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Whether you are a student or a parent looking for a safe study destination, we all know that safety comes first.

Thus, we have decided to come up with a list of the safest college towns to study in the US.

When a child gains admission into a college, the air is often filled with joy and happiness.

However, there is way more to it.

Going to college could mean freedom for a student, but then this brings in worries to parents.

If you know what I mean…

Every parent is often protective of their child.

Thus, they look for the perfect spot for their children.

Whenever it comes to education, most parents tend to hit this query online (Safest College Towns).

We all know that studying in a town with low crime rates is indeed relaxing.

Moreover, it gives a parent the rest of the mind that their child is probably safe wherever they are.

In this article today, we will take you through 20 of the safest college towns in America.

These towns all have low crime rates, and numerous research has shown that they are completely safe.

Can’t wait to see and know more about these towns?

Then read on without skipping a line…

The 20 Safest College Towns In America 2022

Safest College Towns In America

Here is the safest college town in America with less crime rate in 2022.

20. Canyon, Texas

Population: 15,000+

Crime Rate: Violent (0.9), Property (7.7)

Located in Texas, Canyon is one of the safest college towns in America.

Despite having a population of about 15,000+, students account for close to 8,000 of this population.

As a safe college town, Canyon has become a student attraction across the United States.

As we speak, the crime rate in this town is very low, and this makes it a perfect spot for students.

19. Elmhurst, Illinois

Population: 47,000+

Crime Rate: Violent (0.5), Property (9.5)

Featured in nineteenth position is Elmhurst.

Through the years, this town has been ranked as one of the safest college towns in the US.

Moreover, with a 0.5 rate of violent crimes, Elmhurst passes for a really safe town.

Despite having a large population of close to 50,000 people, the crime rate is significantly low in this town.

As a result, this town is also a student attraction in the US.

18. Blacksburg, Virginia

Population: 45,000+

Crime Rate: Violent (0.9), Property (7.2)

A list of safest towns in the US can hardly be complete without Blacksburg.

Aside from being one of the safest college towns, Blacksburg also has a lot of schools with affordable fees.

With close to 30,000 student population in this town, one can call it a town of students.

Moreover, the safeness of this town attracts these students.

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17. Mequon, Winsconsin

Population: 24,300+

Crime Rate: Violent (0.2), Property (9.9)

Located in Wisconsin, Mequon also makes it to this list.

With a current student population of 3,000+, this town is steadily attracting more students.

Moreover, safety is paramount.

With such a low rate of violent crimes, one can hardly have much to worry about here.

16. Beverly, Massachusetts

Population: 42,000+

Crime Rate: Violent (1.0), Property (5.8)

We all know that Massachusetts is quite a safe place.

However, Beverly tends to be the safest town in Massachusetts.

With a low crime rate of 1.0, one can hardly encounter any Violent crimes in Beverly.

Thus, more parents endorse this location for their college lads.

While the average tuition for colleges in this town is on the high side, it remains a worthy location.

15. Charleston, Illinois

Population: 20,000+

Crime Rate: Violent (1.4), Property (2.9)

Located in Illinois, Charleston is yet another safe college town in the United States.

Undoubtedly, it is hard to find a town with zero crime rates in this modern world.

However, living in a town with a very low crime rate is indeed a blessing.

Ranging from the freedom to fun activities and low tuition, students live their dream lives here.

14. Edwardsville, Illinois

Population: 25,000+

Crime Rate: Violent (0.5), Property (7.4)

Due to its safeness and low tuition fees, students account for almost half of the population of Edwardsville.

Moreover, this is one of the safest study destinations in the United States.

Also located in Illinois, Edwardsville has had a record for safeness for years now.

Thus, parents whose students live in this town have little to worry about.

While crimes actually occur in this town, they only occur in seriously rare cases.

Moreover, reports show that this town is one of the most promising Towns for college students in America.

13. Berea, Ohio

Population: 19,000+

Crime Rate: Violent (0.5), Property (6.2)

Sitting on the thirteenth spot is Berea of Ohio. Undoubtedly, this is one of the safest college towns in America.

Moreover, cases of violent crimes are hardly ever recorded here.

Despite the fun and activities which can be carried out in this town, it remains a peaceful place for students.

12. Rochester Hills, Michigan

Population: 74,000+

Crime Rate: Violent (0.7), Property (5.9)

Despite being more populated than some Towns here, Rochester Hills remains one of the safest in America.

In addition, this town also features one of the lowest tuition rates in the US as of 2022.

With an average tuition rate of $12,000+ per year, students troop into this town.

Moreover, the overall safety compliments it all.

11. Moraga, California

Population: 18,000+

Crime Rate: Violent (0.7), Property (5.3)

Despite being quite close to San Francisco, Moraga is a town with a totally different vibe.

Home to the popular St Mary’s College, Moraga is a calm Christian town that houses about 18,000 residents.

With a crime rate of 8.2 per thousand residents, Moraga is one of the safest towns in America.

Moreover, the security here is quite top-notch.

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10. Pullman, Washington

Home to Washington University, Pullman is one of the safest towns in America.

Despite being a fun town to be in, Pullman records an extremely low crime rate.

With a low crime rate and good security, students have almost nothing to worry about here.

Moreover, they often make it to lists of safest Towns in the US.

9. Provo, Utah

Population: 600,000+

Crime Rate: Violent (1.2)

Although Provo is a large town, it still makes it to this list.

With a population of over 600,000 people, one would imagine the crime rate in Provo to be quite high.

However, the reverse is the case.

Provo is one of the safest college towns in America.

With Programs like the Explorer Program, teens are exposed to some aspects of police work.

This goes a long way in the overall security and assistance of cops in the town.

8. Elon, North Carolina

Crime Rate: Violent (0.7)

In eighth place on this list, we have Elon.

Located in North Carolina, this is also ranked as a safe college town in America.

While walking down a lonely way, one could naturally feel insecure anywhere else.

However, there is actually little to worry about in Elon.

Moreover, they have been on this list for a long time now.

7. West Lafayette, Indiana

Population: 50,000+

Crime Rate: Violent (0.7) Property (8.5)

Located in Indiana, West Lafayette also makes it here. For a long time now, this town has been ranked as one of the safest in America.

Situated halfway between Indianapolis and Chicago, West Lafayette records a significantly low crime rate.

With barely 0.7 Violent crimes recorded per thousand residents, this is indeed a conducive environment for students.

Moreover, the average tuition fee students get to spend in schools around this city is quite affordable.

6. Portland, Maine

Population: 500,000

Crime Rate: Violent (1.2)

Home to the University of Southern Maine, Portland is the sixth college city on this list.

Despite having a population of half a million people, the crime rate is quite regulated in Portland.

Moreover, security is a collective job in Portland. With several hands assisting the security bodies, safety becomes Paramount.

Living in a safe and affordable city is indeed a dream come true for most students and parents out there.

Luckily, Portland offers all these.

5. Amherst, Massachusetts

Population: 39,000+

Crime Rate: Violent (1.9)

Located in one of the most popular college locations in America, Amherst is home to quite a number of world-class universities.

Despite being a city filled with close to 40,000 people, Amherst remains one of the safest towns.

Ranging from a diverse student base to rich cultural activities, Amherst offers so much.

Moreover, this city houses Amherst College, the University of Massachusetts, and Hampshire College.

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4. Princeton, New Jersey

Population: 32,000+

Crime Rate: Violent (0.3), Property (7.0)

Firmly in the third spot on this list, we have Princeton. Located in New Jersey, this town has a record for overall safety.

Moreover, very few crimes are recorded here on a yearly basis. Just like other towns here, studying at Princeton is a dream come true.

However, one should be prepared to cope with the high tuition costs in colleges located here.

With over 5,000 students in Princeton, so many student activities going on here.

3. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Crime Rate: Violent (1.3)

With several crime reduction programs set in place, Virginia Beach is indeed a place for students.

Moreover, there are several Universities located in this town. Major universities like Regent University, Norfolk State University, and Virginia Wesleyan are all located here.

While living and studying here, there is significantly little to worry about.

Moreover, safety is 90% guaranteed here.

2. Wheaton, Illinois

Population: 53,000+

Crime Rate: Violent (0.7), Property (11.8)

Featured in second place, we have Wheaton.

Despite being quite a fun and lively town, Wheaton maintains a low crime rate.

Moreover, this makes it perfect for students. Ranging from diverse activities to events, there is quite a lot to do in Wheaton.

However, the tuition of some schools located here is on the high side too.

1.Durham, New Hampshire

Crime Rate: Violent (0.3)

There is hardly a safer place to study in America than in Durham.

Moreover, the crime rate in Durham is so low, that it is ranked as one of the safest places to live in America.

Speaking of outdoor activities, there is significantly so much to do here.

Ranging from hiking to skating and more, the fun never runs out.

Moreover, the art life in this city is quite vibrant. Coupled with a few top-notch colleges, Durham is indeed a perfect spot for a college student.

Final Thoughts On The Safest College Towns In America 2022

So far, you can confirm that there are indeed several safe Towns in America.

While crimes actually occur in these towns, they occur in extremely rare cases.

Thus, one can hardly have anything to worry about while living in any of these towns.

Well known for their safety, these towns all make it to the list of safest places to live in America.

As an intending college student looking for a safe and perfect place to live while studying, you can make your choice from this list.

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