10 Best Programs to Teach English Abroad [Revealed]

Revealed at last! The 10 best programs to teach English abroad you must know about! 

If you are planning on relocating abroad and you wish to work as an English tutor, we have some recommendations on the best programs you need to do that. 

It’s not as easy as just having the desire to teach English abroad and then snapping your fingers to make it happen.

However, if you are prepared and consider all the requirements to teach English abroad it may happen. 

If you have a little bit of nervousness about what you will need to make it happen, we have put in the work to get you started so you can focus on finding the best program for you!

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss extensively the top best programs to teach English abroad that are best for you. 

Benefits Of Teaching English Abroad Programs

Here are some of the good things about taking the best programs to teach English abroad.

Benefit #1: You make a Difference in the Lives of Students

Teaching the English language to others helps them access enhanced professional and educational opportunities.

This will enable them to create a better future for themselves and their families.  

Benefit #2: You’ll Get Paid to Live, Travel and Work in a Foreign Country

Teaching English abroad may help you to get paid to live in a foreign country like Italy, France, or Spain.

Also, see if these programs enable you to live comfortably, cover your bills (rent, food, transportation) and enjoy travel and other recreational pursuits.  

Benefit #3: You’ll become a Member of a Local Community in a Foreign Country

As an English teacher abroad, you will have to engage yourself in the daily life and culture of a foreign country even more deeply than while studying abroad.  

As such, You may likely have to live in a typical middle-class neighborhood, shop at local markets, ride to work on local transportation, and hang out at the corner café, tavern, or sake bar with your neighbors. 

This way, you get the opportunity to experience a foreign culture to a degree your friends back home could only dream of.   

Benefit #4: You’ll gain International Work Experience for Your Resume

Taking on a job in a foreign country will prove your ambition, and your willingness to move out of your comfort level.

Also, it proves your ability to take on new challenges and adapt to a new environment which could serve you well no matter what professional endeavors you pursue in the future.

Benefit #5: You’ll Learn a Foreign Language

Another of the benefits of the best programs to teach English abroad is that you will learn a foreign language.

However, the best way to learn a foreign language is to fascinate yourself in an environment where you will be exposed to it and enjoy the chance to use it often.  

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10 Best Programs to Teach English Abroad

Here we have the list of the best programs to teach English abroad:

1. The JET program

The JET program stands for the Japan Exchange and Teaching program.

This program hires English-speaking graduates from all over the world to live and teach in Japan.

This program requires a TEFL certification considered a strong asset.

Also, you must have an interest in Japanese culture (you will be considered a cultural ambassador)

2. Spain’s Language and Culture Assistant Program

Spain’s Language and Culture Assistant Program is one of the best programs to teach English abroad. 

When you apply to this program, you can imply where you’d like to live and what kind of school you’d like to teach in (elementary or secondary). 

Moreover, this program asks that you have some knowledge of Spanish, though it’s not a strict requirement.

More so, you must Know some Spanish to be helpful to navigate your new job.

3. Westgate

If you are an experienced ESL teacher with a bachelor’s degree, you should consider the Westgate program. 

Westgate offers three to five-month contracts to prospective teachers to get a taster before committing to teaching English abroad for the long haul.

They also hire elementary school English teachers with contracts for this program lasting 4–7 months with a university degree, ESL certificate, and at least 1,000 hours of teaching experience with young learners.

4. France’s Teaching Assistant Program

Another of the best programs to teach English abroad is France’s Teaching Assistant Program.

This program is great if you have some knowledge of French.

Moreover, over 1,100 Americans teach through this program every year while others go to France.

However, you can request to work in French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion, or other French overseas departments.

Meanwhile, you’ll get a seven-month contract to teach in an elementary or secondary school for 12 hours per week through this program. 

You’ll also receive health insurance and a monthly net stipend of €790 (about $920) but you will be responsible for finding your own housing.

5. Interac

Interac is a perfect teaching English abroad program for graduates across all majors and new teaching graduates. 

It is one of the biggest programs recruiting ESL teachers who hire all year round but place teachers in the spring and fall.

This is also an Assistant Language Program and has a lot of positions in rural areas and they do recommend that candidates are able to drive.

However, they prefer applicants open to a quieter existence and willing to drive.

In addition, the positions offered in cities are competitive.

For this program, you need to be a fluent speaker of English and be educated in English for at least 12 years holding a bachelor’s degree

6. JIEC Program

JIEC program is one of the best programs to teach English abroad that hires ESL teachers for kindergartens, 

This program looks for ESL teachers with a Bachelor’s degree (minimum) and two years of experience (specifically teaching ESL).

You get your accommodation covered and a settlement bonus is usually included, as well as a competitive salary with this program. 

However, you must have 2 years of ESL teaching experience and a bachelor’s degree to be considered for this program. 

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7. Gaba

Gaba is another of the best program to teach English abroad for TEFL-certified graduates across all majors.

It is best for adult learners for an English teacher who wants to focus on 1-to-1 language lessons.

Meanwhile, their own methodology and training are incredibly flexible and allow teachers to choose their own schedules and control their income.

Teachers in this program earn monthly earnings of 1500 yen per 40-minute lesson with bonuses in place for high-performing teachers.

You need to be fluent in English, have a bachelor’s degree, have ESL qualifications, and be experienced in a corporate environment to be considered for this scholarship.

8. Benesse BE Studio

Benesse BE studio is one the best programs to teach English abroad for all graduates as it provides exciting English learning programs for children in over 1,700 schools.

Teachers in this program will enjoy the pleasure and interactive activity-based lessons just as much as the students.

In addition, they are supported with a comprehensive training program and relocation/visa assistance.

You must have a Bachelor’s degree and be fluent in English to benefit from this program. 

9. NOVA Japan

NOVA Japan is one of the outstanding best programs to teach English abroad.

It is a private English school that gives all sorts of opportunities for ESL teachers.

It offers one-to-one conversation classes with business professionals to more traditional classroom-based learning.

However, teachers will have their accommodation sorted, flights reimbursed, and a guaranteed number of lessons in their contract.

Meanwhile, NOVA requires that you are a fluent English speaker and have a bachelor’s degree and no teaching experience is required. 

10. ECC

The ECC is one of the best programs to teach English abroad that is perfect for experienced ESL instructors and licensed educators.

These schools are immersive English environments where students are encouraged to speak English as much as possible.

They offer a range of classes so that teachers get a choice of who they want to teach.

However, you need to have Bachelor’s degree, be a Fluent English speaker, and be able to attend a 1-day recruiting session to benefit from this program.

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Conclusion on Best Programs to teach English Abroad

If you have an ESL or TEFL, you stand a great chance to teach the English language to people in foreign countries. 

Some of these best programs to teach English abroad allow you in whether with work experience or not. While some give you the flexibility to choose the class you would like to teach.

However, most of these programs provide irresistible perks and offers for you ranging from competitive and attractive salaries to other benefits. 

In addition, these programs help you learn a foreign language, help you be part of foreign communities and help you impact more people. 

Thank you for reading from us!


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