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We all know that a whole lot comes into mind whenever we are poised with the responsibility of choosing a perfect University.

What makes it worse is the process of picking a university in a country full of top-class universities.

Now. We all know that the United Kingdom is filled with numerous world-class universities.

Thus, a student is bound to always be confused when selecting a perfect Institution.

Moreover, they all have their promising points of attraction.

However, lists like this are specially prepared to tackle these confusions.

While there are general rankings for the best schools, each school excels differently in different fields.

As a result, a student should always check for the best schools in the desired field before making final decisions.

In this article today, we will take a look at some of the best schools in the UK for Graphic Design.

Can’t wait to find out about these universities?

Well. I do not intend to waste your precious time either.

20 Best Schools for Graphic Design in the UK

Here are the top 20 best schools to study graphic design in the United Kingdom.

20. University of West England Bristol

Website: http://www.uwe.ac.uk/

With a strong focus on producing industry-ready graduates, the University of West England is known to be a world-class school.

Moreover, they have some of the best study facilities for students across the country with a design studio worth over £7Million.

One can only imagine the tools students are exposed to.

Ranging from the BA in Graphic Design to Illustration, students get the best education possible.

Thus, this school makes it to our list of best schools for Graphic Design In the UK.

19. Falmouth University

Website: www.falmouth.ac.uk

From game development to Fashion Design, performing arts, and general graphic design, Falmouth University is a hub of Arts.

With each department having its own studio and lab, students are often exposed to industry-standard facilities while studying in this school.

Ranging from design labs to print workshops, students gain access to a lot in this school.

Moreover, the mentorship program of this school is very active.

Thus, all first-year students are assigned personal mentors from the second-year level students.

Via this structure, students get to perform better in their respective programs.

18. University of Brighton

Website: https://www.brighton.ac.uk/

BA in Illustration, BA in Graphic Design, you name it.

As far as graphic design is concerned, the University of Brighton offers some of the best courses you can find.

With a special studio space for Design students, there is so much to experience in this school.

Moreover, they have a vast alumni base which says it all.

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17. Nottingham Trent University

Website: https://www.ntu.ac.uk/

Winner of the University of the year award in 2017, Nottingham Trent University is not a new name.

Moreover, they offer some of the best courses across the UK ranging from science to technology, Arts and even more.

This school is ranked as one of the best.

Talking of Design courses, students get to experience the concepts behind 3D printing, photographic studios, interactive media, and more.

Upon graduation, students are fully equipped for the workforce in the design industry.

16. Arts University Bournemouth

Website: https://aub.ac.uk/

If you wish to gain exposure to specialist equipment and a practical study method, then this University is for you.

With a wide range of Design-oriented courses available, one is bound to be confused when choosing in this University.

However, stats have shown that all design courses are taught to the best level possible.

15. University of Edinburgh

Website: https://www.ed.ac.uk/

Without a doubt, the University of Edinburgh is known for producing top-class designers.

Ranging from BAs in Graphic Design to Illustration, students are exposed to the highest level of industry tools available.

Moreover, the graduate statistics of this school reveal that design students excel in the design industry.

Thus, students keep trooping into this school for graphic design courses.

14. Loughborough University

Website: http://www.lboro.ac.uk/

Ranging from heavy-duty printmaking to photography and major design labs, Loughborough University can be called the home of Design.

Moreover, the success of a design student partially depends on the availability of industry-standard facilities.

Thus, a university must be fully equipped for students to gain full experience in their courses.

With full access to all facilities, students get one of the best study experiences in this University.

Moreover, graphic design students of this school tend to perform greatly in the industry upon graduation.

13. University of Leeds

Website: www.leeds.ac.uk

Ranked as a Russell Group University, one can only imagine the quality of education at the University of Leeds.

Moreover, this University is one of the most popular Universities in the UK as of today.

Now. The University of Leeds does not offer a course in Illustration.

However, they offer other graphics-related courses ranging from print studios to other industry-standard equipment.

The University of Leeds allows students to hone their design skills for the workforce.

With a well-defined teaching structure.

This school ranks as the thirteenth best school for Graphic Design In the UK as of 2022.

12. University of the Arts London

Website: www.arts.ac.uk

With a total of six different campuses spread across the UK, the University of the Arts London is indeed a large school.

Often shortened as UAL, this school is well known for excellence in the Arts field.

Moreover, their alumni association says it all.

Ranging from world-class graphic designers to professional experts in other fields, UAL is a student attraction across the world.

Voted as the sixth-best University for art and Design In the world, you can only imagine the quality of Design courses in this school.

11. Kingston University

Want to gain direct technical knowledge of the graphic design field?

Then you should consider Kingston University ranging from photography to other digital media courses.

Students are exposed to a wide range of modules while studying here.

Ranked high amongst the Good University Guide, this school has a good reputation across the globe.

Moreover, students are exposed to a perfect study environment while studying here.

Thus, learning becomes easier and better.

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10. De Montfort University

Although this University is not as popular as most featured on this list, it is one of the best.

Moreover, over 90% of graphic design graduates from this school gain employment within six months of graduation.

This is a clear indication of the quality of education provided here.

With courses taught by real industry gurus, success is 80% sure while studying at De Montfort University.

Moreover, students are exposed to large companies in the industry via Internship Programs set up by the school.

9. Manchester School of Art

With students working in major companies like Elle Magazine, Men’s Health

Magazine and more, Manchester School of Art makes it to the ninth spot here.

In this school, students are exposed to a studio-based teaching style.

Thus, skills gained while studying in this school hardly fade ranging from internships to general job opportunities.

This school is located in a perfect environment for students.

Thus, it is ranked as one of the best schools for Graphic Design In the UK.

8. University of Reading

Ranging from newspaper and magazine firms to book publishing companies and more, design students of UR make it to lucrative positions.

With a wide range of design courses available, students get to choose from diverse modules to specialize in.

With a staff of world-class experts in the design field, students learn how to solve real-world design problems.

Having made so much history through the years, this school makes it to the eighth spot on this list.

7. Belfast School of Art (Ulster University)

Focused on developing the design awareness of students, graphic design courses in Belfast are also world-class.

Moreover, they offer a wide range of design-oriented courses ranging from motion graphics to Illustration, branding, typography, and more.

Students learn a lot in this school.

With several competitions set in place, students tend to achieve a lot while studying at Belfast School of Art.

6. University of Lincoln

Engaging students in real-world projects, studying graphic design is fun in Lincoln University.

Moreover, they offer some of the best courses in the field ranging from national events to competitions.

Students are exposed to diverse experiences.

Thus, graduates of this University are often in high demand.

Well known for their department of Architecture and Design, so many graduates have been produced here.

With a very good past record, this school makes it to the sixth spot on our list.

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5. Middlesex University

Featured in fifth place on our list is Middlesex University.

Upon graduation from Middlesex University, graphic design students can work anywhere in the world.

Moreover, they are exposed to industry-standard facilities in this school.

Thus, most students become conversant with most equipment even before graduation.

Ranging from design and art libraries to design labs and more, students get the best education possible in Middlesex.

Thus, this school makes it to the fifth spot on our list.

4. Northumbria University

Ranked as one of the best world universities for art and design.

Northumbria University makes it to fourth place on this list.

Focused on giving students a hands-on experience of graphic design, all design courses in this school are world-class.

Moreover, the real-world training method prepares students for the workforce.

Thus, graduates of this school are also in high demand across the UK.

3. Imperial College London

Known to be one of the most prestigious universities in the UK, Imperial College makes it to the 3rd spot on this list.

Well known for teaching excellence, this school is a student attraction across the world.

Moreover, they offer some of the best graphic design courses in the country.

Thus, so many worlds class graphic designers have been produced in this school.

Ranging from Design Engineering to Illustration and general graphic design, a student can find any design-related course in ICL.

Moreover, the QS ranking shows how prestigious and trustworthy this University is.

2. University of Cambridge

Without a doubt, one can hardly complete this list without the well-known University of Cambridge.

Sitting in second place on this list, this University is arguably the best University in the world.

Thus, one can only expect the best from any course offered here.

Talking of graphic design courses, the University of Cambridge offers a wide range of them.

With tens of design-related courses available, students get to choose from a wide range of programs.

However, this University is well known for its low acceptance rating.

Thus, a student must perform to the best extent possible for consideration.

1. University of Oxford

Sitting in first place on our list is no other school than the University of Oxford.

Undoubtedly, this University needs no introduction.

Moreover, this is one of the most popular Universities in the world today.

The University of Oxford is one of the best places any student can study in ranging from Fine Arts to Graphic Design, Illustration/ Visual Arts, and more.

There are numerous programs to choose from at Oxford University.

Moreover, students are exposed to a wide range of professional studios with workshop equipment to gain industry experience.

Upon graduation, students of this school gain employment within a short time.

Moreover, certificates from this school are honored everywhere in the world.

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Final Thoughts on The Best Schools For Graphic Design In UK

Having discovered this wonderful list, you can confirm that there are indeed lots of schools for Graphic Design in the UK.

Ranging from teaching excellence to global recognition, student satisfaction, and employability, these schools are ranked as the best.

Thus, students troop into the study in these schools.

As an aspiring student looking to study a design-related course in the UK, you can consider picking any of these schools.

While the top 5 schools in this list have low acceptance rates, the others have average to high acceptance rates.

Thus, any student can select a school from this list depending on their academic performance.

In all, we do wish you success as you apply to any of these schools.