Are you thinking of travelling to Canada from India? Or would you like to know how to get your visa from India to Canada?

Here is all you need to know about that in this guide. 

Canada is one of the best countries to live and work in. As such, many people migrate daily. 

However, it has become a home to many immigrants from more than 20 different countries across the globe because of its friendliness. 

Also, Canada welcomes new immigrants to its over 9 million acres of land.

Whether you want to apply for a student visa, a tourist visa, or you want to move to Canada permanently with your family from India; you must know the procedure to get your visa from India to Canada quickly.

So, in this article, we will walk you through the process involved in the application, procedure, and all requirements to get your visa from India to Canada without a problem. 

In addition, we will also discuss the visa types available for Indians to make your visa process hassle-free.

All You Need To Know About Getting A Visa from India to Canada

A Canadian visa is like a ticket you need to enter Canada. 

Also, a permit allows you to visit Canada and stay there for a certain period.

However, while some country residents can enter Canada without any permit, as for Indians, a visa is required. 

Meanwhile, the first step in applying for a Canadian visa from India is to determine which visa type you need and confirm whether you’re eligible to apply for it or not. 

Also, Canada offers different types of visas to immigrants, and it is based on your requirements.

You can apply for a Canadian visa from India online or offline from India. 

However, you can use the Government of Canada website to apply for a Canada visa online and pay your Canada visa fees. 

Also, you can apply on paper( offline) and finish all the procedures at the embassy or the rest visa application centre (About 

Moreover, there is a Canadian embassy in Delhi, while the consulate general of Canada is all across India. 

Bangalore, Chandigarh, Mumba, and Kolkata are places to get your Canadian visa from India processed on paper.

However, there are several ways by which you can obtain a visa into Canada, which are: 

  • Canada Startup Visa Program
  • Express Entry
  • Family Class Immigration 
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Business Immigration
  • Atlantic Immigration Program
  • Canada Startup Visa Program

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Types of Available Visas from India to Canada

There are three most common and most accessible Canadian visas available for Indians. 

However, there are other types like permanent resident travel, which depends on your requirements, the purpose of your visit, and your eligibility. 

Meanwhile, the general standard visa is issued for six months or more, based on the Canadian Border Security office’s decision.

More so, you can only get your Canada visa handily from India through any of these three:

  • Temporary Resident Visa
  • Study Permits Visa
  • Work Permits Visa

Temporary Resident

A Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) is an official document in your international passport showing you are approved to enter Canada to stay for a particular period. 

You will fill in the specific form, submit all the required documents, and pay the necessary visa fee as stated in the visa procedure.

Also, you can apply for this visa through either the online or offline (on paper) procedure. 

Your application will be reviewed to determine whether it can be approved or renewed. 

However, you may be asked to submit medical test results and a police report to clear your criminal history. 

The embassy may also call you to appear for an interview.

Furthermore, your application gets processed within a few weeks. 

In addition, you will have to submit a passport, which will be returned to you along with your visa result after the processing. 

TRV Requirement for Indian

To apply for this visa, you need: 

  • Valid travel document like an international passport
  • Evidence of sufficient funds in your bank account to support your travel and stay.
  • Letter of invitation 
  • Medical examination certificate
  • Completed VFS Consent Form
  • Genuine documents based on temporary visa type.

Work Permits

The Work Permits visa allows you to live and work in Canada from India.

You can live in Canada if you have a skill program that will enable you to live and work in Canada. 

However, you can complete the application online and in person based on your eligibility conditions. 

More so, depending on the duration of employment and your visa category, you will need to complete the application form and submit it along with all other specified documents and the VFS Consent Form. 

Also, it can take from 5 to 11 weeks to get your application result. 

In addition, you must pay the visa fee based on various factors to process your application. 

Furthermore, you can choose any convenient payment method for the online or offline application.

Work Permits Visa Requirements for Indians

Your international passport or any other valid travel document

  • Offer of employment from Canada 
  • Letter of invitation from Canada
  • Medical examination certificate
  • Documents based on the visa type
  • Complete Visa Facilitation Services Consent Form
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to support your travel and stay

Canada Study Permits Visa from India 

The Study Permits visa allows you to live and study in Canada for a specific period depending on your application and the border decision. 

However, based on your profile data, the visa may be restricted on the level of your studies, permission to Work, or duration of your stay. 

Meanwhile, during your period of study, you may be given an option to work part-time. 

Also, students under study permits can spend an extra three months after completing the course to prepare for their departure or apply for a visa extension.

More so, to qualify for the Study Permits, you must obtain a letter of acceptance from a DLI for your respective course or study program. 

The application can be completed online or offline based on the applicant’s convenience. 

Furthermore, the application form, VFS consent form, and required documents must be submitted after the applicant has paid the visa fee. 

However, the visa fee varies for each category based on the applicant’s nationality, duration of stay, and many other factors. 

Also, the application may require the applicants to provide additional documents such as Medical Certificate, Police Certificate, etc. 

In addition, the processing time will take up to six weeks or vary depending on the particular CVAC and any additional step if required by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Requirements for Study Permit Visa from India.

  • International Passport or any other valid travel document
  • Acceptance letter from a recognized Designated Learning Institution 
  • Evidence of adequate funds to support your travel and stay
  • Letter of invitation from the school
  • Medical examination certificate
  • Completed VFS Consent Form
  • Complete required documents on a study visa

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How to Apply for a Visa from India to Canada

To apply for a Canadian visa from India under any visa type.

You must answer a questionnaire on the Government of Canada website to confirm your eligibility.

Once you are eligible, you can choose to apply for your desired Canadian visa type for Indian online or offline.

Offline Procedure to Apply for a Canada Visa for India

Here are the steps to manually apply for your Visa from India to Canada. 

  • Download an application form from the government of Canada website. Click here to read more
  • Fill in the necessary details as required for the visa type
  • Attach the necessary documents.
  • Pay the application fees with biometric charges.
  • Send the application through mail or in-person to a VAC and wait for your application result.

In addition, Biometrics is required at Visa Application Center. 

Online Procedure for Canada Visa for Indian

The government of Canada prefers people to make their Canada Visa applications online for digital records. 

Here is how to go about applying for a visa from India to Canada online.  

  • Create an account at the Government of Canada website, or use your bank account details to create one.
  • Log in to your account and start filling out your Canada visa application form.
  • Upload all required documents 
  • Pay the application fees as well as the biometric fees 
  • Submit your Canada visa online application and wait for the embassy’s approval.

However, it is essential to ensure that all your details are correct and the required documents are submitted to avoid rejection of your application. 

This is because a rejected visa history may cause visa denial for future visa applications.


A visa from India to Canada allows you to move from India and stay or work in Canada. 

However, you must meet all Canadian government requirements before obtaining a visa. 

You must also follow the due application procedure to get your Canada visa approved by the Canada visa facilitation service office. 

Meanwhile, the best way to apply for a Canadian visa from India is through the Canadian government website.

However, if you still prefer the offline visa application procedure, visit any Canadian embassy or general consulate offices in India for proper biometrics and documentation.

Summarily, getting your visa from India to Canada shouldn’t be hard if you follow the proper application procedure and requirements and choose your preferred visa type.

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