Want to find out the top 10 online universities offering business management?

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Ranging from day-to-day activities to world-class deals, business rules the world today.

Moreover, the richest men in the world today are all businessmen and one can only imagine the amount of money in the sector.

Nevertheless, one can become an entrepreneur by merely starting any small business, there are special courses set for this industry.

Ranging from Business Management to Finance and marketing, the business sector is rich in courses.

In this article today, we will take a few of these courses available online today.

Moreover, everything is going digital.

Thus, one can get the best education right from the comfort of their home today.

Ranging from certificates to bachelor’s and even Master’s degrees, there are several online Universities that offer quality courses today.

However, we will take a few of them that offer the best business management courses in this article.

Can’t wait to see these wonderful online universities?

Well. I do not intend to waste your precious time either…

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Top 10 Online Universities Offering Business Management

Here are the top 10 online universities offering business management

10. Immaculata University

Featured in tenth place on this list is Immaculata University.

Well-known for several Business courses, this University has produced a lot of entrepreneurs.

Ranging from finance to management, economics, marketing, and more, there are diverse courses available in this school.

Moreover, they offer some of the best online business management courses out there.

With about $33,000 per annum, a student can completely ruin a business management course at this University.

However, this is subject to some increase or minor decrease.

9. Florida International University

Located in Florida, the Florida International University makes it to the ninth spot on this list.

Looking for one of the most flexible online universities out there?

Then you just found one today.

Well known for several flexible online courses, this school is open to all students across the globe.

With only about $1,300, a student can begin an online course in Business Management At this University.

Moreover, they feature flexible entry requirements with a minimum GPA of about 2.5, a student can conveniently enroll in this school.

8. Minot State University

Located in North Dakota, Minot State University also makes it to this list.

Well known for offering online courses, this University has produced a lot of personalities via its online programs.

Moreover, their online Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration is ranked as one of the best today.

Thus, this school is ranked as one of the best schools offering online business courses with a fee of about $200-$380 per credit, this school is quite conducive for everyone.

7. Pepperdine University

Located in California, Pepperdine University also ranks as one of the best colleges offering online business courses.

Delivered through the Graziadio Business School, this school offers numerous courses for students.

Moreover, students have the chance of choosing between on-campus or online studies.

Within a duration of just four years, a student can completely round up an online business management course in this school.

Moreover, this is the typical Duration for this course.

6. University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Completely following the schedule of on-campus courses, the online business management course of UWW is one of the most standards out there.

Moreover, students get to learn exactly what on-campus students are taught with an entry GPA requirement of only 2.0, this school is okay for almost every student.

However, students are expected to pay over $400 per credit with such tuition, most international students may find this online course a bit on the high side.

But this University is ranked as one of the best offering online business courses.

Thus, taking an online course here would be a great idea.

5. Monroe College

Ranked as one of the best in online studies in the US, Monroe College also makes it to our list.

With as little as $6,600 per semester, a student can begin an online business management course at Monroe College.

Ranging from human resource management to entrepreneurship and more, there is so much to expect from the online school of Monroe College.

Moreover, they have never fallen out of the best online Bachelors’s Degree ranking since 2014.

Thus, one can confirm that this is a perfect place for online Business Management courses.

4. Liberty University

Ranked in fourth place is Liberty University with a full-time enrollment credit tuition of about $350, one can begin an online degree in business management at this school.

Moreover, this school has a wide range of online courses available for students.

Ranging from Business Administration to accounting, marketing, and more, there is so much for students.

Having produced a handful of successful entrepreneurs through their online school, this school is a student attraction.

Moreover, the pricing and entry requirement is quite flexible. Liberty University is conducive for almost every student.

3. Crown College

Well known for its online BSBA General Management course, Crown College is another well-known school that offers top-notch online courses.

With so much flexibility, this school allows students to completely run their online courses right from home.

Moreover, that is the major essence of online courses. Within just a short time, a student can enroll and finish up an online business administration program.

Moreover, it takes barely 2-4 years to complete.

With a good record for teaching excellence, this school makes it to our list of online universities that offer business management.

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2. Lincoln Christian University

Founded back in 1944, Lincoln Christian University also makes it to this list.

Often shortened as LCU, this University has a good record for providing some of the best online courses out there.

Offering some of the most flexible entry requirements, this school is open to all.

Moreover, there is no GPA requirement to enroll in LCU.

Thus, any student with a serious interest in a particular course can enroll without stress.

With a well-known history of top-notch online courses, this school makes it to the second spot on our list.

1. University Of The People

Without a doubt, the University of the People is steadily becoming the most popular online University out there.

Operating fully online, all courses available in this school are carried out online.

However, there is a central physical location for this University in California.

However, all studies take place online.

Ranging from computer science to Business Management, the University of the People offers some of the most flexible online courses.

Be it at the associate’s degree level or bachelor’s level, UoP has got something wonderful for every student.

Moreover, this school is currently ranked as the most flexible University in the world with as little as about $2,000, a student can complete an associate degree course.

However, this can go as high as $4,000 for bachelor’s courses. These are paid for exam fees and registration.

Moreover, the University of the People is tuition-free. Thus, students actually pay no tuition to study in this school.

With a good record of teaching and a vast student base, this school is currently ranked as the best online University offering Business Management.

Overview of the Best Online Universities Offering Business Management

In this section of this article, we will take a quick overview of all the online Universities mentioned in this article.

Ranked in the same order as in the main list, here is a quick overview of all the Universities Offering online business management courses.

10. Immaculata University

9. Florida International University

8. Minot State University

7. Pepperdine University

6. University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

5. Monroe College

4. Liberty University

3. Crown College

2. Lincoln Christian University

1. University of The People

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Final Thoughts On The Best Online Universities Offering Business Management

From this well-arranged list, you can confirm that there are indeed several top-class online universities that offer business management.

Ranging from business management to other business-related courses and even more, these schools are well known across the globe.

Moreover, they all have good histories for providing top-notch courses, and they all feature low entry requirements.

Talking of low entry requirements, most online universities mentioned here do not even have set out requirements.

Thus, any student can enroll for an online degree in most of these schools. While these are not all the online universities that offer business management, they are the best ten.

From our research, all ten schools featured here are highly ranked across the world.

Thus, they all have good reputations for offering standard courses with international recognition.

So far, that is all we can take on the best online universities offering business management. If you found this article useful or interesting, remember to drop your comments below.

In all, we do wish you good luck in all your endeavors.

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