challenging courses essential in admissions.

According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), colleges consider the following admission factors as the most important.

Admission Test Scores

Your SAT and/or ACT scores are considered if the college requires or accepts them. 

Meanwhile, many colleges are test-optional, test flexible, or test blind.  

Also, to best prepare for your tests, you may take a college test prep course or buy a prep book to help you study and determine the best way to conquer your test and receive the best score possible.

Grades in College Prep Courses

Most colleges see your grade as the most vital sign of your ability to excel in college. 

Meanwhile, you can take on the college workload if you perform well in your AP courses. 

Strength of Curriculum

Students who took the most challenging courses available and who performed well in each class are most considered 

Also, they may look favorably upon students who seek challenges outside of school by taking community college courses or AP courses online.

Letters Of Recommendation

Some colleges will ask for recommendation letters from people who may know you best, like your high school teachers, undergraduate professors, mentors, or employers. 

Moreover, it is more common that graduate schools to ask for letters of recommendation, while undergraduate schools may request this instead of an in-person interview.

Grades in all courses

Your overall GPA is also considered your academic success in high school. 

This means colleges may look at your transcript to get an idea of how you performed in your classes.

Also, some colleges will look at your high school classes and note whether you took honors and AP courses if available.

Personal Statement

Most colleges request that you write personal statements in your application. 

A personal statement could be the answer to a provided prompt or an open-ended essay in which you can share more about yourself. 

Also, a personal statement is a way to showcase your writing skills and give the admissions committee some insight into your character.

So, this is put into consideration to know about your strengths, creativity, and personality. 

Types of Colleges in America

Here are the basics of the types of colleges you can find in America. 

Public and private colleges

Public colleges are funded by local and state governments and offer lower tuition rates than private colleges. 

However, Private colleges are based on tuition, fees, and private funding sources. 

Most times, private donations can provide generous financial aid packages for students.

For-profit colleges

For-profit colleges are business-driven colleges that offer various degree programs that prepare students for a specific career.  However, they tend to have higher costs.

Four-year and two-year colleges

Four-year colleges are universities and liberal arts colleges. that offer four-year programs for bachelor’s degrees

Whereas Two-year colleges offer programs that last up to two years for a certificate or an associate degree. 

These colleges include community colleges, vocational-technical colleges, and career colleges.

Liberal arts colleges

These colleges offer a broad base of courses in the liberal arts in areas such as literature, history, languages, mathematics, and life sciences. 

However, most are private and offer four-year programs that lead to a bachelor’s degree. 

In addition, these colleges can prepare you for various careers or graduate studies.


Most universities offer more majors and degree options—bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

As such, they contain several smaller colleges, such as colleges of liberal arts, engineering, and health sciences. 

Community colleges

These colleges offer two-year associate degrees that prepare students to transfer to a four-year college to earn a bachelor’s degree. 

Also, they offer other associate degrees and certificates that prepare you for a specific career. 

However, community colleges are often an affordable option with relatively low tuition.

Vocational-technical and career colleges

Vocational-technical and career colleges offer specialized training in a specific industry or career. 

Some of their possible programs of study are the culinary arts, firefighting, dental hygiene, and medical-records technology. 

In addition, these colleges offer certificates or associate degrees.

Colleges with a Particular focus

Some colleges focus on a specific interest or student population. They include

  • Arts colleges,
  • Single-sex colleges,
  • Religiously affiliated colleges,
  • Specialized-mission colleges

10 Best US Colleges with 100% Acceptance Rate

If you would like to attend a school where you are guaranteed admission, take a look at the list of colleges with 100% acceptance rates:

1. Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University was founded in San Francisco, California. as a proprietary institution. 

Even though it is located in an urban setting, its tuition and fees amount to approximately $29,190. 

2. University of Pikeville

The University of Pikeville was founded in 1889 as a private school on 25 acres in a rural setting.

However, the tuition and fees cost $21,550 and run on a semester calendar.

3. American Samoa Community College

American Samoa Community College was founded in 1970 as a public school located in a rural village called Mapusaga in American Samoa is one of the US colleges with a 100% acceptance rate. 

Even though this college has a 100% acceptance rate, only legal and permanent residents of American Samoa can be admitted. 

Also, Tuition costs around $4,000.

4. West Virginia State University

This school was founded in 1891 as a public institution. The West Virginia State University ranks #46 on the list of Regional Colleges South.

Also, the campus is suburban and sits on 100 acres of land. 

Meanwhile, tuition and fees for in-state students cost $8,212 and $17,666 for out-of-state students. 

5. Broward College

Broward College is a public school founded in 1959 in Florida and is also one of the US colleges with a 100% acceptance rate.  

It ranked the top college nationally for awarding minorities with associate’s degrees in Liberal Arts and Sciences. 

However, tuition for in-state residents is under $2,000, with fees of about $862. 

Out-state students can expect to spend the same on tuition, but fees are just under $7,000.

More so, the application fee is $35 and can be submitted based on rolling admissions where 100% of applicants receive acceptance.

6. New England College

About 2,800 undergraduate and graduate students attend New England College, founded in 1946.

However, as one of the US colleges with a 100% acceptance rate, the academic calendar differs based on the program you select to study.

7. CSU Bakersfield

California State University Bakersfield in central California Bakersfield ranked #66 in Regional Schools West.

However, the public institution has an undergraduate class of 9,196. 

Also, In-state tuition and fees cost about $7,422.

 8. Wayne State College

 Wayne State College was founded in 1909 in Wayne, Nebraska.

It is one of the US colleges with a 100% acceptance rate with a student body of 2,975 undergraduate students. 

Meanwhile, the school costs $7,206 in tuition and fees for in-state students and $12,651 for out-of-state students.

9. University of the People

University of the People is an accredited online institution. It offers education to students all over the world, completely tuition-free. 

Also, its degree programs include Health Science, Education, Business Administration, and Computer Science. 

In addition, students can choose between an associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree.

10. Keiser University

 Keiser University also offers 100% online degree programs. However, its physical campus is located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Also, Tuition and fees are $33,120.

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Which US College has the Highest Acceptance Rate?

Below is a table showing 20 colleges in the US with the highest acceptance rate. 

US Colleges with the highest acceptance rate Acceptance rate Tuition 
Blue Mountain College Blue Mountain 100% $9,990
Academy of Art University San Francisco, CA 100% $20,340
Broward College Fort Lauderdale 100% $8,875
California State University—Bakersfield 100% $17,971
Boston Architectural College Boston 100% $20,666
Bismarck State College Bismarck 100% $8,383
Cameron University Lawton, OK 100% $14,190
CUNY— College of Staten Island, Staten Island, NY 100% $14,000
Granite State College Concord, NH 100% $8,025
Donnelly College Kansas City, KS 100% $6,822
LeMoyne-Owen College Memphis, TN 100% $10,680
Lewis-Clark State College Lewiston 100% $17,000
Lake-Sumter State College Leesburg, 100% $13,276
Indian River State College Fort Pierce, FL 100% $10,201
Lake Washington Institute of Technology Kirkland, WA 100% $9,218
CUNY—Medgar Evers College Brooklyn, NY 100% $13.790
Metropolitan State University St. Paul 100% $14,319
Montana State University-Northern Havre 100% $17,408
Montana State University— Billings Billings 100% $17,842
Dixie State University Saint George 100% $13,206

What are the Easiest Colleges to get into?

The colleges below are easy to get into and have a good acceptance rate above 90%. 

However, this list is based on the Best Colleges ranking

Ranks  Colleges  Acceptance 
1 University of Kentucky 90.79%
2 University of Kansas 93.01%
3 Kansas State University 94.07%
4 Iona College 91.46%
5 Palm Beach Atlantic University 93.37%
6 Indiana University of Pennsylvania 91.54%
7 Samford University 91.38%
8 University of Wyoming 95.08%
9 University of Colorado – Colorado Springs 92.86%
10 Otis College of Art and Design 92.95%
11 University of Toledo 94.32%
12 University of Akron 95.92%
13 University of Northern Colorado 90.27%
14 Utah State University 90.25%
15 Marymount University 90.55%
16 University of Montana 92.43%
17 Gordon College 91.97%
18 Virginia State University 94.48%
19 North Dakota State University 92.8%
20 Maryville University 92.8%


College acceptance rates are the number of total applicants to accepted students. 

There are several US colleges with a 100% acceptance rate.

However, to get into these colleges, the schools consider your admission grade, your school transcript, your recommendation letter, and your persona statement. 

In addition, there are several types of colleges in the USA. Ranging from liberal arts, public and private, four and two years, and for-profit colleges. 

We hope this article has been helpful.

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