They are some jobs you should have while pregnant. These jobs are considered the worst and could damage your pregnancy.

Most women continue to work through their pregnancy without experiencing any problems, but this largely depends on the type of work.

Certain jobs have working conditions that might increase the risk of complications during pregnancy, especially for those at high risk of preterm labor.

Sadly most pregnant women continue to work in conditions that are not quite healthy for them.

Perhaps, the fact that less than 40% of working women in the United States get paid pregnancy leave, may have something to do with this ugly trend.

If your job is overly stressful or strenuous, or it involves working with x-rays or chemicals, such jobs could pose potential threats to you or your baby’s life.

You may as well consider taking a leave, or better still, you can quit.

No job is worth the life of your baby.

In a nutshell, physically demanding jobs could increase your chances of miscarriage, preterm birth, or injury during pregnancy.

Let’s discuss a possible 10 worst jobs to have while pregnant.

1. Manufacturing Industry Workers

Worst Jobs to Have While Pregnant

Manufacturing jobs are those that create new products either from raw materials or from pre-made components.

Available jobs in this industry pose potential risks to pregnant women, especially jobs that will involve working in a factory, plant, or mill.

The chemicals prevalent in manufacturing industries may raise your baby’s risk of having birth defects, stillbirth, premature birth, or low birth weight.

Moreover, manufacturing jobs most times are physically demanding, ranging from lifting heavy objects, and repeatedly bending at the waist, to standing for long periods.

Jobs in the manufacturing industry are one of the worst jobs to have while pregnant.

2. Construction Workers

Worst Jobs to Have While Pregnant

The construction industry has been male-dominated for years, but women have been gradually growing in the industry over the years.

Construction site workers are more often than not exposed to agents that have been identified as being capable of producing structural abnormalities in pregnant women.

Some of these agents are polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), hypothermia, ionizing radiations, etc.

It is also important to note that pregnant female workers in the construction industry may also be exposed to chemicals or conditions which have not been fully studied concerning their effects on pregnancy.

To be on the safe side as such, you should avoid jobs in the construction industry while pregnant, especially jobs that may involve working at construction sites.

Moreover, jobs in this industry are also physically demanding, which according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), poses increased chances of miscarriages, preterm birth, or injury during pregnancy.

3. Firefighters

Worst Jobs to Have While Pregnant

According to research conducted by, the research revealed that for female firefighters, 27% of pregnancies ended in miscarriage.

Smoke from fires contains a lot of allergens and irritants, asphyxiants, etc. which are very common on the foreground.

Exposure to these chemicals can lead to miscarriages, birth defects, slowed fetal growth, impeded brain development, or preterm labor.

According to U.S. Center for Disease Control, it is known that very high levels of carbon monoxide in a pregnant woman can result in problems with a baby’s nervous system, especially at high levels in which the pregnant woman loses consciousness.

Firefighting is also a physically demanding job that may involve running, heavy lifting, etc. Firefighting isn’t quite healthy while pregnant.

4. Highway or TollBooth Workers

Worst Jobs to Have While Pregnant

Highway toll station workers are often exposed to some form of vehicle emissions during their working time.

Tollbooth workers are also potentially exposed to high levels of traffic-related air pollutants as a result of their proximity to vehicle idling, deceleration, and acceleration.

Moreover, tollbooth workers potentially have to sit for very long periods.

These working conditions aren’t quite healthy for a pregnant woman, it is also one of the worst jobs to have while pregnant.

5. Flight Attendants

10 Worst Jobs to Have While Pregnant

A study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), found that working as a flight attendant during pregnancy may pose serious hazards to you or your baby.

Working as a flight attendant may involve standing for long periods, and worst still, bending repeatedly from the waist.

All these aren’t good for your health or your baby’s.

As a pregnant flight attendant, you are also exposed to cosmic ionizing radiation which can increase your chances of having a miscarriage, especially in the first trimester.

NIOSH and NASA have found that a pregnant flight attendant who flies through a solar particle event can receive more radiation than is recommended during pregnancy by national and international agencies.

Though exposure to a solar particle event doesn’t happen often.

6. Restaurant or Bar Workers

10 Worst Jobs to Have While Pregnant

Bartending is also one of the worst jobs to have while pregnant.

A pregnant woman who is working in a restaurant or bar is often exposed to second-hand smoke.

Second-hand smoke is a combination of smoke from the burning end of the cigarette and the smoke exhaled by a smoker.

Just as smoking while pregnant is highly warned against, exposure to second-hand which is even worst than smoking poses a lot of health risks to you and your fetus.

Restaurant or bar work is also a physically demanding job, involving standing for long periods, repeatedly bending from the waist, and perhaps heavy lifting.

Which of course aren’t advisable for pregnant women.

7. Teaching Work

Another worst job to have while pregnant is teaching work.

Teaching in itself is a demanding job, how much more teaching while pregnant?

Obviously, it will be a lot more demanding and overly stressful.

Teachers work for long hours and even stand for long hours while repeatedly engaging in twisting movements.

These activities aren’t quite healthy while pregnant.

Standing for long periods can reduce blood flow to the fetus and may slow the baby’s growth, while also causing you back and leg pains.

8. Farm Workers

The idea of working on a farm while pregnant sounds unbelievable to the ears.

Certainly, it is one of the jobs you can ever think of having while pregnant.

The physical demands in themselves are overwhelming for a pregnant woman, ranging from repeatedly bending for very long hours to other forms of physical demands.

It is totally an unsafe job for pregnant women.

Pregnant farmworkers and their fetuses are at increased risk of negative health outcomes due to environmental and occupational factors at their workplaces, according to the National Library of Medicine (NLM).

Pregnant female farmworkers are also at potential risk of exposure to pesticides and other chemicals which are not safe during pregnancy.

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9. Law Enforcement Officers

Law enforcement jobs are generally physically demanding jobs.

These jobs involve standing, running, walking, sitting, carrying, lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, etc.

These physical demands aren’t good for pregnant women as they pose a lot of risks, ranging from miscarriages and preterm birth to so many other health outcomes.

10. Stone Mansons and Building Work

Working with any kind of stone means lots of heavy lifting, plenty of time on your hands and knees, and the operation of heavy machinery and power tools.

As a pregnant woman having this kind of work isn’t healthy. Certainly, it is one of the worst jobs to have while pregnant.

Final Thought on the Worst Jobs to Have While Pregnant

In general, physically demanding jobs are often among the list of worst jobs to have while pregnant.

Research from different institutions and sources has proven that physically demanding jobs were associated with having premature babies.

While high levels of work fatigue and prolonged standing were associated with preterm birth.

Jobs available in places where there are increased risk of exposure to certain chemicals like pesticides, allergens and irritants, asphyxiants, and so many others, aren’t just safe to have while pregnant.

Finally, you should know that no job is worth your baby’s life.

If it’s too much for you to handle, consider taking a leave, better still, you can quit.


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