20 Best Short-Term Courses In The US To Get A Job in 2022

Looking for the top 20 best short-term courses in The US to get a job in 2021?

Then you are in the right place.

The United States is indeed a student attraction across the globe.

Moreover, everyone wants to get the best education possible for themselves.

Now, while most students troop into the US for Undergraduate/postgraduate Programs, most go for short courses.

In this article today, along with professional essay writers from SmartWritingService we will take you through a list of the top 20 short-term courses in The US to get a job in 2022.

By short-term, we mean courses that can be rounded up within or less than a year.

Whether you are a student or graduate looking to gain practical skills in any particular field, these courses are for you all.

Moreover, they are guaranteed to get you fast jobs in the United States as of 2022.

Without taking any more time, let us take a look at these top 20 short-term courses in The US to get a job in 2022.

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Top 20 Short-Term Courses In The US To Get A Job In 2022

Here is a comprehensive list of the top 20 short-term courses in the USA to get a job in 2022

20. Computer Programming

Featured in number 20 is Computer Programming. You will agree with me that America is home to several world-class IT companies.

Thus, computer programmers are always in high demand.

With companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc all headquartered in the US, the need for computer programmers never runs out.

Moreover, these are just a few of the top-class tech companies in the country. With determination, it takes little time to learn to program.

Most short-term programming courses usually take between 6 months to 1 year for completion.

However, it takes up to 2years+ to master programming.

19. Make-Up Studies

Firmly seated in nineteenth place, we have Make-Up studies. As far as the USA is concerned, make-up is a trending industry.

Moreover, both stars and average individuals often seek the services of experts in this field.

Thus, Make-up artists are always in high demand. Today, so many Make-up companies make billions of dollars.

As a certified expert in the beauty and Make-up field, it takes little effort to get a well-paying job in the US.

For a course that takes barely 3 months to complete, you should give this a try.

18. Event Planning

Ranging from wedding parties to festivals and world-class ceremonies, event planners are always needed.

Through the years, this course has been ranked as one of the most marketable courses in the USA.

Now the job of these event planners actually seems quite easy.

However, it is not as easy as it seems. Event planning is a technical job. Thus, it requires a smart and technical person.

Today, there are several institutions offering training in Event planning.

With a certificate in Event planning, it takes little effort to get into an event planning firm.

Moreover, most event planners make more money through freelance jobs.

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17. Content Marketing

We all know that content is king in the modern world. Thus, content creators rule the world today.

Ranging from companies to individuals, the possibility of gaining a job as a content marketer is quite high.

Today, content Marketers are one of the most sought-after.

With a high employability rating, this course makes it to the seventeenth spot on this list.

16. Certificate Diploma in Software Development

Do you know that there are millions of IT job vacancies in the US?

That should tell you that as an IT expert, finding a job in the United States should be a no-brainer.

Moreover, these individuals are in high demand. Most colleges in America offer short courses in Software Development.

Running through a duration of about 6 months to 1 year, this course also makes it here as one of the top 20 short-term courses to get a job in the US.

15. Certificate Diploma in Multimedia Studies

Multimedia Studies makes it to the fifteenth spot on this list.

Truth be told, the media industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. Thus, the employability rate of experts in the field is quite high.

Moreover, the United States is home to most of the biggest media houses in the world.

Typically, it takes about half a year to go through complete training as a multimedia specialist.

However, becoming a pro in the game can take up to three years. As a professional, there is a high demand for these guys in the USA.

Thus, one who studies this course is guaranteed to get a job in the USA.

14. Diploma In Physical Fitness

Believe it or not, most people in the United States need fitness plans for one reason or the other.

Thus, there is an increasing need for fitness experts.

Fortunately, there are several Diploma courses in Physical Fitness that can make you that expert.

Upon completion, a student becomes a certified fitness expert. Typically, these courses take between 5 and 8 months.

However, it can be shorter depending on certain circumstances.

As of today, this is one of the top short-term courses in the United States in terms of employability.

Moreover, there are many other ways a fitness expert can make money.

13. Diabetes Management

In thirteenth place, we have Diabetes Management. This is also a short course that enables one to become a diabetes coach.

However, it takes up to two years of professional experience and training.

Moreover, this course is actually recommended for doctors.

Upon completion, this course also opens one to a wide range of employment opportunities in the USA.

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12. Business Accounting

Whether you are already an accountant or just a student looking to start a career in the field, this course is for you.

Despite all the competition in the accounting field, taking up these short courses would make you unique in the workforce.

Today, business accounting experts are in high demand.

Moreover, this is a highly lucrative field of work.

With several vacancies available in the USA, this is one of the best short-term courses to get a job in 2022.

11. Certificate Diploma In Web Development

As we already know, IT rules the world today.

Thus, an expert in any of the branches of IT is automatically a hot cake.

In eleventh place on this list, we decided to feature the Certificate Diploma program in Web Development.

We all know that today, most people tend to carry out web development tasks on their own.

However, this still remains at the personal level. At the industry level, web development experts are always in high demand.

Moreover, these guys often have vacancies in companies.

Today, most web developers occupy the positions of website managers in most US companies.

Despite being a very lucrative job, one can actually get web development training in less than a year.

Thus, this course is said to be the eleventh best short-term course to get a job in the US.

10. Social Media Management

As weird as this seems, there are actually experts who are trained to manage social media accounts.

These guys have in-depth knowledge about social media, and they have good general communications skills.

Today, there are several short-term programs available for this course.

Moreover, it takes barely 3 months to become a certified social media expert.

Most prominent people in society hire social media managers to manage some of their social media accounts.

This is where social media experts come in.

With a certificate in this field, getting a job is actually quite easy in the United States.

9. Safety Management

Designed to control safety risks in a general or work environment, Safety Management is another top short-term course.

Poised with the reduction of risk to prevent individuals from getting hurt, this course is a technical one.

Typically, one goes through about 6 months to one year of training to become a fully certified Safety Manager.

Upon completion of this course, students with excellent performance often get quick jobs in the USA.

Moreover, these safety experts are always in high demand across the globe.

8. Project Management

By careful observations, one would confirm that Project Management is one of the top short-term courses to get a job in the US.

Moreover, the employability rate for this profession keeps climbing up the scale.

Without a doubt, Project managers are needed almost everywhere at every moment.

Want to get the best out of that important project? Then you need a project manager I guess.

Today, there are several project management diploma courses in the United States.

From statistics, this has proven to be one of the best courses to get a job in the US in 2022.

Moreover, there is a never-ending high demand for experts in this field.

7. Diploma in Business Studies

Giving a student in-depth knowledge of how business works, is also a good course to study in the United States.

Allowing a student to explore the topics of entrepreneurship, business management, and marketing, this course is rich.

Upon completion, most students of this are employed automatically. However, they occupy junior positions in companies.

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6. Customer Relations

Truth be told, this course is gaining more and more popularity. As we speak, this is one of the hottest short courses in the US.

Want to start off a career in the field of Customer Management?

Then you should consider picking up a course in Customer Relations.

Moreover, with new companies emerging every day, the demand for experts in this field is quite high.

5. Certified Ethical Hacking

Today, there are more cyber security threats in the world than ever.

Thus, more experts are needed in the field of information security.

The demand for cyber security experts is extremely high as we speak. Any good student in this field is guaranteed to get a job.

Moreover, there are countless companies in the USA that recruit these certified ethical hackers.

4. Photography

Ranked as one of the best short courses to study in America, Photography also makes it here.

One can hardly count the major photo/video studios in the USA.

Talking of money, these photographers make a lot of money.

Moreover, they are in higher demand than ever. For a single photoshoot, a photographer can make lots of money.

Ranging from new companies to media houses, photographers are in high demand in the USA.

With a certificate and sufficient skills, getting a job is quite easy.

3. Environmental Management

Featured in third place on this list, we have Environmental Management.

Truth be told, these environmental experts need no introduction.

We all know that these guys study the environment and how humans interact with it.

Ranging from pollution to other hazards, environmental experts do a lot in ensuring the safety of the environment.

Now, while this is rated as one of the best short-term courses in the US, it actually takes a little time to complete.

In certain cases, Environmental Management can take over a year to complete.

However, getting a job upon completion is an easy task in the USA.

2. Child Day Care Studies

Understanding child psychology, growth, and proper nutrition is a very important thing.

Thus, these Child Day Care Specialists are in high demand in the US.

Interested in the field?

Then you are wasting your time already.

There are so many short courses on Child Day Care out there today.

Moreover, the demand for experts in the field keeps growing. Thus, it is featured as the third-best short-term course to get a job in the US.

1. Human Resource Management

Sitting on the top spot on this list, we have Human Resource Management.

Focused on the approach to the effective management of people in an organization or company, this is indeed a technical course.

Designed to help boost the overall performance of employees, Human Resource managers are always in high demand everywhere in the world.

Ranging from interviewing to even hiring and the recruitment of new staff, HR managers often play major roles in companies.

Moreover, due to the sensitivity of this profession, companies tend to look for the best hands.

Today, there are several training courses on Human Resource Management in the US.

With a Diploma in Human Resource Management, one can work under senior human resource managers in a company.

Moreover, this course has a high employability rating.

Thus, students are often employed almost immediately after they pass out from their programs of study.

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Final Thoughts On The Short Term Courses To Get Jobs In US for 2022

From the texts above, you can confirm that there are actually so many courses that can get one a job in the United States.

From statistics, experts in all the fields mentioned in this article are in high demand in the US.

Thus, studying any of these courses can get you a guaranteed job as long as you excel in your field of study.

As a student looking for the perfect short-term course that can get you a job, you can make your selection from the list.

So far, that is all we can take on this one.

If you enjoyed it, remember to subscribe to this blog to get more wonderful articles like this.

In all, do have a nice day!

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