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Acquiring formal education is one of the most important life decisions for any adult. 

Moreover, It is assumed that such accomplishment represents an acquisition of valuable knowledge.

Also, experience from a credible or prestigious institution can significantly benefit the individual and his/her society at large, especially in the form of socio-economic impacts.

This is why prestigious universities like Harvard are renowned for equipping students with the best education from the best of tutors (Professors, to be precise) in one of the most conducive learning environments.

Apart from being one of the oldest universities in America.

Which dates back to 1636, HarUniversityrsity, located in Massachusetts, United States of America is among the Ivy League institutions of learning globally. 

Also, it offers several programs at the undergraduate & postgraduate levels.

Such programs include; Engineering, Law, Mathematics, Biological Sciences, Psychology, Architecture, Business Management, Information Technology, etc. 

As such, graduates from Harvard University are highly rated in the labor market with a starting salary of $90,000+.

This is why this article has been created for people interested in studying at Harvard university on how to gain admission into the prestigious institution.

In addition to that, it will also throw light on the popular question of what is the acceptance rate at Harvard.

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Harvard Ranking

Due to the high quality of education, Harvard university is highly ranked globally. 

This makes Harvard featured consistently amongst the top 10 best learning institutions globally for decades. 

Moreover., the criteria used in the ranking consideration are Academic reputation, research citations per paper, international research network, employer reputation, and H-index.

More so, these criteria have been used over the years in assessing the standard of Harvard University and other Ivy League schools and found to be worthy of recognition. 

This is why the QS World University ranking currently ranks Harvard as the second best university globally, second to the Oxford university in the UK.

Harvard University Acceptance Rate.

The fact that Harvard is a popular learning institution globally makes it highly competitive and sought after by many prospective applicants globally, making it difficult to access. 

This is why it’s common to hear the question “what is the acceptance rate at Harvard University” by prospective applicants globally to assess their chances of being admitted upon application.

Moreover, research shows that Harvard University only admits about 4-5% (and occasionally 7%) from a pool of over 30,000 applicants annually. 

Meanwhile, these admission considerations are mostly by academic excellence & character assessment.

This is why it’s recommended that applicants aspiring to gain admission into Harvard should be at their academic & social best to stand a good chance from the multitude of applicants.

Admission Process.

As the previous discussion highlights the admission rate of applicants to study at Harvard University, this section discusses the admission process to Harvard University. 

Meanwhile, It’s important to know that applicants’ admission process is assessed by a committee of 40 who are also personnel of the prestigious institution. 

In as much as academic brilliance is highly considered for applicants.

Other non-academic aspects criteria are used in assessing applicants’ admission worthiness.

And some of these non-academic criteria are;

  • Unique background.
  • Exceptional ability.
  • Character.
  • Life & social patience.
  • Extracurricular interest.
  • Race.
  • Socio-economic background, etc.

However, upon application, the 40-man panel assesses the applications based on the criteria mentioned earlier. 

In addition, the committee then makes their conclusions & selections with priority to merit as much as possible.

Harvard University Admission Requirements.

Over the years, Harvard University’s management has always set up an admission committee that oversees admission requests by thousands of applicants annually.  

Moreover, the requirements include academic excellence, desirable personality traits, enthusiasm for social impact through extracurricular activities, and a genuine willingness to learn.

However, in the interest of prospective applicants reading this article, the admission requirements to Harvard University are highlighted below;

Firstly, a prospective candidate of Harvard University should have a minimum GPA of 4.18 and a minimum score of 1500 on the SAT test or 34+ on the ACT exam. 

Additionally, the candidate is expected to have engaged in extracurricular activities with proof to show.

More so, this is assumed that specific values derived from the extracurricular activities will be useful in developing desirable personality traits.

However, these traits align with the values of Harvard University in terms of Ideology and character development.

Also, such candidates should have engaged in volunteering programs as this indicates a commitment to social development, a form of commitment that strongly aligns with Harvard’s values.

However, candidates should have a well-prepared letter of interest. 

This application letter will allow the applicant to sell himself/herself to the assessment committee, especially to convince them why such an applicant deserves the chance to study at Harvard. 

As such, a letter is expected to be as original and creative as possible, indicating strengths, challenges experienced and how they were solved and possessed skills.

Meanwhile, a letter of recommendation is also necessary from two teachers in different subjects and a known professional in their field of interest.

The applicant is expected to submit a copy of his or her final academic school report or transcript.

Applicants must also fill out the Harvard application form and pay an application fee of $75 to successfully activate the application.

Student life at Harvard University.

As much as Harvard university is prestigious for academic excellence.

It is an institution known to balance academic and non-academic activities in the best interest of students. 

This is also expected to bring about comprehensively socially conscious students who will fit and adapt to their respective societies and the world through their careers.

However, students’ lives at Harvard university feature accommodation facilities to live on campus and numerous activities in which students can engage.

Especially through student organizations numbering over 450.

More so, the campuses are designed in ways in which students can easily relate, providing them with the atmosphere to collaborate on ideas or interests while ensuring peaceful and mutual cohabitation.

Meanwhile, Students are also encouraged to engage in various sports activities available on campus with the necessary infrastructure to help students enjoy the exploration.

Moreover, the health and well-being of students are also taken seriously.

This is why Harvard University has health & fitness services that cater to students’ comprehensive health and fitness programs.

Furthermore, these health services include physical, mental, and emotional well-being considerations, giving students a robust system to cater to their health needs.

Additionally, Harvard University takes seriously the presence of social diversity, which is why the University has in place resources.

Also, offices to help students from different backgrounds settle down and adapt well to the University.

What GPA Do You Need To Get Into Harvard University?

In answering the popular question of what is the acceptance rate at Harvard.

It is important to understand that the average GPA requirement to apply to Harvard university is 4.18. 

However, Harvard’s admission consideration isn’t solely based on academic excellence as other aspects of the applicant would be checked. 

Still, due to the highly competitive nature of the admission, an average GPA score of 4.18 increases the chances of an applicant being considered for assessment.

Do Normal Students Get into Harvard?

The common opinion is that Harvard university is a prestigious learning institution due to its age-long legacy.

This is strictly for academically exceptional students who read all their lives while in the institution. 

As much as Harvard prides itself as an institution with brains.

It is also open to students with good social lives and genuine commitment to learning and making impacts, as these are amongst the core goals of education. 

Also, applicants that show exceptional talents from diverse backgrounds are considered as the institution prioritizes a balanced community of learners. 

So applicants regarded as “normal students” can be considered for admission with the expectation that they meet the basic requirements.

What is the Lowest GPA to get into Harvard?

When asked the common question of what is the acceptance rate at Harvard.

The first thing the mind goes to as an admission criterion is an excellent GPA of 4.0+. 

And for Harvard University, a GPA of 4.18 is highly recommended to stand a good chance of qualification.

However, this doesn’t mean people with lower GPAs can’t be considered.

But the reality is that the lower the GPA, the slimmer the chances.

Especially when a high number of applicants are considered, which makes it very competitive.

With Harvard’s admission considerations inclusive of non-academic activities or performances.

Applicants with a stellar record of extracurricular activity with a GPA of 3.0 can still be considered even over applicants with higher GPAs with poor extracurricular activities.

This is because Harvard considers life activities outside academic performance as it strives to maintain a balanced connection between brilliance in academics.

Also, to impact lives outside of the classroom, to produce graduates who would be relevant in basic aspects of social expectations.

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Can I Get into Harvard at 15?

To qualify for admission into Harvard University going by age consideration, an applicant is expected to have completed his/her 12th-grade high school education status or its equivalent. 

As such, if the applicant has completed the 12th grade with proof, he/she can apply and get admission into the prestigious institution, provided he/she meets all admission requirements.

How to get into Harvard University?

After addressing the question of what is the acceptance rate at Harvard University, prospective applicants interested in applying to Harvard University can do so using any of these three portals;

  • Common Application.
  • Universal College Application.
  • Coalition Application.

Applicants can use these three portals to apply for both undergraduate & postgraduate level programs. 

However, It’s important also to know that the application fee of $75 must be paid through the portal to successfully activate the application request.

Meanwhile, prospective applicants are strongly advised to start their application process early to have enough time to fill out the forms and provide requirements.

In addition, upon activating the application process through any of the listed admission portals, the following requirements are to be provided;

  • Official academic transcripts.
  • Proof of English Language proficiency.
  • A Standardised Test Score.
  • 2-3 letters of recommendation from course subject teachers.
  • Professional résumé.
  • A letter of interest.

More so, the provided documents should be correct and uploaded to the portals, along with the filled forms, and submitted accordingly.

In addition, It’s important to know that when required, an interview can be scheduled for prospective candidates. 

This interview is usually arranged to be conducted by an alumnus of Harvard University closest to the applicant’s location. 

Also, this interview is part of an assessment exercise for the admission request.

In the application process, the applicant can choose to receive the response to the application through email or indicate the house address to which it will be delivered.

How to Apply for Admission into Harvard University as an International Student.

As an international student interested in studying at Harvard University, the application process & requirements are discussed above in this article.

This is the same for applicants who attended high schools in the US and outside the US. 

This means that irrespective of the location or origin of applicants, anyone can apply to seek admission into Harvard university on the same condition as anyone in the US, provided they meet the admission requirements highlighted above.

However, international applicants are expected to take international English tests through IELTS or TOEFL to show they understand English.

This is the primary language they would communicate through upon gaining admission into the prestigious institution.

Also, GRE exams or GMAT may be required depending on the course type.

Applicants using TOEFL are expected to have a minimum score of 100+ out of 120 to stand a good chance of consideration.

Meanwhile, once the applicant’s admission request is granted.

The admission letter can then be used to process a student visa, which will be used to gain entry into the US to study at Harvard University.

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Conclusively, to access top-quality education from an Ivy League institution like Harvard University.

You need to ask what the acceptance rate is at Harvard.

This is because it is one of the most desired aspirations by millions of students globally. 

As such, it is important to understand the procedure and requirements to be considered for admission into the prestigious institution, as this won’t just help beat the competition.

Also, this will help you know what to expect and what the acceptance rate at Harvard is upon gaining admission into the prestigious institution.

This will, as a result of this, aid easy adaptation to the environment.

With this blog post on what is the acceptance rate at Harvard.

You can easily find relevant information that can help you achieve your aim of studying at Harvard.

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