Ever thought about the cheapest universities in the USA for International Students?

Then you finally found the perfect article online.

As we all know, the United States is a student attraction across the world.

Moreover, this country is home to several world-class universities and students tend to troop in for educational purposes.

Truth be told, there are indeed several top-class universities in the United States.

However, most of these universities are quite expensive to study in and students tend to look for articles like this.

Here, we will take you through a list of some of the cheapest universities in the USA as of 2023.

Now, this list actually contains the best cheap universities in the USA and these universities offer standard education at a valued rate.

Can’t wait to find out about these schools, right?

Well. I do not intend to waste your time either.

Let us get down to this list already.

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Top 10 Cheapest Universities for International Students in USA

Here comes the list of the cheapest universities in the USA for International Students

  1. South Texas College
  2. Arkansas State University
  3. Minot State University
  4. Alcorn State University
  5. California State University
  6. San Mateo College
  7. Hillsborough Community College
  8. Sonoma State University
  9. Westcliff University
  10. Southeast Missouri State University

10. Southeast Missouri State University

  • Average Tuition Fee: $14,000

Well known for courses in the fields of Liberal Arts, Humanities, Business, and more, Southeast Missouri State University makes it here.

Despite being a cheap University, SMSU offers a lot to its students.

Moreover, they offer a wide range of Internship and experience Programs with a student population of over 10,000 students.

One can confirm that this is indeed a diversified school.

Moreover, students troop in from across the world. The average tuition in this school is clocked at the range of $14,000 for most courses.

Thus, this school has become a student attraction across the globe with such a moderate tuition fee.

This school is indeed a perfect destination for International Students and the cost of living in Missouri is quite conducive for students.

9. Westcliff University

  • Average Tuition Fee: $13,500

Aside from being a very cheap University, Westcliff University is one of the most flexible on this list.

Offering one of the best distance learning courses.

Students get to choose from a wide variety of study methods ranging from Law to Engineering and Business.

Westcliff offers so much.

However, students can either study physically at the campus or choose from a wide range of distance learning courses with a practical method of teaching.

Student satisfaction is quite moderate in this school.

Moreover, all these for a tuition of $13,500 is indeed a blessing. As an aspiring student looking for a perfect American University.

You can check out Westcliff.

8. Sonoma State University

  • Average Tuition Fee: $9,500

With an average tuition fee of $9,500, Sonoma State University sits on the number eight spot.

Aside from being one of the cheapest universities in America, SSU is also one of the best in terms of acceptance rate.

Moreover, they have an overall acceptance rating of 82% ranging from Undergraduate to master’s degree courses.

SSU has got something for you.

As an international student looking for a perfect cheap University, you check this one out.

7. Hillsborough Community College

  • Average Tuition: $9,200

Looking for a really cheap American college?

Then you’ve just found yourself a perfect one.

Often shortened as HCC, Hillsborough Community College is one of the best cheap universities in the USA.

Moreover, they offer quality education, and the availability of industry-level facilities is quite wonderful in this school.

Offering several Associate Degree Programs and Degree pathways, there is surely something for you here.

Now, HCC offers a wide range of Programs.

However, they do not carry out full Bachelor’s Degree Programs; rather, students who pass out from the degree pathway of HCC can progress to other universities.

With an average tuition of $9,200, HCC is indeed one of the best cheap colleges in the USA.

6. San Mateo College

  • Location: Silicon Valley
  • Average Tuition Fee: $9,000

Talking of one of the best cheap universities in the USA, San Mateo College makes it here.

Moreover, they offer one of the most affordable prices for standard education in the USA.

Despite offering so much to students, the tuition in this school is significantly one of the lowest in America with an average tuition of $9,000, International Students surely have little to worry about.

Talking of opportunities, Silicon Valley is home to several big tech companies and students of this University are often exposed to offers from these companies.

5. California State University

  • Location: California, USA
  • Average Tuition Fee: $8,200

Undoubtedly, there are several cheap universities in America, and California State University is one of them.

Often called ‘Long Beach’, this University has been active ever since its founding date.

Just like most universities on this list, Long Beach offers a wide range of courses.

However, they are well known for courses like Business Administration, Visual & Performing Arts, Marketing, etc.

With an average tuition fee of $8,200, this school is quite suitable for International Students.

Moreover, it is located in a city of opportunity.

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4. Alcorn State University

  • Location: Mississippi
  • Average Tuition Fee: $6,900

Featured in the fourth spot, we have Alcorn State University.

With a student base of over 4,000 students from diverse ethnic races, ASU is indeed a fun study environment.

Moreover, they offer a special program that allows a student to spend a semester abroad.

This could be done either in South America or Africa.

In addition, students get the opportunity to hold video conference sessions with huge world-class companies with all these goodies.

One would definitely think the tuition of this school is high.

However, the reverse is the case here. Despite offering quality education and teaching methods.

ASU has one of the cheapest tuition fee ranges in America with most courses being below or slightly above $6,900.

Everyone would want to grab this offer.

3. Minot State University

  • Location: North Dakota
  • Average Tuition Fee: $6,800

One can hardly talk of cheap universities in the USA without mentioning Minot State University.

Moreover, they offer one of the lowest tuition fee ranges in the country. Now, it is quite clear that MSU offers a quite low tuition fee range.

However, the quality of education here is standard and they ensure a 14:1 student-to-teacher ratio and which allows for more personal and faster learning among students.

Clocked within the range of $6,800.

The tuition fee of MSU is quite conducive for International Students with a rich variety of courses.

There is so much for students to choose from.

Moreover, this school has a student base that is made from over 30 countries across the world.

2. Arkansas State University

  • Location: Arkansas, USA
  • Average Tuition Fee: $5,400

With a mission to provide quality education at a valued price, Arkansas State University makes it here.

Moreover, they offer one of the cheapest tuition fees in all of America with over 160 courses at the Undergraduate/Postgraduate level.

There is surely something for everyone here.

Currently, the student base at this University is diversified and this school is a global student attraction with an overall acceptance rating of over 70%.

Arkansas State University is really fit for International Students.

Moreover, $5,400 is a pretty low tuition fee for a complete American University, and students troop into this school to tap into this opportunity.

1. South Texas College

  • Location: South Texas, USA.
  • Average Tuition Fee: $4,200

In first place on this list, we have South Texas College and which is located in South Texas.

This is arguably the cheapest University in America for International Students offering diverse courses both at the certificate and Undergraduate levels.

There is so much to choose from here.

Moreover, the admission process at South Texas College is not as competitive as that of some elite schools in America.

Thus, the acceptance rate is significantly higher in this school with a tuition fee clocked at $4,200 for most courses.

South Texas College is indeed a place to be in.

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Final Thoughts On The Cheapest Universities In USA For International Students

From the texts above, you can confirm that there are indeed several cheap universities in America today.

As an international student, you can make your choice from any of these universities to save costs.

While these universities are not actually the best universities in the USA, they offer good courses.

Moreover, successful graduates have emerged from most of the schools featured on this list. While there are many more cheap universities in America, the ones mentioned here are the cheapest.

Well. Just as they say: ‘The lesser the cost, the lesser the quality.

However, it is quite different in this case and most of these universities offer standard and well-recognized courses.

The success of a student ultimately depends on his/her determination and the best students can be made into any of these universities.

If you are an international student looking for a school to get cheap but standard education in the USA, then make a choice already.

This list is well-researched, and it offers the accurate tuition range of most courses in these schools.

So far, that will be as far as we can go on this article.

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