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Data science can relate to numerous fields of study from old-fashioned statistics which is compiled and analyzed through new technologies to computer science filtered through results-oriented views.

However, researchers in any discipline need an understanding of data science. 

This is because the vast amounts of information available through electronic data mining cast new light on nearly all branches of study.

As such, if you are interested in coding, information analysis, pattern recognition, prediction, and algorithm creation falls within the data science researcher.

Hence, in this guide, we will analyze the best masters programs for data science to chase your career as a data science researcher or student. 

What to know about Data Science

The field of data science is interdisciplinary in nature and grows in scope and meaning. 

As such, schools sets the parameters differently, and each has its own nomenclature.

The obvious use of this field is usually in medical research, advertising and business context, and scientific studies, data analysis transforms humanities research.

It is also used in contexts like history and linguistics.

However, not everyone studying data science plans to be a coder.

More so, strategizing social media advertising doesn’t mean you are into a data mining venture. 

In some school, the different department offers coursework related to the best masters programs for data science. 

They include Computer science departments, statistics programs, and information and library science departments.

These departments can provide separate degree paths, or occasionally a multidisciplinary degree program extends over several schools or departments.

Meanwhile, most of the best masters program for data science aims to look into the future.

It helps you understand that the data we now collect provides a new opportunity for reflection, and knowledge, and for creating a better world.

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Top Best Masters Programs for Data Science 

Here are the top 10 best Masters programs for Data Science programs.

1. Stanford University (Stanford, CA)

Stanford offers numerous best Masters programs for data science components. 

Its Data Science program organizes various research on and off Stanford’s campus and engages Post-Doctoral Fellows for collaboration.

They also administer summer programs in data science practices.

Moreover, its program brings together students using data science in programs throughout the university.

This help to fund their studies and create a collaborative community. 

In addition, members of the Stanford Data Science cohort seek Master’s degrees within their respective disciplines while molding the new field of data science.

Furthermore, students can approach data science through workshops in Stanford’s library, Stanford’s Research Computing Center.

More so, through programs by the school’s IT technology training.

2. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Champaign, IL)

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign offers the best masters programs for data science in the school’s Department of Statistics.

Which is housed in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. 

These departments ensure that students learn how to model, summarize, compute, and analyze data, tools useful within any scholarly context.

However, the department’s Master of Science in Statistics follows a traditional statistics course of study.

As such, the Master of Science Concentration in Analytics enhances the traditional program with coursework in computational and data analytics. 

Meanwhile, students can learn to build models with large datasets, and techniques for data analysis and management.

Illinois University also offers an online Master of Computer Science in Data Science.

This is known as the program joining computer science, statistics, and the School of Information Science. 

Students learn cloud computing, data mining, computer programming, and numerical analysis factor into the program’s coursework.

The University of Illinois’ best masters programs for data science seeks to prepare students for careers in the growing field of data science and statistics.

They also anticipate an increase of 34% in job outlook over the next decade. 

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the research and organizational center for data science-related study throughout the university. 

Its institute for Data, Systems, and Society hosts research projects and events. 

They also visit permanent faculty all focused on expanding the practical and academic uses and definitions of data science.

The school offers the MicroMasters Program in Statistics and Data Science. 

Also, Four of the MIT courses which are taken online, provide a data science foundation for further study.

More so, the Sloan School of Business at MIT offers a Master’s in Business Analytics, concentrated on data science in a business context. 

Furthermore, you can also study machine learning, deep learning, prediction, and statistics in MIT’s 10-week Data Science and Machine Learning online program.

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4. University of Maryland, College Park (College Park, MD)

The University of Maryland also offers the best Masters program of Professional Studies in Data Science and Analytics

Also, it offers a Master of Machine Learning and professional certificate programs in data science and digital studies. 

Meanwhile, all of the best masters programs for data science at Maryland can be pursued on campus or online.

Its program comprises statistics skills, and machine learning (non-traditional distributional model-based statistics).

It also includes computer science and programming, and a component consisting of professional applications. 

In addition, Maryland’s Science Academy offers both Master’s programs to allow working professionals to complete advanced degrees. 

5. University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley, CA)

The University of California at Berkeley offers one of the best masters programs for data science.

Its affiliated data science graduate programs are run through multiple departments, through the School of Information. 

The scope of the study comprises all ways we interact with data: academic, scientific, civic, cultural, corporate, and other uses.

However, the Master of Information Management and Systems (MIMS) strictly takes place on campus.

The Masters of information Data Science program provides a comprehensive curriculum.

To ground students in a broader base of data science than many programs eager to move directly to industry-specific coursework. 

6. Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA)

Georgia Institute of Technology has several programs for Data Engineering and Science. 

Moreover, they are offered through the College of Engineering an MS in Analytics and, in alliance with the Scheller College of Business, an MS in Quantitative Finance.   

It also has Short courses, workshops, and boot camps in data science and analytics that students offer across many departments.

This is seen as an opportunity to introduce data science to their studies.

One of Georgia Tech’s most important features for data science students offers numerous research and collaboration opportunities for its students. 

7. Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA)

Carnegie Mellon embraces an interdisciplinary model for its Data Science graduate programs. 

More so, several Carnegie Mellon schools such as the Heinz College School of Information Systems and various institutes within the School of Computer Science offer a range of Master’s degrees in specific kinds of data science.

Moreover, interested students apply through individual departments and schools. 

This allows the university to provide much more industry-specific data science degrees. 

In addition, programs such as CM’s Master of Science in Software Management are developed at the university’s Silicon Valley campus.

Also, the Integrated Innovation Institute exemplifies some of the industry’s most dynamic study and research.

8. Columbia University (New York, NY)

Columbia’s Data Science programs Institute implies the excitement of creating a new discipline whose parameters continue to realign. 

This program centralized the resources of its acclaimed computer science, statistics, and industrial engineering programs to fortify the mission of the Data Science Institute. 

Meanwhile, courses in computation, probability, optimization, and modeling are part of the program.

Moreover, the institute offers an M.S. in data science and a professional certificate program.

It also offers a Ph.D. specialization in data science within related Ph.D. programs like applied mathematics or statistics. 

9. New York University (New York, NY)

New York University’s selective, simplified Master of Science in Data Science is built on discovery.

Its best masters programs for data science aim to find new methods and tools to sort and make meaningful the massive amounts of data to which the world now has access.

Moreover, NYU’s Center for Data Studies offers several ways to approach the Master’s path of study. 

As such, students learn through real-world projects, by collecting and analyzing data to solve specific problems. 

In addition, the Tracks enable students to choose coursework paths in their areas of career interest. 

Meanwhile, The Industry Concentration path permits students to select coursework explicit to the career they plan to pursue. 

Furthermore, it’s Summer Research Initiative gives students an opportunity to participate in funded projects in a number of data science fields.

10. University of Rochester (Rochester, NY)

The University of Rochester offers the best Masters programs for data science degrees.

It also offers advanced certificate tracks through its Goergen Institute for Data Science. 

Moreover, The University conducts research in health analytics and artificial intelligence, along with studying the tools and methodology of data science. 

However, Students interested in a Data Science Master’s can begin the program at GIDS by enrolling in their optional Summer Bridging course. 

The basic Master’s course of study can also be completed in two to three full-time semesters.

During the program’s final semester, students are assigned to a problem-solving team of other Master’s candidates.

They also complete a project focused on solving a real-world problem for the sponsoring partner organization. 

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Final Thoughts on Best Masters Programs for Data Science 

Data science studies are usually used in medical research, advertising and business context, and scientific studies, data analysis transforms humanities research.

Most time, it is also used in contexts like history and linguistics.

In addition, most of the best masters program for data science helps you understand that the data collected provides a new opportunity for reflection and knowledge, and for creating a better world.

For this reason, we have compiled and talked about the top best masters programs for data science that could make learning the graduate program convenient for you.

However, the duration and tuition of these programs are different. 

As such, you may have to read more about the program of your choice for more information like eligibility and other requirements.

We wish you luck as you apply!


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