List Of US Universities That Accept Transfer Students in 2022

Want to find out the list of US Universities That Accept Transfer students?

Then you are reading the perfect article online.

Today, the United States is home to several top-class universities. Thus, students troop into the country to attain the best education possible.

Undoubtedly, most students wish to transfer to US Universities.

However, few students have sufficient knowledge about the whole process.

Transferring to a US University is quite easy while going for the right Institutions. However, it can seem nearly impossible for some others.

In this article today, we will talk about the best US universities that accept transfer students in 2022.

With a high transfer acceptance rating, any student can gain a place in any of these universities.

Now, without taking any more time, let us go through a list of US Universities That Accept Transfer students.

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List of US Universities That Accept Transfer Students in 2022

Here are the best US Universities that accept transfer students in 2022.

1. Florida International University

  • Location: Miami, Florida
  • Transfer Acceptance: 60%+

Looking for the best University that accepts transfer students in the United States?

Then you just found one.

Located in Miami, the Florida International University makes it to this list with an acceptance rating of over 60%, this school is popular amongst transfer students.

Moreover, they offer quite a couple of top-notch scholarships for these transfer students. Thus, there is always an opportunity for a transfer student.

2. California State University

  • Location: California, USA
  • Transfer Acceptance: 40%+

Ranging from teaching excellence to a perfect study environment, California State University is one of the best in the US.

Moreover, this school has a reputation for producing several top-class graduates with several offers in this school, enrolling as a transfer student is quite easy.

Moreover, they provide a lot of offers for students ranging from financial aids to counseling and transfer advice.

If you are a transfer student looking for a US University, then you should try out the California State University.

3. University of North Carolina

  • Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • Transfer Acceptance: 30%+

Talking of transfer, the University of North Carolina has one of the best offers available for students.

In a bid to further improve the whole process, this school works with the C-STEP (Carolina Student Transfer Excellence Program).

For those who do not know C-STEP, this is an initiative that aids high school students in progressing to college.

Talking of direct transfer, the University of North Carolina is one of the best places.

4. University Of North Texas

  • Location: Denton, Texas
  • Transfer Acceptance: 40%+

Another University that makes it to this list is the University of North Texas with a special transfer assistance program set in place.

One can only expect a smooth enrolment for transfer students.

Moreover, they have transfer advisers in this University. Aside from the transfer assistance initiative.

There are several other offers that ease the process of enrolling in UNT.

From past records and research, they are ranked as one of the best universities for transfer students in America.

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5. University of California

  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Transfer Acceptance: 25%+

When it comes to quality, the University of California is one of the best universities on this list.

Truth be told, most top-class US Universities hardly accept random transfer students.

However, the University of California is one of the few that do accept transfer students. Just as said earlier, UCLA is one of the best universities in the US.

Thus, it is expected that their acceptance rate would be quite lower than that of most schools mentioned here.

Talking of acceptance, transfers students below 60 credits are not considered.

All transfer students must have credits over 60 for consideration. Thus, students with average GPAs of about 3.7 might be considered.

One funny fact is that the acceptance rate of this school is actually higher than their normal admission rate.

As a result, well-prepared transfer students have better chances of admission ranging from a transfer center to several other help centers.

Transferring to UCLA is quite a fun process and you’d get the best counseling possible.

6. University Of Central Florida

  • Location: Orlando, Florida
  • Transfer Acceptance: 50%+

Also featured on this list is the University of Central Florida.

Often shortened as UCF, this school is also well known for accepting transfer students in the US.

With a special initiative titled ‘Transfer Knights’, transfer students get to know each other and create a huge community in this school.

In every academic year, UCF enrolls close to a thousand transfer students. That should explain why this school makes it to this list.

Looking for a US University that accepts transfer students?

Then check out the University of Central Florida with a high rate of acceptance, this school is a hub of transfer students.

7. Emory University

  • Location: Atalanta, Georgia
  • Transfer Acceptance: N/A

Here comes another US University with a high acceptance rating for transfer students. Just as some of the Universities on this list.

The acceptance rate for transfer students in this school is higher than the normal acceptance rate.

Moreover, the progression process is so smooth that students face no hassle after their transfer with a very good transfer record.

These transfer students often troop into this school.

However, they also feature certain requirements which transfer students must meet.

8. University of Michigan

  • Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Transfer Acceptance: 35%+

Also sitting firmly on this list is the University of Michigan.

Whenever the topic of transfer students is raised in the US, one cannot speak without mentioning the University of Michigan.

Moreover, they are ranked as one of the best campuses for transfer students in the US with several programs set in place and several available resources.

Transferring both in and out of this school is quite easy.

In addition to that, they also have a special transfer mentorship program that allows a student to feel confident during transfer processes.

9. New York University

  • Location: New York City, USA
  • Transfer Acceptance: 30%+

New York University has been one of the most active transfer universities in the past years. In this school, previous transfer students are assigned to new students.

Via this structure, new transfer students often feel at ease during the whole process with this active transfer initiative tagged ‘Student Life Center.

Transferring to NYU is quite smooth.

Moreover, this is one of the best schools in the US and most students in the country make transfer moves to study at NYU.

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Frequently Asked Questions About US Universities That Accept Transfer Students

So far, you can see that there are truly quite a couple of US Universities that accept transfer students.

While the ones mentioned here are not all, we decided to make our list as brief as possible to save you the stress of confusing selection.

In this section of this article, we will answer a couple of frequently asked questions about transfer students in the US.

As a transfer student, it is only natural to make certain inquiries online.

Moreover, the internet is a huge tool for information today and we tend to look for the answers to most queries online.

Now. Let us take a look at some of these popularly asked questions.

Do Ivy League Universities accept transfer students?

Undoubtedly, it is the dream of most students to study in Ivy League Universities (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc).

However, most students often shy away from it as a result of the low acceptance rates in these schools.

As for transfer students, the direct answer to this question is a ‘Yes’.

Contrary to popular assumptions out there, Ivy League Universities accept transfer students.

However, they often feature low acceptance rates, and the possibility of securing a place as a transfer student is quite uncertain.

So far, research shows that Cornell University happens to be the easiest Ivy League University for transfer students.

While being the easiest does not significantly entail easiness in this context, it is quite a good shot for the trial of transfer students.

Do some universities accept more transfer students than freshmen?

Just as clearly seen in this article, there are schools that accept more transfer students than freshmen.

Most of these schools have wonderful transfer Programs which facilitate the smooth transfer of students.

Thus, students find it quite easy to transfer credits.

What is a good transfer GPA for Harvard University?

When it comes to studying in a university like Harvard, a lot is expected from a student.

Generally, one needs a GPA of at least 4.0 for consideration.

However, a GPA of 4.18+ is required in most cases with such GPA, a transfer student stands a chance for a Harvard transfer.

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Final Thoughts On The US Universities That Accept Transfer Students

So far, that will be all for this article.

From this list, I believe you have discovered a lot about the Universities That Accept Transfer Students in the US.

As an intending transfer student, you can make your selections from this list.

These schools all have a record for accepting transfer students and gaining a place is quite easy.

If you found this article useful, remember to drop your comments below.

In all, we do wish you success as you begin your transfer process in any of the above-mentioned schools.

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