Here are 4 Reasons That Word Count Is Important For SEO

we have come up with the main 4 reasons why word count is important for SEO

Looking to generate optimized content for the readers. You have to focus on the length of the article and make it more informative for the audience.

Your article will never get ranked on the search engine unless the content is fully optimized and is informative for the readers.

Google values the time of its users and tries to provide them with results that are new to them. This can help them gain some extra bits of knowledge.

So, writers need to provide the audience with content that is related to their interests and can engage them for a long time.

If you just focus on the quality of the content, it will never help you lead the chart and come to the top of SERP.

Therefore, you will have to focus on the quality of the content.

Is Word Count Important in SEO?

Word count is not an essential element that can help you rank better in the search engine.

The main thing is to make the lines engaging and informative for the readers.

There was a time when webmasters used to rank their articles on the search engine by making them longer without looking for the quality of the content.

But Google has changed its policies.

Now it gives preference to the blogs that can be valuable for the readers.

If you are not focusing on this element, all your efforts will be in vain.

We can witness this element on the search engine because many articles with short lengths are ranked on the SERP.

But the one with more length lies at the bottom of the page. The reason behind this is the quality of the blog.

So, it is quite important to focus on the quality of the content.

It all can be done by decreasing the word count and making it to the point.

Some writers may find it hard to control the length of the article.

Here they can get help from the online word count tool and check the total number of characters.

Along with this, users can also check the keyword density and figure out the grammatical errors from the tool and maintain the fluency of the text.

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Benefits of controlling the word count

Here are some top advantages that one can easily get by controlling the word count and keeping it to the point. Let’s discuss these benefits in detail.

  1. Make the content comprehensive

Some writers start writing the article without determining the length of the content.

They add all the relevant and irrelevant ideas just to increase the length of the topic. It makes the topic boring for the readers.

But once you define a proper word count for the content, it will let you eliminate the lines that are not concerned with the topic and make it comprehensive for the readers.

  1. Avoid irrelevant ideas

Controlling the word count will also be a leading element in removing the ideas that are not relevant to the topic.

When a writer tries to cover the topic with a limited word count, he will automatically remove those lines in the content that is relevant to the topic.

  1. More informational for the audience

Such content that is fully covered with the relevant ideas will give more knowledge to the audience and make it easy for them to understand the intent of the topic.

Readers can easily understand the thoughts of the author and will take interest in reading the content till the last.

  1. Keep the audience engaged

This is another top advantage of covering the topic in a short word count. This will help in keeping the readers engaged for a long time.

People love to skim while reading content and want to get to the depth of the topic directly.

And this element can be quite handy here as readers can easily reach the depth of the content without any distraction.

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Other Important Elements for Optimized Content

Keeping an eye on the word count and making the content to the point is quite necessary as it can help you optimize the content.

But there are also many other elements that you need to consider for content optimization. And here are some of the important points that you have to remember.

  1. Get authoritative backlinks

Try to get backlinks from authoritative websites as it will help you come among the top searches. Google also loves to rank such pages that are promoted by influential sites.

  1. Eliminate grammatical errors

Make sure that you are not uploading articles with grammatical errors. Otherwise, the readers will find it hard to understand the intent of the topic.

So, you have to remove these mistakes and keep the content flowing.

  1. Use relevant images

Images can play a vital role in attracting readers and keeping them engaged for a long time. So, the writers must add some relevant images to the blog and make it more appealing.

  1. Keep the paragraphs short

Exceeding the length of the paragraphs will make the topic boring for the readers.

The Google crawler also dislikes this element and doesn’t give value to such content. So, writers need to break the paragraph into 2-3 lines and make the content easily readable.

  1. Provide a source of information

Readers always try to reach the depth of the content. So, writers must provide them with the source of information so they can get the details of the topic.

Bottom Lines

Word count will not be an element of ranking.

Indeed, writers have to focus on the quality of the text and make it valuable for the audience.

The length of content will not help you rank in the search engine unless it is informative for the readers.

So, it is quite important to enhance the quality of the article instead of its quantity. 

Google also prefers content that can clear the doubts of readers. Therefore, you need to provide them with authentic information.

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